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Madden NFL 07

Overall: What can you say, its Madden. Madden is Madden and Football is Football. The game is great but also needs alot of work. I will explain more if you keep reading.

Gameplay: The gameplay when your facing the CPU is a bit slow, but at least its not like that when ur during the middle of your play. I often lose connection or the person I'm playing loses connection during an Xbox Live game. And honestly who would want to play the game on live if you don't know if your even going to finish it. Superstar mode is awesome. At first I didn't like the vision but once you start playing, you get used to it. I also like the new lead blocker controls, because sometimes the AI just doesn't cut it. Another thing I hate, the kicking. Go back to using the buttons, its like impossible to make a 45 yard field goal no matter who you are.

Graphics: The graphics are great. The game is so indepth when it comes to graphics. Wrinkles in clothing, scrapes on helmets, dirty clothing, the field gets tore up (especially when its pouring the rain), but all the players look the same. And some people like Charlie Frye (starting QB for Cleveland Browns) looks way too muscular. Charlie is not that muscular in person. The shadows move from play to play and make the game very realistic.

Audio: The sound is great. I love how the players talk during gameplay and make remarks to other players after making a good play.

Suggestions: I suggest you work on the Xbox Live. I would like to play people and not lose connection. I don't lose connection all the time, but most of the time I do, and I never do that with any other game. I would also like the kicking part of the game to go back to the old way. It was much better that way. I also want the gameplay to not be so slow.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Call of Duty 3

Overall: The game is just great. The campaign is just great as the same with Xbox Live. I was so surprised on what Activision did to the multiplayer world of call of duty. Driving vehicles, ranks, medics, each member on the team plays an important role on your quest to win the match.

Gameplay: The gameplay is amazing. The AI is awesome and acctually kills people and doesn't stand around. I also have no problems with Xbox Live as far as lag goes, occasionally I will get the intense gamer that cusses you out everytime you kill him, but hey, every game has them. They could have made the campaign longer, but I like the ending, it was pretty inspiring.

Graphics: The graphics are rediculous, in a good way. The rain looks real, the players all look different, the grass/ground looks like the real thing, the sky looks awesome, and just so much more. Your squad acctually gets beat up and you can see cuts and bruises on their faces during gameplay.

Audio: I didn't have much problems with the sounds in the game. Occasionally on campaign mode one of my fellow squad members would say the same thing repeatedly but that didn't bother me much.

Suggestions: The only suggestion I have is to make the game longer. At the end of the campaign when its showing the final video after you beat the game, the guy says "4 days later, the allies storm into paris and totally defeat the nazi army, putting a end to the war" or something like that. We should be able to play the part and not have to hear about it. I would like to see Activision make the campaign mode longer.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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