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Grand Theft Auto: Double Pack

Overall: Grand Theft Auto III, and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, were origanlly released for the PS2 in '01 and '02. From there they have changed the gaming world forever. With its very distinct gameplay (allowing you to do whatever the hell you wanted), and its interesting storyline. Now that it has been released on the xbox it has had many new upgrades, not to mention the price (two great games for the price of one). We now have more lighting effects, better flame/fire effects, and the ability to listen to cds that have been saved to the xbox hard drive. what more could you ask for??? But with every great game comes some flaws, none that are really noticable, or really even damage the gameplay experience.

Gameplay: If you were givin a chance to do whatever you want in a virtual world, what would you do? This is the exact question Rockstar/Rockstar North ask you when playing. Do you want to drive like a crazy jackass and hit big jumps, pullout an AK-47 and blow civillians heads off, do some dirty work for the mafia, or just act as you who would in reality? Though no new missions have been added just for xbox, the game remains just as fun as it did 2 years ago. the controlls have been changed for the xbox controller. instead of using A (X in PS2 standards) for acceleration, you use the right trigger. At first this will seam odd, and a bit sluggish, but after a day of using it it becomes natural and you wonder "why didnt Rockstar use this scheme before?" There is also a little slowdown in some areas. Mainly when you bust out the tank and go cruising. But its not really anything serious or much to whine about. One big plus is the loading times which has been cut dramaticly. instead of waiting 5 minutes for the game to load and begin play, it takes about 1 to 1 and a half minutes to load. also going from one island to the next is a brezze of about 4 seconds compared to the original 10-15 seconds.

Graphics: This is where the game takes a sharp right from the original. The lighting in this game is just plain beautiful. the reflections of buildings on the cars, to the shadows on chracters faces. It really adds to the experience. The fire and flames have been upgrade from just the red and yellow blurs from the original, to...well... mor realistic flames.

Audio: The biggest improvment to this category, would be the CD Changer/Tape Deck. Vice City was known for its great soundtrack of all the 80's songs worth listening to. But wait whats that?? No (insert favorite 80's band here)!!! No problem just pop in any cd you want, rip it to the xbox and listen as you play. This feature greatly enhances the gameplay for GTA3, seeing as the only good stations on there were really just chatterbox (come on who didnt like listen to someone talk about eating squirels??)

Suggestions: Make a better targeting system, and bring in some new cars, other than that keep up the good work!!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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