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Overall: Deathrow is such an addictive, fun game... everything in the game fits together really well. It's a mix between basketball and ultimate frisbee except you can beat the hell out of the other team. It's really fun and there's a lot of things to do to keep you busy.

Gameplay: A lot of games that have come out recently have good graphics but so-so gameplay, but deathrow has great graphics with excellent gameplay. You get money and unlock points when you win a game, and there are a lot of teams, players, and extras to unlock. In the game you're on a team of 4 players trying to throw a frisbee through your goal across the arena. You can punch, kick, slide tackle, and throw your opponents in different ways which is crazy fun. I've played games without touching the ring/frisbee thing. I just chased after those dudes and beat them down until they were KO'd. Very addictive gameplay.

Graphics: The visuals are great! From the players, to the arenas, to whatever, the visuals look very good. Once in awhile when you through an opponent the camera rotates 360 degrees in slow motion around your character. It looks really cool. There are two different views to choose when you play. One is a close-up and the other is farther away.

Audio: I really didn't pay attention to the music, it's pretty good. It's fast, techno music, and it goes well with what's going on in the arena. I don't know if you can listen to your own music or not. The sound effects are very well done and fun to listen to. The players cuss all the time at each other...good stuff

Suggestions: hmmm..maybe add some more fighting moves for the player. And if you could get a teammate and do a "double-team" on someone would have been really cool. Allowing your team to do alley-oops would have been fun, too.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Hunter: The Reckoning

Overall: Finally! I've been waiting for this one for 5+ months...and now it's here! Such a great game, it's just as it's presented in the trailers; bloody, gory, fast-paced 1 to 4-player co-op against monsters with a ton of weapons. I've already played with 3 other people and had 30+ zombies on the screen with NO slowdown. It's pretty spooky, too, I just got done playing by myself for a couple hours and found myself scared at certain parts. I'm still excited about this game and I just got done playing it for tonight, so I'm sorry in advance because a lot of these sentences aren't going to make sense. It was SO hard to put down, one of those game where you keep telling yourself,"just one more level.." This game is better than Halo in my's that good.

Gameplay: So awesome. You can interact with just about anything on the enviroment; glass windows, mannicans, cars, semi trucks, gas cans, whatever. There are combos and certain other moves you can do to take out the undead, and the action never gets boring. SO much blood... it's very creepy the way that the zombies and other baddies limp/hobble over to get you...seems like it's just out of a horror flick. It's so fun, you can hack/shoot off the limbs of the undead until there's nothing left. Even if you shoot off their arms, they'll still run at you and try to ran you like a bull. I've had a couple times when there's just a pair of legs left walking towards me. There are many different weapon types that upgrade as you get to higher stages. It's a very fast-paced game, even if you and 3 friends are fighting off 30+ baddies.

Graphics: Some people were saying that the visuals weren't all that good, and how they weren't as good as Halo or DOA3, which is true. But even though hunter's graphics could have been touched up a bit, they are very well done. You can't compare Halo and DOA3's graphics to Hunter because Halo and DOA3 have beautiful wildlife and waterfalls and such, where as Hunter has empty schoolyards and streets, and sewars (there are more, but i'm not that far :) ). Hunter's graphics are terrific, and definetly create a horror type mood. There is a lot of blood (which you can turn off if you're a puss..;) ) and after you get done slaying 20+ guys in an area you'll notice all the blood stains on the ground. It's all the little touches in the enviroments that make it spooky. It has very good visuals, the only nitpick I had is with the camera. THe camera doesn't switch directions when you do, it pretty much sits in the same place and sometimes you don't know what's going on because you can't see your character. A couple times I had guys shooting at me fairly close but I couldn't tell where they were until I jogged back 20 feet to get the camera to show them. The camera is the only thing i feel should have been better, but it hardly takes away from the game. -.5 point

Audio: The sound in my opinion was excellent. The background music created a very spooky mood, but at certain parts when there are many baddies on the screen they play some fast rock to get you pumped up. There are little sounds that make it very scary; such as the rope hitting against a flag pole in a spooky, vacant playground, or in the sewars you can hear faint drips of water land in puddles and such.

Suggestions: Just fix up the cameras a bit. I've noticed that when something comes between the player and the camera you can't see what's going on. Or sometimes if you switch directions 180 degrees and run towards the camera, a guy could shoot you from 5 feet away in front of you and you can't see him.

DEFINETLY make a sequel!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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