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NHL 2004

Overall: Indeed much imroved over nhl 2003, but
still a hell of a lot more work needed.
Worthy of a purchase only once u have
played what else is on offer. e.g. NHL
Rivals 2004, Sega NHL 2k4 and the new
Hitz 2004 game.

Gameplay: Great controls once set up to how i
ussually had them. many pros and cons
about this title. ill start with the pro's, feels
like u really do aim the puck sometimes,
take control of any nhl team u like then
take them through DYNASTY mode
where you are the general manager of
the team. You control how much tickets
are, who is traded and released, edit the
lines and much more. If you so decide to
create your own team u create the arena
they lay in aswell, although this has very
limited features it still adds some
exitement to the game. Crowd look great!
Now the cons, WHERE IS THE BIG
HITS? hitting in this game is so hard it
will frustrate you. aiming your right
thumbstick at a player is harder than u
think and the results are poor when u do
get them. Frame rate drops ever so
slightly every now and then taking the
smoothness away from the game it once
had in its 2002 version. Home and away
jerseys are wrong. Meaning if u play a
home game with the rangers instead of
having the white jersey on ytou have the
blue one on, and when playing away u
wear the home jersey. how could EA
make such a flaw? the hitting will be
sorley missed by previous fans.

Graphics: Perfect, utterly stunning graphics with
everything being perfect except the faces
which need a little work. this games
visuals will blow you away, easily the
best looking hockey game ever made, so

Audio: Awesome crowd and comentating,
however loading your own music would
be cool. especially after you flick a puck
past a goalie and the crowd roar. it would
be nice to have some of your own music
play instead of a very unsuited "The
Ataris" or "GOB" song play. sounds great
in Dolby Digital when the puck flys
around the boards, hearing it actually go
around you is cool.

Suggestions: Focus on fixing that framerate back to
how it was in NHL 2002. Make the hits
BIGGER!!! learn which jerseys are home
and away before making another game.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Rallisport Challenge

Overall: ok. but really not werth your hard earned money.

graphics are good. cars are good. damage in one player rocks.

but ever notice that in 2 player there is hardly any damage?

overall a good hire as you will beet in one night. but you'd be mad to buy it.

Gameplay: good feel of cars. but they do feel very light.

e.g. watch your car fly around a corner and loose all control as it rolls.

fun racing with multi but very hard to see where youre going.

it really pises you off when you get automatically resets you back on track after yourve only gone off a bit.

Graphics: landscapes excellent, cars average.

the cars need some real work here.
as for they landscapes leave as they are.

Audio: good as you can add as many songs off ya harddisk.

F-ING stupid that you cant skip track while in game.

hope for a good song thats all i say.

this could have been fixed buy having a similar menu as to PGR.
(skip the song whenever you want)

Suggestions: major work needed in all areas except landscapes.

more cars.
better options.


Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Max Payne

Overall: great game! i would give a 5.0 but there is just no lifespan.

once you beat the story mode thats it. no 2 player mode.

bullet time is great and using the cheat to refill everything rules!!

i love using the double uzi's!! i pump through the ammo like its going out of fashion!!

Gameplay: great fun!! once i went underneath some thin wooden stairs and a guy was standing on top of them but hadn't seen me. i emptied both uzi's into the top of the stairs. wood and blood went flying everywhere!!

looked like a scene out of the orig die hard movie.

Graphics: some parts look great while others really stink!!

cars look so poor while some backdrops and effects look as good as halo.

bullets look so cool when viewed in bullet time

Audio: nothing special here. just ordanerny sounds in this baby. the acting is ok though. the walking is very poor.

Suggestions: make a 2 player mode.

as i half beat the game in about 8 hours.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3

Overall: this game is truely great. i have finished the entire thing! everything from statpoints to decks and cheats. i did not use any cheats to get anything however.

i think that this game could have had better graphics as it is edzackly the same as the ps2 version.

common neversoft and activision get your act together and stop making ports

Gameplay: great controls and the response from the buttons is good. i like the way you complete tasks.

it feels rewarding to have everything unlocked.

Graphics: good but not excellent. it could have been improved from the ps2 version.

some of the textures could be better.

but overall is a very crisp and smooth game.

Audio: GREAT!! listening to Ramms+ein and 'Tallica through 2 guitar amps is F**KING awsome!!!

the soundtrack feature off your own harddisk is great!!!

Suggestions: no more ports!!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee

Overall: This game bytes big time. the developer origionally said it was for ps2 but hated the power of the machine. well let me tell you this, it could easily look and run just as good on a ps2 as on an xbox. pathetic game easily the worst ive played on xbox. wait a minute wreckless comes close aswell.

Gameplay: horrible this just sucks what a lousy game. the gameplay it shody and way to simple. just chant to get more spooce. and thats all you really need to collect in the game, spooce. way to simple.

Graphics: as i mentioned earlier the ps2 could handle this. some textures look good but others are just plain BULLCHET!

Audio: good sound appeal the mudokens always make me laugh when they say stuff like "hey its abe" and "ohh, ok" this is easily the best part of the game. one thing that lets it down is techno music that plays while action is going on.

Suggestions: take this one to the ps2. it might do ok on that but for xbox you need alot more power.

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 NHL 2002

Overall: overall worth the money if you like any of their past nhl games. but still very disapointing that its a port.

Gameplay: great gameplay as always! nothing dissapoints in this area. i love the gamestory cut scenes!! they make this the best nhl game yet!! however nothing big is new in this version of the game.

Graphics: I was amazed at the visual appeal of this game at first. when i found out it was a port and played it on a ps2 and could barely notice a differance i was pissed! so therefor i am not buying nhl 2003 if it is just a port with slightly upgraded graphics. i was going to buy FIFA 2002 and saw it was just a port so im not going to now. i think if xbox gamers all did this we would get better looking titles than we already have! imagine if no one bought nhl 2002 and fifa 2002 and nba live 2002 then EA SPORTS would stop making ports!!

Audio: The sound in this game is average. i like it how when your team first enter the ice Sum 41 - Fat Lip plays and sounds like its being played in an actual arena, (it echos). the commentating is great! always fresh material e.g. Eric Lindros, batterys not included. some of the hits sounds poor. and the crowd let me down. they look so good, why shouldnt they sound so good? they need to be loud when a goal is scored!!

Suggestions: Make the puck actually spin through the air! Sega sports nhl 2k does this perfect. the puck dosnt stay flat while travelling through the air. it curves slightly to give a very realistic feel!

im not going to buy another game from EA SPORTS if its just a port from ps2!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding

Overall: Absolutely love this game!!! i owe the thanx to Lynxfx who advised me to buy it! but this is a great title a must own i think.

a priveledge to play!! great game!!

Gameplay: excellent. i love the way you never spin in a perfect way. it looks real not like some snowboarding games (coolboarders series) where you do a 540 spin and they do it perfectly. in amped it looks real how they spin!

great controls!

Graphics: good visuals but i think they could have done a lot better especially on the trees!

the boarders look really sweet though

Audio: great soundtrack, use your own off ya harddisk if ya want. i recon the songs on it rule!! the punk and rock songs are good because they are all underground artists!! (unheard of)

Suggestions: Well make the trees better. and thats it!!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: AWSOME! GREAT! SWEET! WICKED!! BUY IT!!! BEST GAME EVER!!! anyone who plays videogames and is old enuff for a bitta violence will instantly fall in love with HALO

Gameplay: simply apsolutely brilliant!!! couldnt ask for much more!!!! the controls are exilent. just like the game itself

Graphics: best graphics in a game i have ever seen! the detail on nearlt everything around you astonished me. e.g. the grass, trees up close, aliens, water, landscapes, vehicles and everything else!

i give an apsolute aplause to bungie for making this sweet game

Audio: GREAT!! the marines even talk cool and comunicate good. at one point i rolled a wart hog that had two other guys in it and it killed one. and the guy said "i would apreciate it if u STOPPED KILLING MY MEN!!!!

Suggestions: make ANOTHER!!! and make bots in it for multi player. and make it so u can commucate back with the marines

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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