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Overall: Bioshock

This that it is one of those few games that the plot and their graphics as sound transform it into the evidence that the video games can transcend to the leisure activities.

The atmosphere is not less than extraordinary.

The sounds of Rapture, their music of the years 60, the insults of their inhabitants, their history counted by their ruins, they make of this a brilliant work.

The graphic level is impressive, you don't only live in Rapture you begin him to understand, to want or to hate as if it was an alive entity.

I have concluded it completely and I find that the pretenses of their creators, overflow the world of the video games and they settle in the imaginary of works (cinema or literature) of fiction of first order.

I have generally liked the games without plot (Doom 3 or Ninja Gaiden II), maybe for that reason my qualification is not very objective.

The game doesn't have an addiction level similar to the mentioned games, but when it plays again I don't make another thing that to admire him.

It deserves a congratulation the translation to Spanish

Recommendation: Up to now the best plot that I have lived in a video game. One of the best video games in the excellent catalog of the Xbox 360

Sound: 9.5
Graph: 9.7
Game: 9
Average: 9.4

Overall Score: 9.4 / 10 Xbox 360 Video Game System

Overall: If it could summarize the Xbos 360 in few words, I say: This is a technological marvel.

Positive elements:

1. The best catalogue of games
2. The kernel in series in the market (power in processing data)
3. Their orientation to the high definition
4. Their orientation to games in different languages
5. Their orientation to the games in net
6. Their system of achievements
7. An elegant design

Negative elements:

1. Although the chips were revolutionary, they didn't consider that their excessive heating harmed the material of the system board, for they couch it to loose and to produce the red lights.
2. The system board design and that of cooling is not innovative, what contrasts with the chips and it harms the quality of the apparatus
3. The reader of CD damages the disks.
4. Its commercialization in Latin America in front of the competitors is very low

Overall 9
Power 9.5
Design 10
Durability 7.5

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Quake 4

Overall: In their time an extraordinary game. Another contribution of the team Id. to the industry of the video games.

I have played and completed the campaign of Quake 4 and one of the best FPS in all the times has looked like each other

It is a game with a level of acceptable challenge and that it causes to return him to play.

The graphic level is extraordinary, what is a problem is the time of load.

The sound level stays in the new line of the team of you go, little musical accompaniment, what is appreciated. However in general terms the sound, is not at the level of the graphics.

It is recommended for the collector and the lover of the FPS of high quality.

Visual: 9.8
Gameplay: 9
Overall: 8.9

Overall Score: 8.9 / 10 Grand Theft Auto IV

It is a video game that outlines a different sense in the industry.

I have played GTA for the first time.

The first hour makes hurt the stomach, soon after it is a exciting game.

Special mention deserves the development of an alive city and without retard some, this is important to give the sensation of speed in the careers.

The structure of each mission is surprising, interesting and violent, they produce a strongly addictive sensation.

The sound recreates with accuracy the radio stations and the pulse of the city.

The graphic detail is a little inferior to other games, but the atmosphere and the work with the light compensates this condition thoroughly.

Not advisable for children or adolescents.

Overall Score: 9.9 / 10 Doom 3

Overall: A FPS that continues making history, that is Doom 3

Their successes: the hyper realism, the structure of the missions, claustrophobic atmospheres, the environmental sounds that increase the fear and counted parallel histories with email and other details that they are in the AUC

Their errors: Some help for other languages.

Recommendation: It is a new standard in the FPS. One of the most influential video games.

Qualification: Brilliant

Overall Score: 9.8 / 10 Ninja Gaiden 2

Overall: A jewel of the Xbox 360

A good decision of the team Microsoft

The architecture of the combats stands out of the game. They don't tire the endless fights.

The level of violence has achieved an unique, surprising and active aesthetics

The music doesn't sing out of tune with the frenzy of the fight.

The scenarios, their dimensions, their idiosyncrasy and their constant changes are a worthy scenario of the feat of saving to the world.

Defect some bugs and camera

Overall Score: 9.3 / 10

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