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Lost Odyssey

Overall: Lost Odyssey is finally here. This is the game many XBOX 360 owners have been waiting for; does the game live up to the hype?

Yes and no. You see even though the graphics are amazing and the attack system is extremely easy to use. I think Lost Odyssey suffers from a lack of balance. On the first disc alone you literally are forced to fight three boss figures in a row(A worm, another worm and then right after that a ton of what appears to be genetically enhanced soldiers because these guys take FOREVER to die).

Yes, Lost Odyssey is one of those games where they make you fight 50 enemies whose health meters/hit points are equal to your own. That would not be so bad if they spread the enemies out but they cram all 50 soldiers into ONE FIGHT! So, here you are with your little team that p@!%#*!es out if someone breathes on them too hard and on the other side there are at least two dozen soldiers with hit points either equal to or greater than your own. Oh yeah, and there are archers on the hill that shoot you while your fighting. Starting to see how hopeless this scene is yet? JRPGs just seem to be pretty cheesy.

Then you have the dream sequences which I don't prefer. They are way too long and you must read every little shrunken word. Aside from feeling like you're reading a bad novel this is not THAT bad. The characters Kaim, Seth and Jansen are cheesy. They just don't seem that realistic, like they were dropped into the game at the last minute. Kaim is some kind of silent idiot, Seth the typical feminazi braggart and Jansen is just dumb. Since I already paid for the game I'll keep playing -- and praying -- that it gets better. I don't have much hope for it though.

Overall Score: 5.0 / 10 Shadowrun

Overall: Shadowrun's gameplay is below average at best. Many of the movements are easy to execute and the instructor narrating in the beginning does an excellent job of walking you through the various controls of the game. The 360 controls are extremely fluid on this game and you find yourself eager to utilize the character's abilities in a real battle once the training segments are over.

Sadly, you're disappointed when you find out there actually is no storyline. It's all online multi-player gaming with a bunch of glitches.

The boards may look abit different, but they all do the same thing: Place a bunch of people together and have them kill each other. Being that Shadowrun is actually a tabletop ROLE-PLAYING GAME I expected more in the story department.

Visually the game is behind the times. The enemies all look alike. The character looks frozen in a pose, especially if you choose to play an elf. The backgrounds and boards are equally uninspiring. Many of the "boards" are not fully interactive. When you have played games such as Bioshock and Halo 3 a game like Shadowrun really pales in comparison.

This game seems as if it would have been better on the Playstation system as it does not really take full advantage of the 360's abilities in the graphics department.

This game seems rushed. The developers should have taken more time with it. Personally I think they need more to it than just an online multi-player platform. A game like ShadowRun is part of the tabletop RPG genre thus the storyline should have been the main thing the developers focused on, but they didn't.

As a result what we have is a game that even the most avid gamer will take back to the store after only a few days of use.

Overall Score: 4.0 / 10

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