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Far Cry 2

Overall: When I played the first two Far Cry games, (probably about 2 years ago) I found that it had some of the coolest things you could do in a video game at the time. I spent hours of my time creating levels upon levels and then challenging my friends to a good multiplayer match. With Far Cry 2 I found myself saying "what the ****?", a little too much... I got the game on Christmas morning, excited beyond belief because of my love for the other games and I wanted to stop what I was doing just to play the game. But I had to wait and wait and then finally when I was able to lock myself in my room, I put the game in and kept smiling. The first thing I wanted to do was make a level, but I wouldn't know what I was doing just yet, so I thought I would go into some multiplayer, but I didn't want to get viciously "owned". So I started the Single Player campaign and I instantly thought that this game was graphically stunning. I was given my first @!%#*!ignment and headed out the door. I got in the car and started driving across a bridge when I accidentally went off to theside and the bridge started to break. I thought this was awesome so I turned a bit more and the car fell into the water leaving me completely stranded! I got out of the water and ran for 10,000,000 miles until I got to my first task.

... and then I died. But some magical friend of mine came out of no where and saved my life! Dazed and confused I scrambled around looking at the amazing fires set across the fields. It truly is amazing. Fire acts like fire. It actually spreads! The first game I've played where fire acts like fire! Unbelievable! So after my amazing first little experience I realized it wasn't that amazing. It takes hours upon hours to get towhere you're going. And it's not fun getting to where you're going because enemies come out of no where and shoot at you until your engine heats up. Then to fix it you turn a nob. "What? Turn a nob?" Seriously. Enough of Single Player, I wanted to make a level and play it with my friends. The level editor was impossible to use. I had no idea what I was doing! So I made a simple... I'll call it an "area", and me and my friends were ready to play.

... but we couldn't. The game has no local multiplayer which is UNCALLED FOR! This got me the most angry. At this point I just wanted to throw the game away.

But I kept my cool and uploaded the map to xbox live. I got into a lobby with my level and waited. ... and waited. ... and waited... and waited. I think you get it. No one ever joined! So I joined some other game and had fun only because I did good. This is just a game you don't want to talk about because of how disappointing you are with it.

This game is a huge let down to me, giving no reason for a Far Cry fan to"purchase" it. But rent it. See how you like it. Oh and the level editor turned out amazing in the end!This is the best thing about the game.

Gameplay: The gameplay is not good at all. When you sprint you can't turn very well for some reason and thegame gets too frustrating sometimes. As for multiplayer, it's just ridiculous not being able to have a local multiplayer match. That was one of my favourite things in the last Far Cry games.

Graphics: This is the best thing about the game. Especially how good the fire looks. But don't pick up a game because of it's appearance! Any game can look good but have weak gameplay. And this is one of them. You will most likely enjoy making random wildfires everywhere. I know I did.

Audio: There isn't much to say about the audio. The voice actors were decent voice actors and the sounds sounded the way they should. I really wish that there was a radio in my vehicles though. That would make the game a lot cooler being able to listen to some African music!

Suggestions: All I can say is to learn from your mistakes.

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10

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