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Xbox 360 Video Game System

Overall: Easily the best Video Game system out now. And well it easily tops the PS3 (which is easily topped by the Wii. That says something) I don't think i've ever enjoyed the movie CARS but I played the demo, and I loved it. That really shows the 360 can take anything that sucks, and turn into something that sucks a whole lot less. Perfect graphics, perfect controller and perfect online deliverance. What more could you want? Oh whats this? You want to be able to play DVDs, play all those awesome arcade games from the 70 and 80's? Whats this blasphemy?! You want to play them ONLINE? Well i'm sorry sir, but you must not know that you CAN do that! Welcome to heaven thy name is Xbox 360.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Crackdown

Overall: A massive sprawling metropolis filled to the brim with crime and a failing police system. Sound good? Well it is. Your a new species of agent, using your advanced power take back Pacific City, using any way you want to.

Gameplay: The game play is endless, spending time building up all your skills is fun cause you just kill gangstas, and who doesn't loving pwnin' up the whitebread gangsta? I know I sure do! It doesn't stop there, soon as you complete the game you can regenerate the gangs at any point or any time! WAIT! It doesn't stop there, with a free DLC you get "the keys to the city" a DLC which gives you a menu allowing you to spawn anything in the game at any time, give your self any skills at any level, and basically times the fun by four.

Graphics: The graphics are superb! There isn't much I can say about it, because it is a 360 game and all 360 games are pretty beautiful. It offers great explosions, great physics engine, probably one of the best, it's so perfect that you can land onto someone and it will absorb some of the damage from your fall (if you fall more then like 30 feet, since you can jump like 15 feet on level one) and it will probably, no, no it WILL kill them. Don't forget kicking cars, explosions which will cause more explosions and will send bodys and objects flying. It's practically the greatest GTA-esc game ever made. Well it probably is the greatest, GTA started it all, and this really pays GTA some nice homage.

Audio: The sound is perfect! Even if you have a older TV, it still sounds great. You can hear everything from the hundreds of cars driving to the individual foot step of the civilians on the street.

Suggestions: I do have a few things, I would really like to see even more DLC, you can never have enough DLC, also I really would like the ability's to go past 4 stars ability's, the bar goes to five but you don't get stronger. Could use that, even if you get so strong your a god, well then so what? It's more fun! Of course with the Keys to the City DLC you can sort of do that. Keep on keepin' on.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10

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