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The Simpsons Road Rage

Overall: To really appreciate this game, you definetly need to be a Simpsons fan, or atleast have some knowledge of the Simpsons at all. The real heart of the game doesnt lie in the very familiar Crazy Taxi game format, or the sometimes cheesy graphics, it lies in the interactions you have between you adn the 30+ characters featured in this game. While you can only play as about 15 characters, almost the entire Simpsons cast is waiting for you to pick them up and bus them to where ever they want to go. Some characters share some "special" interactions with only a select few Simpsons characters. Such as the Simpson family interacting with other members of the family, or Homer and Moe, or Chief Wiggem and Snake. This is where the true game lies

Gameplay: While to most people the gameplay just about ends aftering the elusive $1,000,000 and completing the mission's to obtain "Homers Car". Seasoned Simpsons fan's well have hours of fun simply roaming around and hearing all the different interactions between characters. Or you could spend your time playing mutli-player with a friend in a one-on-one race to see who can earn the selece amount of $ first.

Graphics: While the graphics on the vehicles and the characters themselves are very appealing visually, the rest of the town and enviroment or nothing short of blah.

Audio: Aside from the short conversations between characters, the honking of horns and the screaming pedestrians as you plow them over. There isnt much sound in the game. The soundtrack provided while fun for the first few hours, soon becomes very, very, very annyoing. The lack of playing your own soundtrack hurt this score.

Suggestions: The only real sujestion I would have for the developers would be to add the XBoxs ability to play your own music.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Nightcaster: Defeat The Darkness

Overall: A very nice attempt at a game that deals mainly with Spell gameplay. Spells were wonderfull, but sometimes the difficutly could be alittle unbearable.

Gameplay: While the storyline in this game wasnt quite up to par, the great variety of spells really made up for it in my book. The many different monsters required you to not only be tactial, but also very quick with those trigger buttons.

Graphics: While the spells in Nightcaster were nothing less the stunning, the lack of detail in the outside world really was a dissapointment. There were many noticible jags, and the camera definetly needed a tweak.

Audio: The little if not lack of sound made a noticible difference. Aside from the repeditive tunes played in each chapter, and the reacurring voice of your character with every spell casted, made the use of a mute button while playing very common.

Suggestions: Overall it was a great game. But they really need to clean up and definetly lighten up the graphics, and also fix that dang camera.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10

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