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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Overall: This game is the best RPG i have played since Super Nintendo. By far the best RPG of it's type. More enjoyable than any other game i have played on Xbox, I couldn't put the controller down until i beat it. Now i'm playing through it again on the light side. The plot is superior to any of the new Star Wars movies and is reminiscent of Empire in it's twists and unexpected plot points. Best story of any game on Xbox by far

Gameplay: The gameplay is good, I was skeptical when i first learned it was a turn based 3D rpg, i didn't think it would work properly, but i was wrong. It works well for the game and the fighting looks great even though you don't necessarily control everything you do. The menus are easy to use and control is superior.

Graphics: Graphics are great. Lightsabers look really cool, especially when fighting more than one other jedi at the same time. The settings are beautiful, especially the outdoor plains and hills. The character models are well done and look great. A+ on the graphics for a game of this kind.

Audio: I can't say too much about the sound, i don't exactly have a great system to judge it on. But with the setup I have the sound is very immersive, classic Star Wars sound effects, really helps the feel and flow of the game.

Suggestions: I would suggest making more weapons upgradeable and making the color crystals for the lightsabers have distinct effects as well. Story was great, although i think it would be interesting to change the main storyline depending on whether you are leaning light side or dark side, makes it a more interesting game. Especially since the main storyline in KOTOR makes way more sense for a darkside character. Great job guys and I can't wait for the sequel.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 NHL Hitz 2002

Overall: This game rocks! 3-0n-3 arcade style hockey with huge hits, awesome fights and no penalties. With all the NHL teams and their best players, this game takes hockey to the extreme.

Gameplay: This game is an amazing multiplayer game. With up to 4 people playing at the same time, you can get some decent trash talking going before long. Fights are especially good for talkin' trash. Single player gets a little repetitive after a while, but it's still pretty good.
Bottom line: This game is awesome.

Graphics: Graphics are excellent. The crowd is individually rendered, some of the special rinks have things under the ice which react to your play. The reflections in the ice are very well done. Graphics all-around are superb.

Audio: Sound is alright. The announcers tend to get repetitive after a while, but that is to be expected. Fairly good sound effects. Sound is not where this game REALLY shines. Music playing during gameplay would have been a good addition to this game.

Suggestions: Maybe make option for bigger ice, be able to pull your goalie, enable substitutions.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding

Overall: Before I played this game, i didn't like snowboarding games AT ALL. My friend wanted to play Halo though, so he offered to switch me, i wasn't even planning on playing it but it turned out to be a great game. For someone who doesn't like snowboarding games i was blown away by the fun factor of this game as well as all of the different aspects(including sponsor,snowmen, etc.) No racing was actually a bonus, because i think racing on snowboards is stupid. Overall this is a great game.

Gameplay: Everyone that has played this game that i know, loves it, it's a constant battle to see who stays on top in high scores. You could easily spend hours upon hours completing every aspect of this game to rise the ranks of snowboarding. Multiplayer mode is ok, but the same is accomplished by passing the controller after you're done. This a great game to play with people, just to pass the controller and continually overtop each other.

Graphics: The graphics are great in this game, except sometimes you partially disappear through a log. Overall they are fine, but certain parts like mentioned above take away from the realism of the game.

Audio: I am in no real position to grade the sound of this game as I have no kind of home entertainment system set up to REALLY hear it. The soundtrack is pretty good, maybe when i play on some kind of surround sound system i will appreciate it more.

Suggestions: For Amped 2, an online component should definitely be put in place, but they are probably already planning on it. Other than that, good work and keep it up.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10

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