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Wreckless: The Yakuza Mission

Overall: Well, when I saw the advertisements for this game I couldn't wait to try it. Unfortunately they put a lot more work into making the game look enjoyable than they did actually making it fun. The first little while you play the game is it somewhat fun, but it is definately not something that can keep my interest. (see the gameplay appeal for more in depth reasons) I thought the plotline was very shallow and the cutscenes left a TON to be desired. I almost would have preferred that they were left out completely. Getting past this though the were some good parts to the game. The graphics were pretty good and the fact that you could destroy just about everything in the cities was a good addition.

Gameplay: Well, like I said in the overall appeal the gameplay on this game was not that great. I hated how if you got flipped then by the time the game let your car settle down then waited the amount of time that it thought was good to turn you back rightside up then you might as well restart the mission because you were about out of time. This may not seem that big of a deal, but with how easy it is to flip the car it gets very annoying. It is also not very easy to control the car. There is not a lot of responsiveness on the controls and the missions get boring very quickly if you don't beat them right away. I was also very disappointed that there was not multiplayer option. I was hoping to be able to duke it out with 3 friends, but I couldn't. I am really glad that I didn't run out and buy this game like I was planning. I highly recommend that you rent before you buy and see if it is a game for you.

Graphics: Overall I thought the graphics on this game were pretty good. It is definately an xbox game. I really enjoyed watching the pedestrians dive out of the way and both the car and the background graphics were good. The graphics are by far the best selling point on this entire game.

Audio: The music in the game was ok and the sounds of the pedestrians were pretty funny, but the vehicle and wreck sounds were not that good. I couldn't notice a huge difference between the various types of crashes and the engine sounds of the different cars.

Suggestions: Make the cutscenes worth having in there and maybe add some weapons or something so that it isn't the same old thing every single mission. Also, a multiplayer might have saved this title from being a total waste of money.

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 NHL 2002

Overall: If you have any interest in hockey this is a great game to get for XBox. Right from the start the graphics and sound get you interested and the gameplay and various modes will really keep you playing for many many hours.

Gameplay: The gameplay is excellent. When you first start playing you can make it really easy, then as you get better and better you can make it more and more realistic. I also really like the task list in order to unlock secret features in the game. This is a lot better than just using cheat codes. Another excellent feature is the various franchise modes and the create a player. The create a player offers many different choices so that you can almost make a player that looks just like you do. Another great feature is how the players will actually protect each other. I hit a guy after the whistle and about 4 of his team mates came after me!

Graphics: The graphics on this game are great. I especially like it when you get a replay of a huge hit and see the person spinning around and slamming into the ground.

Audio: Well as in all sports games there can be just so much commentary, but I tell you what really cinches it for me. After creating my own player, and of course giving him my name, the announcers actually use my name when I get the puck, shoot, etc... It is great!!!!!!!

Suggestions: The only thing that I don't like is the fighting. Another thing that I haven't found, but maybe am missing, is goalie control. It would be great to take control of the goalie and dive after the puck.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10

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