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Overall: This game is just so brilliant, so perfect, I recommend to all who love a good story, maybe the combat wasn't quite fine tuned, maybe it was quite rubbish, but its worth a play through just to see the story to the end. Atleast the weapons are fantastic, atleast the AI is brilliant, atleast Rapture is absorbing, atleast the voice acting is hollywood standard, atleast the story, is clever, well thought out & original, atleast the twists & turns are subtle you didnt see coming ideas...I could go on about how BRILLIANT this title is, but just play it yourself & find out!!!

Gameplay: It's a fun game, it feels good to kill the bigger enemies like Big Daddy's who are mean & tough & come at you like a ton of bricks. Customizing weapons is great fun, seeing your weapons grow & change to suit your playing style. Using new plasmids is always great fun, seeing what they can do & how effective they are. Sadly you can easily kill most enemys by like one shot to the leg. And instead of making the AI tougher they just make ammo really hard to find in large amounts, I spent most of the last bits of the game with no ammo at all

Graphics: Rapture is just beautiful, it takes your breath away & fills you with emotion. Every level is filled with detail to the very scratch in the wall, it must of taken so much time to build such an awesome world. It really pays off! But even this with all its detail, beauty & imigination, Rapture & the people in it all have rough edges. The Weapons also look brilliant, very detailed & period looking & as you begin to upgrade them, they genuinely begin to take shape & look how they should, they don't look wrong. The enemys designs are good too, their normal humans made sick & twisted, then dont forget thet Big Daddy's they look really cool & so scary when their charging at you. The Plasmids are also really well designed, as well insects walking through your arm? fists full of lightning? fire at your finger tips? Ice-icles in your hand? Cyclones around your hand? There all here & more!

Audio: They used the sound really well in the game, without those sad violin squeaks or eerie whistles or strange music coming from nowhere, the atmosphere would just not be the same. I spent some time at the begining listening to music in the light house. Then there's the voice acting, its superb! every radio call, every diary, full of emotion, making you really see & once you've listened to it all & finished the game, well you wont play it the same again, trust me.

Overall Score: 9.1 / 10 Gears of War

Overall: Sadly another game killed by the hype. All these reviews with a 9 or more, I can't understand it, whats so special about this game? The combat is good but the solo isn't anything brilliant & the team ai is in need of a lot of improvement. It is a fantastic game, mind, with mates whether that be online or single player. But apart from that, It's a game thats way too hard on the single player & somewhat boring on your own on the multiplayer.

Gameplay: Single player can be done in two ways, on your own or with someone else. On your own its very challenging, the ai is very good on this game, well the enemys are, but your team are just retarded, they leave you to do all the work & thats why this game becomes ery hard & very frustrating. You often die because your swarmed & theres no help. It's frustrating when you die & It's beyond your power. But then theres the Co-op & actually this is a great improvement on doing it on your own because you actually have some back up. but then this makes the problems for co-op & the problems are simple, A)You wizz through the game like a racoon on crack. B)It's quite annoying if your partner is better as they get all the kills.... But GOW online makes up for the poor campaign, online this game PWNS. 4 on 4, COG V Locust in various forms of death match, which makes up for the poor single player. Including a kill your team leader, killing for points & normal death match.

Graphics: This game is amazing in the visuals department, the graphics are just unreal.But they do show error as you get closer to people & objecys. The actual weapon design is quite good, when there far away. although the guns don't have enough variation. The character design is quite bad mind, Locust & Cog look very similar so your often shooting at your team mates thinking its the enemy.

Overall Score: 7.9 / 10

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