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Kill Switch

Overall: This genre of game usually doesn't interest me. However, this game opened my eyes, and left me very amazed. The game so far is great, and if I ever get a long period of time, I plan to play this a lot more.

Gameplay: Kill.switch has good controls, and the big thing with this is the ability to use cover to your advantage. 99 times out of 100 this is awesome. The AI aren't necessarily braindead, as I've been covering myself from one side, only to eat lead from the other, but they aren't to the point where you just get frustrated and quit. The variety of stealth positions is excellent, and it shows it was well drawn out. Blindfire is alright, but really I don't mess with that. The only complaint I've heard is that it's a really short game. I'll find out as soon as I actually beat it.

Graphics: The visuals are great. You look good, as do the soliders and the terrain around you. Lighting leaves a small bit to be desired. This really doesn't affect you, but the concept of your shadow being behind the object your hiding behind isn't quite right. Other than that, this is aesthetically pleasing.

Audio: Sound left a little to be desired. The music got very repetitive. A little more effort could have put in toward the sound aspect, but it's not to the point your ears will bleed and your head will explode.

Suggestions: Sound could have used a little more effort behind it. And no Xbox live was kind of a shock. This would have been a great title to put on Xbox live, and it might have made me a believer into actually getting Xbox Live.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 SSX 3

Overall: Very well done. I was happy with the overall gameplay of the game, and this will be a game that will keep me busy for many hours, I can tell. EA Sports BIG did an excellent job of improving this from the last one, and I love this game.

Gameplay: Gameplay is well done. It's somewhat different from SSX Tricky, but the learning curve isn't horrible. The buttons for the uber system is the similiar; and trickys are still easy to execute. I didn't really care for them changing the fighting buttons to the triggers, but seeing they made Nose/Tail presses for that joystick, it's well justified. If you've played Tricky, you'll have NO problem picking up the controls. You can customize your rider's ubers which is excellent. Elise could do "The Guillotine" or whatever tricky is available on the list. I like the whole buying rewards deal, though some of those are pretty goofy and not really worth buying until it's to the point where it's the only thing you've got to buy. The only real gripe I had from the gameplay aspect itself was that all the characters from SSX Tricky weren't available right away (especially Marisol) but she's unlockable. The soundovers for those you have to unlock are non-existant, which is kind of sad, but a small price to pay for a game with great gameplay.

Graphics: Stunning was the first thing that came to mind when I saw the graphics. The snow effects are ridiculously realistic, and the scenery is always beautiful be it night or daytime. These guys really outdid themselves on making even the smallest detail good.

Audio: The soundtrack was decent. The thing that killed me was that there was no custom soundtrack feature. The soundtrack is decent, but when you isolate it out to the seven or eight songs you like, they get old really fast. I'd definentely would have liked the whole playing your own music down the mountain deal, but they did a decent mix of Rock/Rap/Danceish music.

Suggestions: Make a fourth one, and keep up the great work!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10

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