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Fifa World Cup 2002

Overall: so far, this is THE soccer game to own for the xbox. the lack of play modes and sub-par graphics are easy to overlook due to the spectacular gameplay and control scheme. it's a fun, fast paced soccer game with just enough variety to keep you coming back for more.

Gameplay: the gameplay is what really drives this game. electronis arts has developed the best soccer engine in the world, hands down. the controls are simple enough that you can pick the controller up and take on the computer right away, but there's a whole other level of control once you begin to master the advanced controls, such as juggling, bicycle kicks, and aerial maneuvers. this is the best feeling soccer game i've ever played.

Graphics: the stadiums look amazing as do the pre-game sequences and laser light shows. the gameply camera views are good and never detract from the gameplay. my biggest complaint is that the closeups of the player's faces are absolutely frightening. they honestly look like the zombies from resident evil. i sinply cannot believe that electronic arts released this game with such awful graphics. i guess they thought the gameplay was enough to help people overlook these closeups.

Audio: the sounds in this game are absolutely fantastic. the dual commentary never seems dull or overused and has a very "smooth" feel. i guess the most interesting sound aspect is how you'll ocassionally hear players talking to their teammates in a close facsimile of their own language. it is wierd though that some of languages aren't exactly the languages of certain team's countries. the ambient sounds of the crowd are also amazing.

Suggestions: more modes, better graphics, creat-a-player... more of everything we've come to expect from a fifa title not bearing the world cup logo.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath Of Cortex

Overall: FUR SHADING! Everytime the loading screen comes up, i'm simply amazed at the fur on Crash as he falls. speaking of loading, if you've ever played the PS2 version of this game you're probably used to having enough time to mow your lawn inbetween stages, but the xbox version's load times won't even allow for a full gulp of soda. This game isn't in the same league as Oddworld, but given the limited amount of platform games currently available on the xbox this game shines for what it is, a relatively easy, linear platformer that appeals to a younger crowd. My four year old son can't put the controller down.

Gameplay: Nothing really new or exciting as far as advancements in gameplay if you've played any of the previous versions of Crash. The controls are solid and responsive, but you'll find yourself begging for control of the camera after the first few blind jumps that find you at the bottom of a dark canyon.

Graphics: The graphics have definitely been polished for this port. This game isn't close to stretching the xbox's graphical capabilities, but it's a solid looking entry for the first Crash title on the xbox. Oh yeah, don't forget the fur shading i mentioned earlier... everytime you see it, your jaw will drop. It's just too bad they didn't take that innovation and apply to all aspects of the game. The underwater levels look exceptionally well, while some of the other levels are awfully bland.

Audio: The sounds are pretty straightforward and clear, but my biggest complaint is that i cannot understand when Cortex is talking without nearly blowing my speakers. Obviously not much attention was given to the sound in this game and it shows. The sounds tow the line, but do nothing more.

Suggestions: focus on some new material. the liner, trial and error platformer has been done to death. it's time to move onto something fresh, but more importantly, something different.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10

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