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Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: This is THE best game i have ever played. I would argue that i have more fun with this game than Grand Theft Auto 3. Once you beat single player you think to yourself "Oh man time to shelf this baby". But, no, you find that multiplayer mode is so big that to this day i havent enjoyed all of Halo. I mean you can create all sorts of rules and turn on so many options.

Gameplay: The gameplay is awesome. This game is game of the year for a reason. At first you think you will never be able to figure out the controls and i have to admit that when i first used the warthog and tried to drive it i thought that the developers had gone retarded when thinking it up. I was severely mistaken. Once you get used to the controls you begin to think that there is no other way this game should be controlled. And when you get used to the controls for the Wartog you find it fun to use. Did i mention the enemy AI? Good god they are smart. You can throw a grenade at them and they will scatter after yelling out "grenade!", they hide and even charge at you with full force.

Graphics: Visual appeal is apparent. They did their homework bigtime on this baby. And to think that this only uses 44% of the Xbox's full power. Id like to see what they could do in Halo 2 (which im also buying, heck even if they did Halo 10 id buy it). All metal objects in this game at 100% visually authentic, meaning that if you think you see metal it will look like real metal. The water looks like real water, and the snow looks real too. Everything in this game is visually appealing. Again, best visuals on a game EVER.

Audio: Sounds are awesome. Of course you have already read that. I like the fact that the little grunt guys say new and funny things when you least expect it. Enough to make you bust out laughing at times, and then others it makes you pause and ask the guy next to you if he really said that. All explosions and even burning rubber on dirt roads sound authentic. Bravo! The music of this game pumps you up when you need to be pumped up. My ears would give developers a standing ovation if they could, but, instead they will make more waxy buildup in honor of Bungie and Microsoft.

Suggestions: Online, Online, Online, Online. And since halo 2 wont be out for a long time please make a booster disc (id call it an upgrade) with more multiplayer vehicle levels and also activate it to be played via Xbox Live. Oh yeah and if you could please use diversify the stages, some people didnt understand the movements in the halo from room to room and that all rooms should appear the same. Maybe frequent travel to other "levels" with different visuals would be a nice change of pace.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Star Wars: Obi-Wan

Overall: I really didnt find this game appealing at all. I suppose that if you are a hardcore Star Wars fan it may make you want to rent this one. But, by no means purchase this game. I would rank this sucker right next to Kabuki Warriors.

Gameplay: The gameplay of this game was not thought out properly. Simply turning the character is difficult, which makes it impossible to fight multiple enemies at once. And at some point the force power buttons switch positions many times. After a while of playing you will get used to the gameplay but you end up with the feeling that they didnt try hard enough to make it fun.

Graphics: Okay here is where people expect the most. Are there alot of items visually? Yes. Are they done well? Nope. Simply look at pictures of the game where you can see Obi Wan's clothes. You can tell that he wasnt quite finished in the graphics department. Alot of the characters are the same in this way. There is alot that is quite simply &qu

Audio: The sounds of this game are pretty nice. Of course this is standard for George Lucas because he is the sound king. The only thing i have to complain about is the voice overs. The guy who did Mace Windu was clearly NOT Sam Jackson. And by this i mean that on a scale of 1 to 100 where 100 represents a perfect replica this one was like 60%.

Suggestions: I suggest improvements in character movement and visual effects. I want to be able to feel the power of the force as i use its powers. After playing Jedi Knight 2 I would say they should use the force powers from there on it because you felt like you were using the force.

Overall Score: 2.0 / 10

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