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Star Wars Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast

Overall: This game has a very cool multiplayer. Probably the highlight of the game, unless you like running around in circles then this game is for you. Not only will you enjoy running around in circles looking for clues but you'll get this treat in just about every level!

Gameplay: The multiplayer is where is at, you could play with weapons or lightsaber only. Each mode has it's different levels. Also available is jedi master where you fight over poscession of the lightsaver. The AI is great and if you love star wars and have someone to play with you'll have a blast playing this MultiPlayer.

Graphics: The graffics are there. Wether your running around in circles or fighting your buddies you'll have plenty of eye candy.

Audio: Sound is great as all star wars games are. You'll specially enjoy when there is a shift in jedi masters.

Suggestions: Yes, forget the first player missions, you should have added more levels to multiplayer!

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 James Bond 007: NightFire

Overall: This game is loaded with levels, gadgets, enemies, weapons, creativity, and a multiplayer mode on top of that.

Gameplay: With a custumizable multiplayer mode, and the traditional bond creativity how can you go wrong?
I must admit I never bought 007 agent under fire because the graffics weren't there but with nightfire that excuse was no longer applicable. The controlls are easy to set up almost any way you like and the levels are full of enjoyable action.

Graphics: The graffics are way better than it precedor 007AUF. While they may not be as good as Splinter Cell they are still very enjoyable.

Audio: The sound is very cool. You get the traditional bond theme music, which adds a little bit of intrigue to the already mysterious gameplay.

Suggestions: I don't have any objections, I think this is one of the top 5 games out for X box and I'm excited that it's not ( graffically ) like 007AUF.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Enclave

Overall: Mid-Evel gaming never has been so graffically detailed as this. Although it has one huge fault, the first 6 - 7 levels were non-stop action but after that you have to be a real life magician to beat the following levels. Thank God for the
cheats available that let you skip a level or play it in Godmode. If the makers of this game could figure out that we enjoyed the game at a normal pace they would have made a keeper.
I suggest you rent it and play until you get to these impossible levels.

Gameplay: While the game does get intolerable after the seventh level, the journey to this point is worth the rental . You'll love the fire level, which is the best gaming I've had on my X box ( as far as single levels go ). The rest of the first six levels are also easily enjoyed. The game has some great ideas like poison arrows and the ice sword. The controlls are set up for fast paced action. If only it didn't turn into lightning fast pace action after the 7th level
this game would be right up there with Halo.

Graphics: The amount of detail in this game is a true exsample of what the X box can pull off. While Halo still takes the cake this game is not to far behind.

Audio: The music is a great score for a mid-evil game. The music changes every level to adapt to your enviroments. Some times you'll get the hero marching down the sunny streets killing all that's evil sound, or there's the watch your back sound on tougher levels. Most of the time you'll get the watch your back.

Suggestions: Make a sequel, but let's keep the max difficulty down to an enjoyable level. For example, I would have been content in having the lava (fire) level as the last level on the good campaign, with some easier levels inbetween.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 TransWorld Snowboarding

Overall: This is by far the best snow-
boarding game for the X box. If you liked amped get ready for Transworld.

Gameplay: The game is smooth. There's something special about landing an 85 meter jump on fresh powder snow,
The controlls are set up nicely to help you land. The tricks you could do are endless. With plenty of characters, boards, and levels to unlock this game will keep any snowboarding fan busy for months. There's also plenty of multiplayer fun ( up to 4 players ) turn based or split screen. Some other modes include: freeride, transworld tour,
and single session.

Graphics: Takes great advantage of the x box.
The mountains in the background make you feel as if you were really there.
The ice parts look similar to great work done in Rallisport challenge. The frame rates must be pretty high?
Characters really look as if they were freezing and there animation really makes this game a winner.

Audio: There are several well known bands in the mix. You have options on who to listen to mainly by genre. Punk, hip- hop, beats, rock. The cool thing about the way it's set up is that if your playing and you want to skip a song or here one again you just push the white or black buttons and you're good to go. It would deserve a five if you could listen to something burned onto your X box.

Suggestions: Downloading new levels from x box live or OXM would have been a plus.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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