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Blood Wake

Overall: The game has some great features. to sum it all up: boats with guns blasts anything and everything in sight. NOW THAT'S MY KIND OF GAME!!

Gameplay: The gameplay i have to say i'm a little bit disapoointed that it wasn't better. It's overall okay, but some level are way too easy and they don't give you much of a challenge, and others may take you 2+ hours to beat.

Graphics: The visual in this game is pretty good to say the least. The landscape is really looks...well real, mircosoft did a really good on the graphics of Bloodwake.

Audio: The sounds in this game weren't too exciting I found. They got dull after 10 minutes of playing the game, and thats not too good.

Suggestions: Make it all around better please.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding

Overall: This game has all the great parts to make a really awesome game. Music (that u can program!!) and of course snowboarding, yahh!!

Gameplay: The gameplay for this is really good in all the levels that i've gotten to so far, but at the level i'm at now the high score is just too hard to reach. It's not that i'm bad at the game i just can't seem to get enough air for awesome tricks and get a lot of points.

Graphics: The sights you see in this game are amazing. Riding down a mountain with trees rushing by you. See other fellow snowboarders doing awesome tricks, it's just wicked.

Audio: 5.0 of course. I love this games sound that they have put in themselves and I also love it because you can add your own soundtracks that are on your Xbox, and thats the first game i've played that you can do that in.

Suggestions: I think they should make it a bit eaiser to jib on the rails because when your going really fast it's really difficult to jib on them, buts thats it.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: This is and will be the best game for any system for ever unless they come out with a second Halo. Or an add-on too play over the broadband.

Gameplay: What can I say, the gameplay cannot get any better than this. It's smooth, vechiles are awesome, the rumble really gets you into the game.

Graphics: This games graphics are awesome. There is no way they can get better, unless they made the texture of the Covent more like animals we have a earth or something like that.

Audio: The sound for this game is awesome, it makes the gameplay just that much better. It makes you feel like your really there.

Suggestions: Make it so you can have your music on it and make an add-on so you can play over the broadband that is coming out in May 2002

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Madden NFL 2002

Overall: Madden NFL FOOTBALL 2002' is in my mind the best professinal sport game out there not just for the Xbox but all other systems as well (PS2, Gamecube, Computer, etc...). I really don't think there is much EA Sports has too improve apoun. The game can get frustrating sometimes but, the bottom line this game is awesome!!

Gameplay: The gameplay is awesome and there aren't many faults in it. The game runs smoothy, there are real plays along with coaches real play-books that they use in the NFL. The Franchise mode is better than ever, and the controlles(combened with the Xbox controllers) are so easy to get use to, and just the best yet again. After that there not much else too say it's just that good, and well you don't really know how good it is until you play it for yourself. That's just what you have to do to see how awesome the gameplay is.

Graphics: The visual appeal from this game that you recive is amazing, you load it up to the start menu, and your hit with a player running a route, throwing a pass, etc... You enter a game (ex. exibition, season, etc...) and you are taken in by the shot of a stadium packed with people. Later when the players have their intros, you get a gilmsp of what the game will be like. Then you have the kickoff and you really start to see how great this game is.

Audio: The sounds in this game are very good. The crowd, music in the background, John Madden and Pat Summerall talking, and the players making sounds. All these are geat but there is one thing that isn't too great about the sound. It is all reapeated after about 25-40 games you could probably talk with John and Pat because you will know just what they are going to say.

Suggestions: I think they should make the computer simulated games the same time as the user games (ex.: I have a franchise going with 5 minute quaters, but the computer games are 15 minutes and that makes the stats favour the computer. Also make the A.I. for the user controlled team better, i mean if you dont controll a defender and he trys to intercept a pass, most of the time he just knocks it down when he could very easliy catch it, or it hits him in the arm. I mean really I think he would move he hands, and thats a problem with the Wr's and Te's etc... also. Another idea is to make the contacts for more tha 7 years, and maybe make them for trades be able to give a team the year it is know and the next years first round draft pick. Finally make the faces look more like the players.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10

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