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Rallisport Challenge

Overall: The game is absolutely amazing. You can just jump right into the game and start racing. I took my xbox over to my friends house to play this on his HDtv and it looked amazing. Mulitplayer needs a little help in the fact that when you race they don't post up a map or bring up the turn signals, so its kinda hard to race when everyone doesn't know the map like the back of their hand. But career mode is flawless. With you navigator at your side telling you whats up ahead is one of the thing i like the most about the game. Another is the selection of cares you have to choose from is pretty nice too. Overall if you buy this game you will not be disapointed.

Gameplay: Like i said before you can just jump right into the game and not have to worry about the controlls being to difficult to handle. The cars' responsiveness is excellent not to mention being able to feel the vibration of the car when you take a turn and being able to tell you got grip simply by the vibrations let you takes turn easily. Also you can adjust your car more to the need of the track. If you on a track that has alot of turns and short staight-a-ways you can adjust the gear ratio short for more power, or you can adjust it to long for those long straight-a-way tracks with not that many turns to get top speed. Not to mention being able to adjust every thing from the suspension to the wheel power. Game play is pretty fun on this game but multiplayer needs a little more work.

Graphics: This is where the game just makes you want to drop your jaw. Its awesome everything from the detail of the car to the driver and his navigor. Plus as you go along in a race your car will end up getting dirt on it and if you take damage it will be noticable also. And as your driving down the track you notice how you tire marks are how they would be if following somebody down a dirt or someone left some scract on the pavement. This is one of the most visually appealing games out there.

Audio: Besides form being able to play your own personal sound track, my friend said the cars in this game sound exactly like they do in real life. Which is also a good quality of the game. also you have a navitgotor who tells you whats up ahead, plus if your having a little trouble hearing him you can simply adjust the audio controlls to your liking.

Suggestions: Make the multiplay a little more easier for people to just jump right into by being able to display a map instead of a meter that shows how close the cars are to each other. Also next time around make the career mode where you earn money instead of points and be able to build up your car instead of just picking one from the next level up.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Jet Set Radio Future

Overall: At first i thought the game was gonna be loser. but after doing some research I thought i would give the game a chance. And now I'm hooked. The game is awesome. This game has everything; good graphics, easy controlls, hours and upon hours of game play, awesome sound track, and it also has multiplayer ability so you and your friends can duke it out.

Gameplay: Your skating through the streets of Tokyo puting your gangs graphitti on the walls trying to put an end of the Rokkaku Group. On the way you end up going at it with other gangs and skaters. And if you beat the skaters at their challenge they will join your gang. Also the evironments are huge you can just about skate anywhere you feel like. you won't get tired of playing this game at all. Once you beat the game you can go through a second time to unlock even more characters.

Graphics: This is where the game really gets you. The 3D cel shading is awesome. Everything is done in this neat futuristic look. Plus the put great detail in all of the environmentsand characters.

Audio: JetSet Radio Future has this kick a$$ dj called DJ Professor K. While you skating and grinding your way through the streets of tokyo he plays some reall bad a** songs for ya. There are around 30 songs you can listen to, plus DJ Professor K informs you of other gang and police wherabouts. Most of the songs on this are techno hip-hop based. So if your a diehard metal fan you might not like this game.

Suggestions: i would like to see lan and online ability in the next JSR game. Plus i'd like to be able to set the music to play at random while in the garage.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 UFC: Tapout

Overall: This game is great. Even though its pretty much like its version on DC. But still the graphics put me in awe. Fast and intense action also puts the game over the edge. I do admit you probally have to be a fan of no hold bare fighting, to really appreciate the details they put into the fighters.

Gameplay: Controlls are pretty easy to figure out, and the matches can end pretty fast. I say this acutally puts a real element in the game. But playing against a good friend, the matches can last the whole three rounds. The create a fighter is great, in that it lets you create a fighter who's disipline is not like anyother fighters. Plus there are several different modes to choose from. Arcade lets you pick a fighter and just go at with everyone form the UFC. UFC lets you choose your weight class and fight in a 8 man bracket for the championship belt. Tournament lets you create you own 8 man bracket. And Expedition lets you fight againts your friends.

Graphics: Visually the game is just awesome. The details they put into the fighters is outstanding. they only thing that bugs me is when the announcer is introducing the fighters. He and the fighters tend to blink rapidly, also if the fighter is jumping up and down you'll see lines cut through you fighter. But other than that the graphics are perfect.

Audio: Sound wise the game is just fine. With the crowd roaring you on and sometimes yelling your name, what else could get you pumped to kick some butt.

Suggestions: Stop everyone fom blinking so much. And add some more of the UFC greats like Tank Abbott, Ken Shamrock, Royce Gracie and ect...

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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