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The Simpsons Road Rage

Overall: This game is great for all people of all ages but even better for hardcore Simpson fans like myself. You will enjoy the voice acting and sayings but will soon have to look towards actual gameplay for replay value, there is some but not too much. You will get to drive as your favorite characters in a crazy taxi style or you can complete some missions (most of them are variations of "knock of 20 _____"). If you didn't like crazy taxi then you probably won't find much more joy in this game if any.

Gameplay: The gampeplay is very fun for the first month. You will love getting to explore the large levels and testing out all the different characters. You will like it even more if you know and love the simpsons. The solo mode is pretty fun, it's just crazy taxi except in springfield and with simpson characters using funny quotes. There is a sort of mission mode where you go around completing mission to earn new vehicles or characters which will keep you busy for a while. Overall this game is really a better rental then a buy.

Graphics: The graphics aren't all that amazing and you might call them cartoony. What would you expect though from a simpsons game, it isn't as cartoony as the simpsons show, it is actually in better 3D style. The detail in characters and vehicles and environments can be appreciated but besides that there isn't much innovation or much to impress you visually in this game.

Audio: The quotes and voice acting will entertain you for a very long time. The quotes of most of the numerous characters are very funny and good for the situation. They will keep you happy and laughing for a long time but the down side is once they start to get repetetive you will stop liking to play the game. Other then the voice acting there isn't much special or to be talked about in regards to sound in this game.

Suggestions: A simpsons FPS =P

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 SSX Tricky

Overall: This game is easily the best snowboarding game I have ever played (yes even better then 1080 heh). It combines realism with arcade to make a really great game. You will like this whether you are playing solo or multi it doesn't matter. You will like this game not matter what age you are, if you are young you will like all the cool tricks and funny characters and if you are older you will appreciate the graphics and the awesome tricks.

Gameplay: This game ceases to be fun even after months of purchasing it. There are lots of costumes, levels and ranks to unlock with each of the many characters. You will keep busy by not only unlocking specials but also by trying to master the many characters and tracks. There are 3 different types of gameplay and they are each equally fun and it takes different tactics to master each type of game. Then you always have multi-player where it's always fun to try and out-show or race your friend.

Graphics: Almost everything visual in this game looks at it's best. The cut-scenes before and after races look very cool. The snow effects are really good and the levels simply look great. The characters have quite the bit of detail and lots of them are fun just to look at, even when they aren't doing tricks. It loses a few points with lag though, when there are numerous boarders on screen, especially around turns or in air, you will notice a bit of slow down but not enough to really effect your gameplay.

Audio: The voice acting is really great in this game, with actual celeberities like David Arquette. The characters have tons of funny sayings and battle cries that cease to get old. The snow effect sounds are pretty good but not something you really notice. There isn't anything really special in the sound category in this game besides the voice acting.

Suggestions: An SSX Tricky sequel would be nice, I would buy it.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Dead or Alive 3

Overall: This game will blow you away the first time you see it and this will blind you from seeing it's not-so-great gameplay. This game is deffinitely worth a rental, if you are really into fighting games or you have friends that come over a lot then this game is deffinitely for you.

Gameplay: There are many different options, game types, characters and moves but when you tear it all down the gameplay isn't all too fun. It is enough to keep a hardcore gamer satisfied for quite some time, mastering all the characters, and someone with a lot of friends will have a blast playing tag team matches but aside from that the gameplay isn't very good.

Graphics: The best aspect of this game is probably the graphics. The movements of the characters are always very smoothe, never choppy and even the characters themselves are very smoothe. The details in the levels are great (reflections in water, coconuts falling off of trees, etc).

Audio: All the characters speak in japanese so unless you are japanese it's fairly dissapointing. On the plus side there are some classic Aerosmith songs on the soundtrack which is always great and most of the other songs are good too.

Suggestions: Add-on disc.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Blood Wake

Overall: Don't be fooled by bad reviews or your own opinion before you play this game, you MUST play this game before you can make a fair opinion on it. Some people will hate this game, others will love it. I think this game is great with lots of good replay value, especially fun with friends.

Gameplay: There are tons of solo levels and 3 different difficulties. The water and boat graphics and details are stunning in solo-player. The AI is quite good and I have never found them to become predictable. To add to that there is an awesome multi-player that you can play with up to 4 players or you can play with up to 3 bots who have 3 different difficulties. There are many different types of games, boats and settings for multi-player which make it amazing.

Graphics: Since the water plays such a big part in this game the makers wanted to make it great and they did an awesome job. The water and water effects look great and so does the detail put into the boats (eg. boat pistons moving).

Audio: The voice of your first-mate can quickly become annoying and might even turn you off of the game completely. The music makes up for it though, although it might not be the type of music to you listen to it's still very good and changes accordingly with levels (suspenseful in covert missions, loud at climax, etc.)

Suggestions: Blood Wake system link capability.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: Anyone who has been waiting for a good FPS since Goldeneye, especially console gamers, look no further. Halo has everything Goldeneye had, except with better AI, better graphics, co-op and much, MUCH more. This game is fun for all ages, for all genders and most importantly for ALL numbers of players from solo 1 player or with you and 15 other friends.

Gameplay: Amazing gameplay. One of the game's best aspect is that it/the developers encourage you to explore, so that everyone can have VERY different experiences when playing the same game. The controls are nice, there's no cheap auto aim, and everything seems as realistic as possible.

Graphics: This games visuals are always stunning. There are nice cut-scenes but not TOO many. The textures and levels alone are enough to blow you away nevermind the detail put into marines, enemies, wepons, vehicles, etc.

Audio: The best sound related aspect of this game has to be the sayings of the marines and enemies. You will never get tired of hearing most of them, lots of them very funny. All the other sounds are decent, no complaints but nothing too, too amazing. I personally enjoy the music quite a lot, perfect for the game.

Suggestions: Halo 2.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10

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