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Halo 2

Overall: If you look past the somewhat dissapointing ending, this is one hell of a game. After playing Halo 2 multiplayer, theres no way I am going back to Halo 1 multiplayer ever :D

Gameplay: Gameplay is what makes this game so kickass. Fighting with the swords, duel weilding most of the guns, flying the banshee....the list goes on and on! I dont think I will get bored of jackking the vehicles anytime soon :D.

Graphics: ly stunning. My favorite level is the earth city, where you have to travel along the highway. Some people are complaining about the texture pop-in, but it is not that ovious. Love the water, new guns, new stuff...they all look great!

Audio: I never realized firing smgs would sound this good. The very first time I played Halo 2 (multiplayer), I spent the first 5 minuites firing the smg...just to hear the sweeet sound of it :D. The new guitar riffs are pretty kickass too, as well as the new variation of the theme song.

Suggestions: Please please make the campaign LONGER! PLEASE LONGER LONGER LONGER LONGER!. And no cliff hanger ending :(

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 NBA 2K2

Overall: This game game is fairly good, but could be better. The small details makes it better. The gameplay is tight, but occationally glitchy.

Gameplay: The gameplay is the heart of this game. The control is easy, but not too responsive sometimes, specially when you are going out of bounds while doing a cross-over.

There are about eight gameplay types, but they are all basically exibition matches with added varaity. There are no reward after winning the playoff :(

Creat-A-Player is really good, but I wish there were more hairstyles to choose from.

Graphics: Not that great. Doesnt even take the advantage of Xbox. Player faces are horrible, areanas are nice, but blurry court, and some really awkward animation.

Audio: The sound is not bad. But the music during a street game is really really repetative and boring. I love the dunking noises, and shoe squicks ;)

Suggestions: A great game, but the graphics is not that great. And some varaity in the gameplay types...i.e. Dunk competetion would add some nice touch ;)

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

Overall: This game is one of the best games I've ever played, but it can be boring and fraustating sometimes too. You will have plenty of fun with the small details on your journey, but the ride is not always smooth.

Gameplay: The gameplay is totally awesome. You have a lot of freedom over your character. Lots of ?ber cool gadgets, and guns. Also, the small details such as shooting off the lights and such can be fun as hell. I love messing with an enemy in the dark :p

Graphics: The graphics is kickass. The lighting effects, flames,fog, shadows...everything....totally incredible. The animations are smooth as well.

Audio: The sound is good. The music can be repetative sometimes, but the sfx is always good. I love the bullet ping and thugs. You get different sounds when you walk on a mat and when you walk on a steel plate. overall, it kicks ass.

Suggestions: Thats a !&%$@#* kickass game you've made...but its missing something...that I dont know :(

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 NBA Live 2003

Overall: This game is the game that I've been waiting for soooo long. It does most of the things right, controlling is easy and gives the player lots of freedom, amazing graphics and smooth animations ;)..

A perfect 5 from me...even though I am an Anti-EA guy :D

Gameplay: The gameplay is pretty tight. Its arcadish, and I love those kind of games. The "Freestyle" is not that big as it was described, but it still kicks ass. Gameplay modes are nice, and controlling your players are fun :p

Graphics: I love this game...and one of the reasons behind is its beautiful graphics. Its all bright and smooth, unlike some other in the genere. The players looks like their real life counterparts. Animations are smooth :p

Audio: This is the first hoopz game ever where I actually noticed the sound, and the audio totally dragged me IN the game. The ambience (sp?) is awesome, as well as "DEFENSE!" "DEFENSE!" chant, players SFX, dunking sounds (Boy, they SURE SOUND B--I--G). My subwoofer just go crazy when somebody dunks, and it just totally awesome.

Suggestions: One hell of a game. Really really good job. But some xbox exclusive goodies (i.e. hdtv) would make it even better ;)

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 WWF Raw

Overall: Although theres some flaws, this is an excellent base game. Sure it doesnt have blood, Season mode, back stage, lots of modes etc. The Creat-A-Wrestler is also not very well done. but it has a great gameplay, graphics and sound.If you are a wrestling game fan, this should appeal you.

Gameplay: The gameplay is fun. Specially I really like putting people through table from standing beside the table! This game is similar to No Mercy for N64. The voltage meter which shows whom crowds are rooting for. If it starts flashing, you can do your finisher. The facts about game play are:
+ Fun and not boring
+ Can do moves from beside the table
+ Moves can be done by throwing off the stage down to the tables.
+ Too much taunt will make the voltage meter srink
+ You can wear an item during the game!!
- Wrestlers doesnt want to stay down after a finisher ;)
- Finishers doesnt have a great impact
+ Lots of weapons (total: 150)

Graphics: This part of the game is absultly awesome. Everything from pre-match screen to entrance to the outros. The entrance is fully coustomizable (from ramp lights to fog to pyros). The Entrance is great for each wrestler and its full length. The rock does his hand in the turnbuckle and undertaker brings his motorcycles. Kane has his pyro. Most of the wrestlers also look great. Almost as in real life. But some like HHH has no similarities to their real face. The body parts are well done. Although some wrestlers walk like apes. The wrestlers actually move their lips. When they tap out of a submission, they actually tap their hand. The lighting effect is also great. The outros are great too. Graphics is one of the best parts of the game.

Audio: Well, this part is good and bad. Both. Good because you can hear the actual sound when u slam someone on a table, or a chair or on the mat. The entrance themes are good too. So do the menue musics even though they get boring after a while.
Its bad because you cant use a soundtrack from X BOX hard disk as entrance theme or in game musics which is really sad. They didnt take the advantage of the X-Box hard disk at all.

Suggestions: Congrats. You guys made an excellent base game. But it needs some fixation too.
* More than 16 slots for Creat-A-Wrestler
* An advanced and deep Creat-A-Wrestler
* Ablity to use soundtrack from hard disk as entrance theme or in-game music.
* Improve chracter animation
* More match type, story mode and Creat-A-Tunt, create PPVs and more.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Project Gotham Racing

Overall: Awesome.period. This game rocks. I played Sega GT3 in PS2 and I played this game in X BOX. Man, this was way cooooool than the GT3. THe graphics is better but not as stunning as the screenshots or in the movies. But this is way better than any other game in any other console except X BOX. Theres about 100 or racing modes (as far as i can guess) and you have to unlock them and unlock cars and tracks as you go.

Gameplay: Many people say that the heart of Project Gotham is graphics. But I think the heart of PJR is its gameplay. The game has about 100 racing modes (you have to unlock most of them which is prittey easy) and about 200 tracks and a varity of cool cars. Offcourse you have to unlock them too. And the main thing is "Kudos". Kudos is a rating which gives you point in the game accroding to your style, speed and many other things. You can unlock many of the cars and tracks and modes and helmets etc. by earning kudos. This game is really addictive. I used to hate racing games but this game changed my mind..totally.

Graphics: Visual...The graphics is awesom in movies and sometimes in replay but in the game, its not as good as the movies or screenshots. But though the graphics is way better than Gran Turshimo 3 or any racing game available in any console right now. And if you get too close to the trees or the road blockes, you will see that they are just simple 2d texture.

Audio: The music in the game is unbeliveable. You can pick radio, cd or can use your own music. The sound effect (sfx) in the game is also good. But when you crash or bump, the sound is not too good.

Suggestions: Well, make the damage more realstic like flying pieces when crash and add more cars. But you folks did a very very good job. Congratulations.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10

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