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Overall: Plenty of thought was put into this game. Best gameplay for any sports game out their in my opinion. Needs work on graphics, and its a bit arcadey.

Gameplay: Great gameplay. One of the coolest part is the way you can intercept passes. It is however to easy to get into the paint, and the cpu characters are pretty dumb.

Graphics: arent the best. The replays look great but the crowd looks cheesey and the player detail isnt all that great.

Audio: Not bad...Commentaters get old quick but thats the same in most games. Effects arent bad. You can hear the coach yell at you while your playing. Effects involving the rim and hoop need to be worked on.

Suggestions: Great job on this game. Make the graphics use the power of X. And make it tougher to get in the paint and try to encourage more shooting.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 NBA 2K3

Overall: Id first off like to comment on those who felt it neccasary to rate this game poorly for what seems to be reasons other than an actual opinion. I have no problem with the reviews if you wrote in truth about your true opinions. I personally think this game is a major improvement from last year. The graphics have come a long way and the new features add plenty of fun without taking away the simple gameplay that sega does so well.

Gameplay: I always loved 2k2 because it was a simple, fun game that accurately was enough of a sim to be depthful with enough style to be fun. The addition of new moves made me think that sega was veering to much into the simulation field. I was greatly impressed however, to find that they somehow incorporated some very realistic features into the gameplay, without making it anymore complicated than past years.

Graphics: I havent yet seen the other ball games in motion, so I cant quite compare. But compared to last years games, 2k3 takes a big step towards realism. The faces and player models are absolutely incredible, as well as the sidelines. My only problem is that the crowd, apart from the first row, is not only 2d, but is boxy and undetailed. I realize that this will take time and applaud sega for their improvements.

Audio: Not much to say here, commentary is decent but will get old eventually. Effects are pretty good but nothing special. I am not one to judge a sports game by what it sounds like, nor do I care if it has sounds at all.

Suggestions: I hope that in a few years, that every fan will be three dimensional and will effect the players performance. I think that xbl will make this game a lasting classic. Good job sega.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Burnout

Overall: If there is any race game that makes you actually wish you had a shift and clutch, this is it. Even so, there is much room for improvement.

Gameplay: Dont. Blink. This game is FAST! I like the mix between arcady controls, and realistic races. The adrenilin(Sp) meter is perfect, much like using NOS. At times, I am afraid to use it because I knew I would crash.

Graphics: Although I am very pleased with the traxks, envirements and weather, I am somewhat dissapointed by car models. I think that had there been licensed cars they would have used more detail.

Audio: I dont have dolby 5.1. But my hdtv has subwoofers and some nice speakers. I was quite pleased with the sound effects but very dissapointed at the fact that there is no custom soundtracks.

Suggestions: Many a times have I gone around a corner only to crash straigh into the side of a eighteen wheeler. How cool would it be if you could actually go under these trucks? Racing on the highway would be a blast, weaving under trucks and out the other side. Very cool. P.S.(CUSTOM SOUNDTRACK U FOOLS)

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10

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