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Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams

Overall: This has to be by far one of the scariest horror games that I have ever played. And unlike resident evil I can't just easily kill all the zombies in sight without breaking a sweat. From the footstep sounds behind you the pyramid creature the game is awesome.

Gameplay: The gameplay is very fun and with multiple endings it has a lot of replay value. However the controls are hard to master at first and can easily give you a few hours of headache before you get them down. But I love the fact that things such as a flashlight and human error are incorporated into the gameplay. Very solid all around gameplay.

Graphics: The visuals are stunning whether the noise effect is on or off the graphics are great. The noise effect and fog add a scary atmosphere to the game that has not been done better by any company. The video sequences also look very good. The only disappointment is that sometimes the camera is placed at a bad angle in key fighting sequences but other than that the visual are great.

Audio: The sound is great I love the footsteps and rustling bushes because they remind me of a Friday the 13th movie. The radio with its cracking static that detects zombies to the sounds that the zombies make when they are being killed it is all very well done.

Suggestions: Keep doing what you are doing. This is a great game and truly the only thing I can see that needs to be fixed is the camera because sometimes it is placed in a bad position.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Dead or Alive 3

Overall: Overall the game is great from the graphics to the modes. I love the game and can't wait till the next one is available. There are some minor details that can be fixed which I will talk about but over the game is plain excellent.

Gameplay: I love the gameplay there are plenty of modes to keep you busy for a while. However I do think the story mode is fairly easy to beat due to the fact that you are not required to beat everyone to get to the boss. I like the controls and fighting scheme but I think the counter takes way to much damage. Also Tecmo may want to consider giving the characters more moves to make the gameplay a little deeper like a Tekkan.

Graphics: Man all I can say is look at the Jann Lee video and marvel in its beauty. Just makes you want to say D&$@#

Audio: Again what is it with these companies not wanting to use the soundtrack feature! I love Aerosmith as much as the next guy but it gets repetitive.

Suggestions: Love the game only changes I can see are to make counters do less damage. Give the characters a few more moves that can increase player depth and use the soundtrack feature.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Wreckless: The Yakuza Mission

Overall: Overall the game is pretty solid. It is very fun to play and the graphics are terrific. But the game lacks depth with a cheesy storyline that takes away from the games replay factor.

Gameplay: The game has controls that are fairly easy to learn how to play with. The missions are fairly well developed and are actually tough in many areas. But without a good storyline I cannot give it a perfect score because bad dialogue and no character development take away from the game.

Graphics: Visually the game is stunning. This game has to be by far the best-looking car game I have ever seen. The cars look great and the city itself is alive with citizens and cars and even trolleys that look real. I do have a problem with the camera angles on the replays I think a better job could have been done on how the camera positions itself when trying to replay the scene. I also think that the people should not just float out of the way if you are going for total chaos the people have to be injured as well and should not just appear to leap off the screen. But other than these few quirks the graphics are very solid.

Audio: The sounds serve their purpose no stellar soundtrack but the vehicle sounds are pretty good. Wish you could have used the soundtrack feature on the game but that is the reason sequels are made.

Suggestions: Allow the game to use the soundtrack feature. Try to give the game a better storyline and not just something to make it flow somewhat linearly. Also try to fix the camera angles on the replays they are a pain especially when the replay is looking pretty good and then the camera focuses behind a wall.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10

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