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Nascar Thunder 2002

Overall: I find this game to be very addictive. I bought it, played it, had to buy a steering wheel (the MC2 really makes the game) and find myself having to stop playing because I do need to have a life other then racing around the track. I find that the game play is fun and creating your own car and running your own team is great, yes there are some things that I feel need to be updated in a Thunder 2003, but I will get to that later. The feel of the normal controller is a no where near as good as the steering wheel. Lets just say that everyone that walks into my living room always comment on the table that I built so that I can play this game more comfortably, and that I have about 10 extra careers saved because all of my friends had to create there own cars and play.

Gameplay: You do get the feel that you are racing in a NASCAR race. Yes there are some things that you can not get from this game, like the breeze in your face, the smell of rubber, or the oil and dirt on your face after a race, but after having some of my family members comment that I don't need to talk to the other cars, and that my pit crew doesn't always reply to my questions you realize that this game is too realist. I just find myself playing too much (I think that the time I ran the full Daytona 500 was a little of a low point, and my butt was a more then a little sore after the run.) The one bad thing is that after you upgrade your car to about half of everything you can win the championship even on legend. The longest it has taken me to complete all 8 Championships was 11 years. Once you have one you are almost guaranteed to get the next seven. There is no way to set damage on in career mode. I would like to see that. You may have a good racecar and a great engine, but if you hit that wall you for the last time you should be out of the race and have your points reflect a 43 place in the standings.

Graphics: The grahics are great. When my father so the game is comment was, is this a real race or a game? Ok he may not be the most computer game experienced person around, but he was impressed and so was I the first time I played (and the 100th...and the 200th....) There are somethings that I have seen that make the game a computer game. Like seeing one of the cars that was crashed just jump off the track and fly through the air. The tracks are great recreations of the original tracks. I do get the feel of being in the middle of the pack when running 15th and have traffic all around me. I really enjoy some graphics on the other cars on the track, but I have yet to see damage on another car (unless it is smoking on the track with its engine on fire). Also I would like to see some of the real advertises on the cars, like Mark Martins Viagra, Dale's Budwieser I understand that it may be hard to get the rights or that it may make the rating on the game more for Adults, but that would make the game that little more realist.

Audio: Well the sound is a little lacking. Yes I like the intro song, but after about a day or to you do not even hear it anymore. The crew chief can get really annoying, but you still need to hear if a car is "still there" I can say one thing, get the volume up enough and the china will rattle......

Suggestions: There is a lot of little fixes that the developers did not fix. Like when the announcers talk about your car before the race. They are wrong a lot. I have lost position in the stands and they say that I am up in the standings, I have been in the points lead, and they say that I have been past in the standings. I have watched the replays after the race and had my car's tires vanish and not get put back on until I was out of the pit. The computer has taken control of my car on a caution in the middle of a shift and my car was stuck in N for the entire caution (and 3 laps behind). The lack of control in the pit has caused lose of position. An option to control the pit would of been a great option. Damage "ON" for the career mode. More Money management, for car maintance and fuel. If you crash, money to rebuild your car. Having more then one car in your garage. Having to pay salaries to your team. Many more statement for you spotter.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10

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