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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Overall: How can you get bored playing this game, it`s action around every corner. And the multiplayer on X-Box Live is amazing. Infinity Ward has done a GOOD job! There is soo much I can say about this game... But I`ll stick to short reviews.
So next time a Call Of Duty comes out, I`ll hope too stick to walls, because thats the one thing I miss in this game. But I think they will learn.

Gameplay: The gameplay feeling is amazing. When you put your sniper rifle too action, and shoot... you think: WoooW. The feeling in being control of precision and accuracy is nice :-). There is a lot of guns to play with, and tactics too. And i like what they have done with the sprinting and reloading, it`s more alive... if you know what i mean ;-)
But what i don`t like is that you can`t stick to walls, and that brings the game down -0,1...

Graphics: Explosions, smoke, flashbangs and a lot more... There is no doubt why this game got an award for best grapichs. The way the soldiers move and so on. All the small details.
I can`t come up with something, we can say it that way, that it`s nothing that i can say to bring the visual down. There is nothing negetive that I have found.

Audio: The surround just blowes me around. When Price is talking in my left surround speaker, I turn around to look if he`s really there. When you run around in both campaign and multiplayer, you feel like you`re right in the middle of it.

And it is not too much sound around, it`s perfect. Not too sharp or to noisy parts in the game when you turn down your sound -10. And all the guns have different sounds.

Suggestions: There is nothing too say here. They have done it all, this is the best game in a long time (besides HALO) I have ever played.

Overall Score: 9.9 / 10 Halo 3

Overall: HALO 3, what more do I need to say. The word says it all. I haven`t got too a game that has beaten this one. Acctually I am not the biggest fan of Sci - Fic games, but this one will always be my favoruite.

The story couldn`t be more timed or better. The sound is amazing, also the music.
And the feeling when you here Master Chief`s voice for the first time in the game, just gets your heart pumping. Because you know you wont put that X-BOX 360 controller down befor you have "Finshed the Fight".

I played the game for the first time on legendary, it was worth it. You get twise the action, and you have to plan your attack. And in the end you know that Master Chief is there when the world need`s him.

And I can`t come up with a thing that don`t say that this game should get a 10/10.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Kane & Lynch: Dead Men

Overall: Have to say: This game sucks. Sorry Eidos, but you guys did a really bad job. I would say that the story is good, but all other things were pretty bad in the game.

You can`t stick to walls when you want, when you first is in cover mode and points at the enemy: Suddenly you are standing there shooting at the wall. What? And when you don`t want to stick to walls, you do...

And in the game i feel like I have no control. By the way I move and points.

I don`t think i`ll ever will finish this game, it gets boring before it ever finished loading.

Overall Score: 3.0 / 10

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