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NHL Hitz 2002

Overall: This game was tight, i could score 10 goals and dish out some anger in the process, i loved this game, the graphics were awesome, and the game was fun.

Gameplay: This game was very appealing to the eyes as well as the gameplay itself. The graphics were sweet, and this game was very fun, it was easy to score, not only for you but for the computer two as i found out. There was a lot of good stuff about this game, one tight thing was the crowds ability to help you out. Dont know what i mean? when you play, the crowd holds up signs of secret codes, its awesome, you can get codes for infinite turbo and get big head mode.

Graphics: I loved the graphics on this game, the players looked realistic, and had the players actual face, and the gameplay was smooth, id definitely pick up a copy of this. The arenas looked awesome, as well as the players and the bonus arenas. However, the players bodies were a little unproportioned, and obviously the game was made by midway, it offers their same repetitive style graphics, but this wasnt bad in this case.

Audio: This sound was good, the announcing could get a little repetitive, but was good for the most part. The announcing was right on, and precise. The thing i liked best, was the music, there were dinfinitely some solid beats, limp bizkit, if you like them, i dont really, sevendust, one of my favorite bands had denial on their, there was just all kinds of beats, the game did a great job on this.

Suggestions: not to much

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams

Overall: Silent Hill is very appealing, to the eye, and to the hardcore gamer.You can spend countless hours playing, and still have fun.

Gameplay: Silent Hill 2 overall was a good game but im not going to say great, after a while the game would get eventually old and stressing, but a lot of fun and challenge. The puzzles had me stumped, but i liked the fact that you could control the diffuculty level of the puzzles. One thing though, i hated the controls, they were clunky, and took some getting used to. But they were all right once i played a while.

Graphics: To tell you the truth, i wasn't very impressed with silent hill 2s graphics, i heard the graphics were so great, so i wanted to see for myself, the graphics were awesome, on the scenes, on the scenes they were amazing, but throughout the game it just looked like and old playsation one game, but this is just my opinion.

Audio: The sound was pretty good, it was awesome for the most part, except for the constant grown of the zombies. They just made the same noise over and over. But besides that, awesome, the music was creepy like a movie, and got you into the game, which was a plus. And the voices were awesome, everything just clicked, and made this aspect of the game tight.

Suggestions: Touch up the controls, they were a little confusing. And fix up the graphics, this is the x-box the scenes were amazing, but the rest didnt impress me. Give the zombies some variety in voice, they shouldnt all sound the same

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 NFL 2K2

Overall: this game is tight, as a matter of fact i like the game more than nfl fever 2002, because its so realistic. sega is the pimp of all video games

Gameplay: this game is appealing for sure, everyone should play it, its the best football game to date,i guarantee it

Graphics: you wont find a better game than nfl 2k2, at least realistically, the game is awesome, its beautifully done

Audio: the sound on this game was tight, could be a little better though, but i guarantee, 2k3 will be awesome with the x-boxs power

Suggestions: keep it real, segas the best

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: this game was tight, the graphics were awesome, anybody who loves good gameplay should get it. fa sho. the gameplay was awesome, the villains perfect.

Gameplay: the game was very appealing, it offers fun to all ages. but i dont know why people said the game was to easy, i think its just right, i think its pretty tough, how people beat it in legendary and heroic is beyond me.

Graphics: the graphics were awesome, everyone says they were great, however, i feel, they could improve, this is the x-box, they can do better than this. the graphics were awesome, but not the best they could be.

Audio: the sound was great, couldnt be much better, if any better. the music really gets you into the game at supenseful times. the explosions and gun shots were perfect, the villains were great sounding and humerous. the sound was perfect in all aspects of the game.

Suggestions: not to much to suggest, the only thing i can think of is add music manager for two player, thatd be cool, and take the graphics to the next level. oh yeah come out with halo 2 fast

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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