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Overall: this is a great game. i like it a lot. very few websites give this game justice. so many people complained about the fact that there are no save points in the missions (except for about 2 times). but you know what? who cares, you little pansy. its a great game. save points dont detract from it. in fact they add to the challenge.

Gameplay: gameplay was a LOT of fun. this is a great action/rpg title for xbox. it is probably the most underated game out there. its much more than just hack n slash, as people claim thats all it is. its a very fun game. two campaigns with a total of 14 characters (if you can get all the gold in the game to unlock the final two) means a lot of gameplay.

Graphics: great graphics. not the best, but awesome nonetheless. character models, environments, fire, water, and spells all look magnificent

Audio: great sound. really brings you into the game. wonderful music that fits the game great and good sound effects during fighting and talking

Suggestions: add a multiplayer, as was originally planned, and have it support xbox live. other than that, you guys did an awesome job. bravo. oh yeah, and make an enclave 2 soon and make it even better.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 TimeSplitters 2

Overall: its a lot of fun. i mean, you can play as a monkey, duck, squid, or even gingerbread man. how cool is that?

Gameplay: gameplay is the best part about it. except for the story. the missions are a little boring, but you have to play them in order to unlock more stuff. but its alright cuz the multiplayer is awesome and the arcade league and challenges are fun as well. mapmaker was a good addition. however i would like to jump, and have crosshairs.

Graphics: visuals were...bland. not that great. the graphics were supposed to be cartoony, but still, its not impressive. its not bad, just not great.

Audio: ok sound, nothing to complain about. but nothing wonderful either, except for when you light monkeys, squids, and gingerbread men on fire, cuz they make a really funny noise.

Suggestions: good game here. let me jump next time! vehicles would be good. add crosshairs. please make the missions more interesting!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Unreal Championship

Overall: This game RULES. i bought it today and man, does it rock. ive played it for about 6 hrs so far. i havent played it on xbox live yet because i didnt have the money to get xbox live, but once i do, ill see you online.

Gameplay: this is one captain kickass experience. the weapons are really fun, the gameplay modes are really fun, the ai is good, overall awesome gameplay is to be found. fun fun fun. the player powerups were a great idea, and you move at least 5 times faster than you do in halo. its INSANE. plus all the guns have secondary firing options and you can give orders to your teammates. good stuff.

Graphics: the graphics are excellent, some of the best ive seen. not the best, but great nonetheless.

Audio: awesome sound for explosions and gunfire. 4.5 because of the music. its pretty good, but not wonderful.

Suggestions: lets see....vehicles would be nice, although i hear that they might be able to be downloaded them in the future. other than that, you have yourself a winning formula

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: amazing, amazing, amazing. when it all adds up, this is nearly a perfect game. it has amazing qualities in every part of the game where you would hope it would.

Gameplay: wow. that is the one word to describe it. halo is truly an amazing game and definetely the best FPS made to date. i will never get sick of it.

Graphics: the graphics are awesome, but i gave it a 4.5 just because there is always a place for improvement in the game.

Audio: i like how in most of the game there is not music but when it gets dramatic, the soundtrack is amazing. i like the way bungie handled this.

Suggestions: i would like to see bots in the multiplayer so that on the "split screen" option we can have more than two people playing if i only have one friend over or something. also it would be nice to be able to choose a character to be in multiplayer (not co-op). that doesnt matter too much but it would be cool.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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