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Star Wars: Obi-Wan

Overall: I thought that this would be the greatest Star Wars game ever. Unfortunately, it actually might be the best third person Star Wars game out there for the consoles. That is downright sad and someone should be punished. Nothing was as good as what they promised. I waited to write this review until after I had played Jedi Outcast for the PC. Now that is a real game. That is the game that I thought Obi Wan was going to be. I was so disappointed that they could create such a great game for the PC only months after Obi Wan debuted on the XBOX. Now, the things that I thought weren't so bad befroe I played outcast look terrible. The only reason that I give it a two is that it is a Star Wars game and just for that I can not rate it any lower.

Gameplay: Gameply is pretty smooth. It tends to get a little chunky, but nothing you wouldn't expect from a game rushed to meet a deadline. Force powers are OK, but nothing to gawk at. I sure wouldn't want to take the jedi trials if that were my extent of the use of the force, but I'm no Jedi. Lightsaber mechanics are bearable. Enemies are normally far too easy. AI sucks. Loading time is terrible for what you get. Some games are worth waiting for, this one is not.

Graphics: Lots of problems in this category. Shadows that should not exist, boring enemies (visually as well as gameplay), and poorly done movies only scratch the surface. After a while you just have to give up and do your best to enjoy it despite the glaring mistakes.

Audio: Voices are horrible. Obi Wan's makes me physically sick. The others are better than his, but still pretty bad. Star Wars music will never get old.

Suggestions: Put some effort into your work and don't promise something that you can't produce.

Overall Score: 4.0 / 10 Test Drive Off-Road: Wide Open

Overall: I bought the game with my XBOX in a package on the first day. I didn't know anything about the game and when I first played it, I admit that I did not enjoy it at all. I guess it grew on me. If you get past a couple of things and really understand how to control the vehicle, it can be a lot of fun.

Gameplay: Gameplay is pretty good. By no means can you say that the racing is life-like or realistic in any way, but it's a video game. I enjoy a bit of complexity in a game. This game is not just your average drive around a track racing game. There's a lot more to this game than that. There are often multiple ways to finish a race. I like the off road feel of the game. I also enjoy being able to control the pitch of the vehicle while you are in the air. If you don't learn this, then you will not win the more difficult races. It is impossible to keep from skidding off in the wrong direction if you do not control the pitch and make your car land flat. The AI in this game is competitive. They don't mind playing dirty and take every chance they get to knock you off the road. That's cool. Once you learn how to steer out of it, you can learn to do it to them the same way. It is just as easy to send them careening as it is for them to do it to you. Multiplayer is also entertaining, but I like to accomplish something when I play video games. This can only be done in single race on the hard levels and career modes. I especially like the hidden cars and the hiddden level that can be opened. I think they were well worth my while.

Graphics: PS2 port. What more can I say. While the graphics are satisfactory, they could be much, much better. This is my least favorite aspect of this game. The vehicles are cool, but they certainly lack the detail that has arisen in games like rallisport and gotham. There is no damage engine, but sometimes that can actually detract form the gameplay in my opinion.

Audio: I like the music. This music works well for racing, especially off-roading. Sound effects are minimal, but mainly because you can't hear much over the music besides the engine. Needs to have an option to play your own music too.

Suggestions: Make a saving option that works better for having a hard drive. Don't ever bring a PS2 game straight to XBOX without spending any time at all altering the game to work with the obviously superior system.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10

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