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Overall: If you listen to what gamespot or Official Xbox Magazine has to say about Driv3r, then you don't know the true thrill of Driv3r. OXM and gamespot probably didn't like the undercover mode and the glitches. I truly loved this game. The variety goes from a speedy go kart to an 18 wheeler. You can now get out of your car, blow it to pieces with a grenade laucher and drive away in a parked car nearby. Three cities, Miami, Nice and Istanbul were trown in and each modified for pure thrill. There is no way that this game deserves a 4.8 out of 10. This is the ultimate of thrill. Not to mention the damage mode. You can shash your car till it matches the one in the junkyard or simply blast the heck out of it with an assualt rifle. Either way, this game totally rocks!!!

Gameplay: The gameplay is fun. The freedrive mode is what i spent all my time on. You can raise draw bridges and jump off cliffs.

Graphics: Stunning graphics. But there are a few glitches, but who cares?! The game completley belongs in an art museum!

Audio: TTTTTTTTTTT SSSSMMMSSSSSHHHHHHH. AAAAHHH music to my ears. The sound is great.

Suggestions: Make it a TEEN rating so my mom isn't so paranoyed, and add a few more trucks.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Burnout 2: Point of Impact

Overall: When you were playing the first Burnout, if you hit a gaurd rail, your car would start to skid and then you would stop, lose a few positions and your turbo that you worked so hard for. But now in Burnout 2: Point of impact, if you hit a gaurd rail, sparks will fly and you'll keep your position and your turbo. But if you slam the gaurd rail to hard, you might end up crashing. Burnout 2 has an excellent assortment of cars, and even a custom series version of each car! The damage modeling on the cars is totally been updated with wheels able to fly off you're car and glass shadering and spraying the ground and everybody is ending up to have their cars towed to the junkyard. Burnout 2 also has an all new crash mode! You knew that the awesome damage in Burnout could not be hidden. I couldn't resist just once in a race, slamming my beautiful car into used parts. There are over 20+ intersections and that means you'll have plenty of fun with your car and the civillian traffic. There are no limits in this game! I can still remember. I took my hot rod on a snowy mountain day. I headed towards the oncoming traffic. I hit the nitrous button and slammed into a pickup truck. I went sailing through the air and bounced off the roof of a car. After I hit that car, it was over the cliff for me. I went sailing down the mountain and rolled a "couple times". I got a sweet high score. Yes, Burnout 2 is a perfect game. I think that Acclaim has given us an excellent game. I think that the Burnout series has started something and many games will try it's ideas.

Gameplay: The gameplay is the heart of every game; and this game has a strong heart. With all the racing and crashing and making some enemies is all in a days work. The game is pretty cool and a cool game has excellent gameplay. You start off with the untuned version of a custom series car which you'll earn later. You may either win new vehiles by winning a race against opponents, or smash your car into other road traffic and rack up an insurance bill that will mke you go from a billionare to a hobo. Either way you play, you will always have something to get as a reward. There is multiplayer in which you and your buddy can take turns smashing cars and seeing who will go homeless first! Ahhhhh, life is good.

Graphics: The first Burnout had some pretty good graphics. But now, they are better than ever! You can actually see your vehicles glass go flying out of it's proper position and scatter on the earth below. You can see your car flipping through the air and you may even wince on impact.

Audio: In a few words, SSSSSCCCCCCRHHHHH! BBBBBBAAAAAAAMMMMMMM!!!!!!! That is what you'll hear when you hit another car. Nice soundtrack and all that. Yeah! I like it.

Suggestions: Burnout 3 is shaping up nicely. Keep it up!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Maximum Chase

Overall: The coolest thing about Maximum Chase is that there are barely any rules. This game basically lets do what you please with 15+ vehicles and a bunch of weapons. The crashes look spectacular and damage is really realistic. There is extras even after you finish the game which unlocks extra cars and weapons. This game is completley awesome

Gameplay: The gameplay is very challenging and maybe, to. I was gonna say 4.5, except that this game is just to dang good to give a 4.5. I give this a 5.0 because blowing up cars with either your car or a 9mm. It can be so cool that it will be hard to put down the controller!

Graphics: The visuals can be so cool! The emblems you can really be read! The explosions look so real, you can almost feel the heat! So you'll enjoy this game alot.

Audio: You can hear the paint scraping the wall and the sparks coming off the rail, it's so real! The explosions are so real, that you'll almost feel the couch rumble! No custom soundtrack though, boo hoo. But, you can turn on the stereo and hear your own music though.

Suggestions: Not so hard next time and please, Xbox Live.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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