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Steel Battalion: Line of Contact

Overall: Steel Battalion LOC takes over where SB left off. I am not going to tell you I finished SB because it was very hard. Lines of Contact is in my opinion the best Mech simulator on the market. Immersive gameplay is the key to the games success. Still it does have its share of problems. Even with the problems, the first time you fire up second generation VT you will feel you?re very lucky to own this game.

Gameplay: Let me start with the good. The graphics are off the hook. The replays are fun to watch and help you see what happen outside of you cockpit and generally help you with tactics. It took me a week to take the time to watch them. I didn?t know they were so cool. The 5.1 sound is fantastic. The missions are cool. The water looks good. The combat is good. Hell everything in the game is good. The problems start when you want to play on XBL. At this time I am only able to get into 3 on 3 matches. Not a bad thing at all but 5 on 5 would be better.

There are also SB snobs online that now own 50 VT's if they see you have 6 or 7 1st gens they won't let you play because you will drop they skill of their team. Of course they don't make rooms based on rank they just kick you out when you get in... You also can't mix generations of VT's on the battlefield so if you load with a 2nd gen and get destroyed you can't spawn with a 1st gen. I don't know why... other than those problems the game is perfect.

There are a lot of different ways to setup a VT. You have an upper monitor and a lower monitor. Each has several views it can display and they can be zoomed in on at any time.

There is a headquarters screen where you can color your VT and select its load out. You can have three load out configurations preset and select them before you spawn. Most of the time you will get used to the one you want and keep taking it. Load outs can change drastically depending on how you fight in combat.

I like to drop my extra fuel tanks to get more weapons. I have to refuel more when playing because of this? still I last longer with more weapons.

Graphics: SB LOC and SB have a strange set of graphics compared to other games. Still I like the visuals a lot and now we get replays. When friends come over I start them out on a repay so they can get an idea of what to expect. SB LOC is a simulator at heart and it makes you feel like you are in control of a VT (Mech). The screen blurs a little when you fire and it looks like you are watching a view screen. Everything down to the communication system seems realistic. A lot of the screen is taken up by VT controls MPH, Fuel, Weapons selected. There is also an upper view screen that can be stowed with a button on the controller. That is sweet because it can cover a lot of the view. I think the graphics are fine.

Audio: 5.1 sound is online and you will hear your VT crashing through things... My friend just came over and the first thing he noticed was the surround sound when I was booting up my first VT...

Suggestions: Make a third game... I will buy it.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Dead to Rights

Overall: Gunfights and Hand to hand combat can sum this up pretty well. This game is getting better the more I play it. Anyone thinking about getting this one would be wise to pick up a copy.

Gameplay: The game has some controls that are hard to get used too. I have now mastered the controls and they are laid out pretty well. At first I didn't like it but after playing for around 15 hours I like them a lot. The game is very hard. I don't think this game would make a very good rental. Some of the levels take a day to beat until you figure the trick. Levels have tricks that make them easy to beat, it may be a way to attack an enemy or which enemy you should attack first but there is some sort of trick. Disarms of enemys are in slow motion and just kick so much ^$$! You can also grab enemys and use them as human shields. The game is great. I think anyone who gives it a low score didn't get very far. I am getting my moneys worth out of this one.

Graphics: The graphics are pretty good. I love it when I sick my dog on an enemy and he brings back a gun. Most of the graphics are low poly count but they get the job done. I don't know why they used such bland textures. Halo textures are around 100% better. I know everyone wants the next level with in the graphics department, but I think they did a great job on gameplay. The graphics don't stink but they are not as good as halo's.

Audio: I am so busy shooting the clown bad guys I don't pay much attention to the sound. It's got sound and that is enough for me. Most of the time it's guns going off. It's not a race car game where sound is a big factor.

Suggestions: Better textures and higher poly counts. Gameplay is right on the money. I would expand on the hand to hand.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Outlaw Golf

Overall: I am very impressed with golf simulation that lies under the rated R humor everywhere else in the game. If you buy this game for the humor your going to get one hell of a golf game with it. I have played over ten different golf games on different systems and this one takes the cake.

Gameplay: This is where the game shines after all you buy this game to play golf right? In a golf game control is the the most critical part of the game. If you try Links on the PC you going to have to time your swings with some dial. In a word Boring. On the xbox pull back on the right thumbstick and wait for the power to come back down to the desired level then push forward. Simple right, nope. If you go a little left you hook, right you slice. Other human players can also taunt you (if you have more than one controller) and cause your controller to shake. It's a riot when it you to miss a critical shot.
The more they do it the less effective it is so you don't have to be afraid to play people that will do it all the time.
The game has different views to judge your shots. I use the planned landing spot view all the time to line up a shot. You can add backspin or top the ball before you shoot to get roll forwards or backwards. This will be more or less effective depending on the golfers stats and the clubs you have purchased.
Putting has the conventional height map and you are able to rotate around the hole to judge the green.
I stink at putting still and I always loose holes because of it.
The game has a composure score based on how well your shooting. If you want you can beat the $%!@ out of your caddy. I like to do this before I put for par.

Graphics: It has strippers what's more appealing than that? The visuals are the best for golf anywhere and they load in a second. No waiting for the hole to load a hundred trees.
Birds are flying around (I know I will hit one someday) and just when you think you have seen it all a jumbo jet will fly over your head. You can replay your shot from different angles. The players are digital people. Man when Harley is taking a shot I want to get her number. She is hot! To bad she is brain damaged. Best golf game graphics anywhere.

Audio: Good music during gameplay better than you would expect for a golf game. A lot of curse words and not for kids. My wife only lets me play it when they are not around.

Suggestions: More courses, I would release a course disk for the game. If an add on disk is not possible then release another game that has add on disk support. I would also like Xbox Live support.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Circus Maximus: Chariot Wars

Overall: While the game is just racing and fighting combined into one. It's funfactor is very high on my list.
I would rent this title if you get the chance.

Gameplay: This is where the game shines. Racing and fighting are balanced pretty well but the computer is kind of easy to beat when you find the shortcuts and are able to use them. Bashing the computer players is a lot of fun and your guy gets kind of funky sometimes. My brother liked the finishing move for the Greek player and said he looks like a bronze age poser. It got a few laughs everytime I did the fighting move. The racing or fighting is not very hard when set to normal mode but you do have to learn the controls to get the sharp turns down without flipping your chariot. The computer can control the chariot when your fighting but the computer will never drive as good as a human can. In deathmatch play it is a good idea to mix driving with computer driving.

Graphics: The Xbox can pull off some cool graphics but they are not exploited to the max here. I would say they are as good as any PS2 title. Some of the areas are massive in size. If you are looking for next generation graphics look elsewhere. This game is for people that like gameplay.

Audio: Good sound. I like the taunting the enemy and the sound of the chariots.
I need to hook up a cool sound system to my Xbox.

Suggestions: Instead of tracks lets do some point to point racing. Internet multiplayer would be cool. More fighting moves for sure.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Rallisport Challenge

Overall: I bought into the hype machine and preordered this game without seeing it in action. I am glad I did! The game has several different modes of play and is a blast playing with friends. I have four controllers and it's just too much fun watching cars fly in every direction. I think the game is better with just two players racing because of screen size issues.

Gameplay: The gameplays like every other racer out there but is better becasue it's focused on rally racing. I like the gameplay in rally racing much more than a nascar or street racing. The game is fun in single or multiplayer and I have tried it with 1 - 2 - 3 and 4 players. There is a lot of bumping and crashing in four players.

The forcefeedback in the controllers is also welcome in this title. You can feel the road or lack of it, and your gears shifting.

Graphics: Good graphics, could use some better textures in places... like at the end of the race. The tracks and cars are top notch but some objects like the tents and barriers are old hat. Of course when a tent flys by at 150mph who knows what it looked like.
I like the feel of speed the game gives when racing down some of the tracks. I mean we are going fast now!

Audio: I don't have surround sound hooked up yet. But it sounds good from my TV. I don't like the music that ships with the game but you are able to rip you cd's into the xbox and play them back. Xbox rules!
My next project is to hook up some real 5.1 speakers to my xbox.

Suggestions: Include internet multiplayer in the next game. I am not sure if this one has it or not but it would be the best. Longer tracks would be cool. Let the crashes play out more. Don't let multiplayers that crash reset so fast, at least make them wait until their car stops moving...

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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