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Gears of War

Overall: Gears of war is a third person tactical shooter that puts the gamer in the front seat of a nightmarish war, against a horde of creatures that surfaced from the centre of the planet.

Gameplay: Playing Gears of War is a great experience. The controls are easy to pick up and even easier to master. Whether you are taking cover behind a wall, putting an enemy in the corsshair of your sniper rifle or shredding a locust with your chainsaw you wont be disapointed.
During play you are faced with enemies that act like players; they run to cover at the start of a fight and slowly advance on your position, they move and dive away from grenades and they aren?t afraid to introduce your face to the end of their weapon and that?s just the locusts. Besides the regular locusts, players come across many other enemies such as the locust "boomers": 8ft+ creatures wielding a big rocket launcher called the boomshot, capable of blowing you to bits.
Your arsenal in Gears is great to. From the afore mentioned boomshot rocket launcher, to the longshot sniper rifle, theres something to keep every one happy, and if shooting stuff isnt what gets you going, theres always the lancer, an assault rifle with a rather satisfying mess creating chainsaw attached to the front, ahhh nothing quite like sawing hostile monsters in half while their blood squirts on your screen.

Graphics: The visuals in this game are stunning! Not a single detail that i've seen has been while playing has been overlooked. From the heat waves you see coming from your gun barrel to the blood splatter you get on your screen while letting an enemy become acquainted with your chainsaw, all of it is awesome. The environments differ too, from ruined cities and factories to underground caverns and a speeding train.
The characters themselves are extremely well detailed with excellent skin texture, bulging muscles and the scratches and rips in their armour and clothing. They also respond very well to their environments such as diving, running and backing against a wall for cover, all of which is done with as far as I can see no glitching or clipping at all. The only fault i?ve seen with the visuals in this game are when you chainsaw a wretch, since the wretches are small, pretty much like the grunts in halo1&2, it causes some problems like, if the wretch is on the floor. The chainsaw is used at human height and as a result appears as if you?re sawing open air. But that aside this game really shows what the 360 can do.

Audio: The audio in this game is also excellent. From gunshots, to wretch screams, to your character breathing heavily while sprinting, all of which sounds great.
The game also has a really dramatic soundtrack which helps immerse you into the game much more.
One problem I have noticed with the sound and is the reason I?ve given a 4.5 rather than a 5 is that when using the large mounted machine guns to mow down hordes of enemies I?ve found that the gun often goes almost silent, as if some one were firing it in the distance, when this happens a lot of the other sounds seem to dull down too. Whether this was intended by the creators or not I don?t know, but in my opinion it really detracts from the awesomeness of the game and can spoil a good massacre.

Suggestions: My suggestions would be to simply keep up the outstanding quality and thought that was put into gears of war and I will most definitely continue to buy and recommend the games they develop.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10

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