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Test Drive

Overall: I love the game. Plain and simple. It's challenging, fun, and there's a wide selection of cars, tracks, and gameplay modes.

Gameplay: Unlike that god !&%$@#* excuse for a game Project Gotham, cars do not slide like they are on ice, and the powerslide sound is actually tolerable!

Graphics: Looks good, but of course its also made for the PS2, so obviously it looks a whole lot !&%$@#* tier.

Audio: You can play your own music. So therefore, there is no reason why everyone should not give it a 5...unless you have terrible taste in music. And the powerslide sound, as mentioned tolerable, unlike PGR.

Suggestions: Make your game the complete opposite from Project Gotham unless you want a game that absolutly sucks balls.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 WWF Raw

Overall: Overall, the game is very good. One of the best wrestling games in a while. There is alot missing in the game tho and alot that was taken out for no aparent reason. They took blood out to maintain a teen rating...what does that mean? Kids get cuts on their finger every day, so its not like they havent seen blood. No fighting backstage, no climbing ladders, and a select few match types.

Gameplay: As for gameplay, it's pretty good, but could use alot of work. You cannot attack your opponent when you are getting up off the mat like No Mercy, and you can get hit at basically any time in any situation, which is a big mistake. I was outside the ring and was elbow dropped by a guy inside the ring. And he stayed in the ring the whole time. You can be attacked when you are getting up off the mat, etc.

Graphics: The visuals in this game are fantastic. But some areas could use a bit of work, like the CAW mode, you cannot change the hue, value, or brightness of your wrestler's clothes, etc.

Audio: The sound is very good in the game, but no custom soundtrack ability is a HUGE letdown. Everything else is great. The punches, kick, weapon shots, etc.

Suggestions: I suggest that they enable a custom soundtrack function so that you can use your own theme music for your wrestler. Also, I suggest making the CAW mode better by changing the brightness, hue, and value of your wrestler's clothes, make it so you can attack your opponent when your getting off the map, not use the B button for taunts and picking up weapons (because he taunts instead most of the time), and not have it so you can get hit at any time.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Wreckless: The Yakuza Mission

Overall: Overall, the game is great. Smashing stuff up and busting cars is alot more fun that it looks. But there is alot missing from this game that could have made it better. Plus, it's pretty difficult.

Gameplay: As gameplay goes, its fun, but the missions basically serve no point. Alot of the missions are very difficult, and all have time limits...and most of which do not seem long enough.

Graphics: Visual appeal is this game's highlight. As you drive under the neon signs at night, your car shines, the color is great, smoke and spark effects could have not been eny better...but the people look a bit polygonal at times.

Audio: The sound is pretty bad in this game. The effects are great, but the voice transmissions during the mission sound akward. Plus, there is no soundtrack capability in this game, which is a major drawback.

Suggestions: I suggest that they take advantage of the Xbox's soundtrack capability, have free roam ability, and not to make the missions so difficult. There is a Normal and Hard setting, where's Easy, for people new to these types of games, or just these games in general.

Also, add some type of multiplayer function.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10

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