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UFC: Tapout

Overall: Another game that sucks the big one but gets good reviews. I'm sure mostly by people that love the sport. But are they actually playing it? I have to ask that question because pushing an attack button just to have your character execute it half a second later is very frustrating. It's almost as if you have to put in a series of button and movements and then let it react afterwards like a turn based strategy. GEESH come on folks!

Gameplay: I was completely impressed with the movie demo on the XBox site. It had lots of fast paced action, guitars rocking out, screen movement, etc. But now after playing it I wonder why people are still giving it good reviews.

Graphics: The graphics looked really nice but when I saw the fully rendered 3D characters moving out to fight with a backdrop of a fuzzy CD movie animation I was let down pretty fast. From there on, the game play just destroyed the graphics and it didn't matter after that point.

Audio: Sound was ok. There were some good uses of the audio but again the game play destroyed it from that point.

Overall Score: 4.0 / 10 WWF Raw

Overall: Thank GOD that I only rented this game. I think it gets good reviews by the die hard WWF militants. But let's be honest this thing lacks some necessary items that make it legitimately fun. Slow movement, very limited moves, long !&%$@#* intro's. I just don't feel like writing any more of this review from wasting any more time with it.

Gameplay: My friend and I were looking at each other questioning why our character didn't hit when we hit the button. The thing is delayed and slow. We had high hopes for this thing but it surely didn't pan out.

Graphics: The graphics look good I'll give it that. Beyond that it suffered.

Audio: The sound is good in this game but is overcast by the actual game play.

Overall Score: 4.0 / 10 Spider-Man

Overall: Good game but not great. I'm always a little upset at games that are released on all three platforms and them programming towards the least powerful (PS2). The graphics always suffer. I do know that the XBox version is graphically enhanced, has two more levels and an extra villain (Kraven) but just isn't the XBox level that I expect.

Gameplay: The game play is good as I do enjoy swinging around the skies and in buildings. The controls when "locked" onto the bad guys gets quite upsetting at times. Especially when you are running from something and you can't see where you are going. Sure you can "unlock" your view and then "re-lock" when they are in your site but it still gets frustrating.

Graphics: The graphics are alright, don't get me wrong, they're just not XBox quality.

If this game was designed for the XBox Spidey would have his reflection in the windows. There would be some bump mapping somewhere in the game but instead every building, ground, wall, etc is one giant PS2 flat texture with no feeling to it.

Audio: The sound is good. I enjoy that they hired the main actor to do the voice over for Spidey. The commentator is sometimes annoying with his attempts at humor but who am I to judge right?

Suggestions: Develop for the highest common denominator and then remove features for the GameCube and PS2 version. Instead of the other way around.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Dead or Alive 3

Overall: This is the reason I purchased my XBox. Watching the demo in stores and playing some of the characters really hooked myself and my friend. Once I purchased it, my friend and I played day and night and into the morning hours. :)

I'm very proud to own the best fighting game, in my opinion, on any console including Virtua Fighter 4. I will, of course, purchase that too when it is realesed this summer on XBox.

Also, the free booster CD disk, which has NEVER been done before, will surely do what is expected. Boost the game longevity.

Gameplay: My friend and I find it as a great way to get some aggression out and to settle bets. My wife actually enjoys playing too.

Graphics: Undeniably the best looking characters, sexiness, scenery, water effects, wind effects and movement. Especially on my 36" Wega XBR HDTV system since this game takes advantage of 640x480 progressive scan. YES, there is a huge difference between the HDTV connector and a super VHS monster cable connection on the same system.

Audio: This is the one area that the game could have been improved for us American speaking people. Why is it in Japanese? I was born in Japan and am half Japanese but still don't appreciate the lack of effort in translation.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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