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Overall: Great game - deserves much more attention- lots of unique features- not disapponting at all- ohh and they swear all the f*cking time

Gameplay: F*cking awesome- camera is great - controls are easy to get used to- you don't get bored of playing full matches - you can kich some real big f*ckin @$$

Graphics: awesome graphics - everything is detailed- thats all there is to say- they are just f*ckin great. ok?

Audio: sweet- they swear,and swear, and swear- tasteful swearing i might ass- u can play ur xbox soundtrack which is awesome because only extreme sports games had that feature before-

Suggestions: Have a real cool franchise mode - and even though there are tons of teams and guys - make sum f*ckin more

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Madden NFL 2003

Overall: Great game! Awesome graphics and great detail. There isn't a whole lot of big changes from 2002 but lots of little ones that make it a lot better. People that say it sucks are just saying that because they bought the crappy Fever game. Cool feature is that you can upload players from EA's NCAA football game.

Gameplay: Awesome, lots of animations and moves. Better than the 2002 game and fever. Passing and running game are easy to use but require someknowledge if you play at the hardest level. Worth buying by itself. So fever has online play? Well wow now you can wait 2 and a half months for it to come out if you want to spend money toeven get it.

Graphics: Just a little better than 2002 which was great so these graphics are unbelievable. Much better than Fever. Theystill have big heads.Great detail and the fields and great.

Audio: Great sound.Madden and Al make a great team. This makes one more reason to buy the game. The players getting hit sounds so real it seems like you are watching a pro football game on TV.

Suggestions: Justkeeping making little improvements and then you will make the greatest football game ever.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Max Payne

Overall: I searched for Max Payne maybe a couple days after it came out. I could not find it in any store. I finally got the last copy at Wal- Mart (sadly yes). I was not disappointed at all after I spent hours looking for it. Many poeple say you get sick of it after a quick while. I beg to differ, I played it over and over. If you have GTA3 you would probably also like this game.

Gameplay: Many poeple say that all you do is go in different rooms and shoot up some mobsters. Even if that was the case it would still be fun. But that is not the case. Max Payne has a dark and gritty stroyline. It is only 2d but the comic book type way makes it look very good. The ending is great and creative. Did I mention b-u-l-l-e-t t-i-m-e. It is a-w-e-s-o-m-e. Nothing is better than shooting a guy and watching him fall two stories in slow motion.

Graphics: Graphics are great. Deatailed and like i said drak and gritty. The (i'll say it again) dark and gritty grpahics and storyline really add to the atmosphere and felling of the game. Payne's face is sorta weird though but who cares(i don't) did i say dark and gritty. i'm sorry i know thats pretty stupid by now.

Audio: Sound is very good especially the gun blasts during bullet time. There is barely any backround music that really could've added a lot more feeling if it was there. The voice acting is done very well. Max payne's voice is frightenly low and also dark and gritty.

Suggestions: Get somebody to make a movie and about five more sequel's. In 2 you can have him break out of jail and kill a bunch of poeple. sounds familiar. you could also make it a little more dark and gritty. ohh backround music. not the cheap kind though.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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