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James Bond 007: Agent Under Fire

Overall: While the bots in multiplayer are a pretty sweet idea, the single player game falls well short of expectations.

Gameplay: First off, the default controls are terrible! Controller option 2 is probably your best bet. Not assigning the gadgets to the left trigger is a bit stupid. Obviously, they had never played Halo! For multiplayer, there are enough options to make it a fun experience although for the most part, the levels are too small. For single player, the game loses its appeal fast. The inability to save your progress anywhere besides at the end of the level is annoying. The touchy cross-hair and auto-aim are not a whole lot of fun to deal with. The rather linear style progression and levels that are nowhere near the size of other great FPS's makes the gameplay get old fast. One thing i did like is the inclusion of driving levels. For some reason, these seem to be far better done than the rest of the game.

Graphics: Graphically superior to the PS2 version but nowhere near Halo. No blood is another flaw put into the game to avoid the "M" rating. Gun effects are not done very well at all.

Audio: Didn't seem to pay much attention to the sound. Bond music is cool but other than that nothing spectacular.

Suggestions: Blood...if you're making a FPS, you need blood. Bigger multiplayer levels. System Link play. Better effects for the guns. Allow for more than 3 bots in multiplay. Save points!

Overall Score: 5.0 / 10 Hunter: The Reckoning

Overall: This game is even better than expected. The 4 player multiplayer is awesome and very difficult. The weapons are awesome and the changing enemies add to the overall difficulty and appeal of the game. A must buy for all xbox owners.

Gameplay: The gameplay is perfect for a game like this. The controls are simple. The gameplay doesn't get old as you have to search for keys or switches, save innocents, guide a young girl to a church, defeat bosses all the while hacking zombies in the process. The ability to gain experience and more powerful edges adds to the fun. Each of the 4 characters have their obvious strengths and weaknesses which allows for a little bit of strategy during multiplayer and some good replay value.

Graphics: The graphics are excellent. Blood showers from all directions. Textures are well done and the framerate never slows down (as far as i know). The varying environments are well done and really add to the overall mood of the game. The only slight problem is the inability to control the camera in multiplayer. Sometimes you can get stuck in a severe zoom section of a board that can make it rather difficult to see whats going on.

Audio: The guns sound great as does the chainsaw. The soundtrack is awesome and all the effects are done very well.

Suggestions: Make the levels a little bit longer and add savepoints throughout the level. A little bit more stretch from the camera in multiplayer. Make Hunter 2 with maybe 6-8 characters as opposed to 4.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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