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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2

Overall: First off, WOW! I love this game! The first one was pretty amazing but this is even better. So, the thing with this game is that, yes it is a lot like the first one, but better. They managed to keep most if not all the good stuff from the first one and add on to it. The gameplay is just about the same, except they but a run feature(LB) which is pretty cool. But the ranking system and terrorist are different. Now in terrorist hunt you can have two primary weapons like in story mode. and as for the ranking system, it is a lot easier to get to elite(the highest rank). In the first game it took a good month to get to elite. But in this game it took me about four or five days. But I play a lot too. And your actual rank(like sergeant or something) is only for your cloths or camos. So every time you rank up you either get something you can wear or some type of camo. So to get new guns you have to get your level up in your A.C.E.S. Which is another kind of ranking system only a litle different. There are three different cl@!%#*!es within aces. Marksmen, CQB, and @!%#*!ault. You get your marksmen up by getting long ranged kills, or headshots. Things like that. CQB is close quarter combat. You can level up in this by killing someone close to you or in the back things among that nature. And @!%#*!ault you can get up by killing people with grenades. And every time you level up in in one cl@!%#*! you either get a new gun or bonus experience which goes toward your actual rank(like private). And one other feature is that you can get your aces up and your rank up by playing story. So overall it is an amazing game. I love every feature. Everything from being able to basically change everything about your character, whether is your camo, or your gun. And it is very nice that you can get rank up in story now too. So with all the good old stuff and all these new updates to it, make it even better than the first.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Army of Two

Overall: Overall, It is a good game. I really enjoyed it. It has good graphics, good coop, and a different but good verses mode. I think I ran through the campaign a good 4 or 5 times. The achievements were not easy but not hard. They were a nice balance. I personally have not gotten all of them but I have gotten a lot of them. They are cool achievements that makes you like the game even more. It makes you use different guns, it'll make you choose different tactics and it was very fun trying to get the achievements for it. And the way the controls are laid out just make it a breeze to control your partner and to get a different weapon. What I found really cool is that you can buy different weapons and actually upgrade ii with almost everything from a bigger clip to a better stock all the way to pimping it out(basically just turns it gold). Now every gun cannot be upgraded with different barrels and such but every gun can be pimped out. I also like how the used 'aggro'. Which is, if your partner has a bigger gun or is killing more people, the enemies will shoot at them so you can sneak around. That is what really stepped it up for me. I just thought the aggro was amazing, and it added that extra little pinch of tactics. So overall it was a very good game, mixing a very good story with a different take on shooters. I suggest a buy with this one. Although its not as good playing with yourself rather than online or system link, but it is still very good.

Gameplay: The gameplay was very good. The thing that made it is something called aggro. You learn about it in the first mission, the tutorial level. Aggro is when either you or your partner is shooting and/or killing more people which means the enemies will focus on who is attracting the most attention, whether its killing the enemy, or having a bigger gun, or just straight shooting. I think that made the game much more interesting. It gave it a little bit of a tactical shooter at times. And I also love the integration of the coop. This whole game is literally about coop play. There is not one time during the game where you and your partner split up. Your partner is always with you and helping you in someway. Whether its step-jumping onto a ledge or taking all the aggro and having your partner sneak around the enemies. Now yes it is better with a real person but it still has a good campaign even if you are by yourself. I would say this is a must buy.

Overall Score: 8.9 / 10

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