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Project Gotham Racing 2

Overall: This game can be considered a must have for those who like racing games. The graphics are exquisite, and the gameplay is top par. This is a true sequel, it keeps the flavor of the original, yet advances the game to the next level. Definitely not more of the same, this game is full notch above the previous game which I loved. What I had hoped for a sequel for the original was Online LIVE play, better graphics, more cars, difficulty settings, and more cities. Bizzare Creations provided all this and more. The developers thought outside the box on what they could do with the LIVE aspect of the game, and they have set the new bar for what is expected to be an A+ LIVE title. For those who haven't really gotten into racing games but want a great all around showcase game for their Xbox this is it. My most played game on Xbox since owning it for 2 years is Ghost Recon, I love the online aspect of it. This game is the most polished game, and well rounded game on Xbox. I don't know if it will take over the slot as most played Xbox game for me over Ghost Recon, but it is a better game than GR, in my opinion.

Gameplay: The game play flow is a bit different than the original, but better. The difficulty settings was really needed. The previous version I had a heck of a time progressing through the game and unlocking more cars and track. In fact I got stuck at the Nissan Skyline as my best car, but I kept coming back trying to improve myself. With the vast number of cars and difficulty settings I'm farther along in PGR2 than I had gotten in PRG, playing it for 2 years. I have gotten almost all silver medals so far and I plan to go back and finish higher. The online component is as expect, but it has the smoothest Lobby and online play I've seen in a LIVE title. I just wish you could watch a race while in the lobby until that race finishes.

Graphics: I was very impressed by the original PGR, especially being a launch title for the Xbox. These Bizzare Creative guys know what they are doing for sure. Dropping the frame rate to 30 fps was criticized by some but I haven't noticed any loss in anything, just gains. Subtle details like birds flying, jet contrails, papers and leaves fluttering down the track. My only complaint was in the rain effects. I think these could have been improved given more time.

Audio: I'm not much of an audiophile, but in my opinion the sound fx do the job. I think the scraping and banging into the gaurdrails could have been more violent sounding. The area where sound excels is the radio, and local dj's from each city and being able to use custom soundtracks, why more developers don't use this is a mystery to me. Especially in racing games, you would think it would be a given in racing games but I've seen a lot of racing games on Xbox ommitting this feature.

Suggestions: I think the rain effects could have been better, one of the few weak areas graphics wise. It looks OK but not on par with the rest of the game. I also wish in the lobby you could observe a game in progress, while waiting. Downloadable content! I've seen Microsoft start charging for Mech Assuaults newest content, and $4.95 is fine for a substantial download. I think they need to make regular downloadable content. I think developers so far have really failed the Xbox community. I think the way to do it would be to release something every couple of weeks. I think for example releasing a Dowloadable car every 3 weeks instead of making us wait for 3 months and realease 4 or 5 cars at once. Make it a regular scheduled thing, not in big chunks, but regular small downloads.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 MTV’s Celebrity Deathmatch

Overall: Glad this is a rental.
Don't waste your time or money. Rent it for a couple of chuckles but this game is a far cry from being anything worthy of spending any more time in my Xbox.

I played it for about an hour and the sub par graphics and sub par fighting engine underwhelmed me.

For example one unlikable character is the "Mummy" not exactly a celebrity.

If you're a big fan of this retired MTV licensed show then you might get a couple hours enjoyment out of it, and a laugh or two. Thats me being generous.

Gameplay: Not the worst Xbox game I've rented but one of the worst.

Glad this is a rental.
Don't waste your time or money. Rent it for a couple of chuckles but this game is a far cry from being anything worthy of spending any more time in my Xbox.

I played it for about an hour and the sub par graphics and sub par fighting engine underwhelmed me.

For example one unlikable character is the "Mummy" not exactly a celebrity.

If you're a big fan of this retired MTV licensed show then you might get a couple hours enjoyment out of it, and a laugh or two. Thats me being generous.

Graphics: This is for the Xbox??

This game doesn't even have first generation Xbox graphics. The claymation look could have been pulled off a lot better. The screen grabs for Wallace and Grommit look a lot better. A LOT better. They built this game for PS1 and it looks like a port of PS1 graphics.

Audio: Sound, its celebrity deathmatch, no surround 5.1 needed here, or would it be appreciated. Voice acting was maybe O.K. I'll be generous and give it a 2.

Suggestions: Wallace and Grommit. This is the age of 2nd generation console titles. Grand Turismo3, Halo, Halo2, Rebel Strike 3, Metal Arms, Rainbow Six 3, Amped 2, Project Gotham 2.

What were you thinking releasing this among these games? I thought Tyson's Boxing was bad.

Rework the graphics engine, exploit the Xbox's capabilities. Make it LIVE capable, downloadable celebrities content. Larger Library of Celebrities, rework the combos and fight engine all together.

Or do us a favor and make games for Nokia Ngage or Gameboy Advance. You're right in the ballpark for the graphics ability.

Overall Score: 3.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Island Thunder

Overall: The eagerly anticipated sequel, or expansion to the most played title on Xbox LIVE.

Some improvements over the original, somethings still missing.

Want some more suggestions read the xbox forums. This is a much anticipated release, answers some of our needs, but nothing really new except maps and weapons, and fixes that should have been in the original.

Do I like the game... I love it! I excited to have the new maps and weapons. I love it and I'm disappointed at the same time. It didn't quite live up to what I thought it should. Bring on Ghost Recon Desert Seige, Rainbow Six 3, Ghost Recon 2, Splinter Cell2, and Island Thunder Content.

Gameplay: Same great online experience. Not a lot of changes in experience. Less network LIVE difficulties in finding a game. Some annoying bugs have been squashed and some optimizations.

Single player missions... the AI is more aggressive, maybe a bit smarter. They will come hunting for you if alerted.

Maps are a different beast but a very nice change. I'm looking forward to the DL maps, since this iteration in Island Thunder shipped with fewer maps.

Graphics: Graphics better. Not noticibally. Already the only weak link in the original (and network Live Lobby).
colors are brighter, lighting changes I guess due to passing overby clouds. (brightness changes up and down randomly)
Weather effects are marginally better. The Cuban flavor of some maps makes it different but nice.

Audio: Same as the other Ghost Recon. Grade A. Ubi decided to add some sound effects in interface/menu/lobby screens too. Very good overall.

In game walkie-talkie feature is a nice addition, when you are in the game your teammates name shows up in the lower right when they talk.

Suggestions: What happened to rumoured Capture the flag and other gameplay modes?

Wouldn't it have been nice for them to enable the host to be able to move the siege point around, to mix up the game. Always playing with same location of siege point is boring after a while.

How about name slot flash in lobby when a player is speaking. In game walkie-talkie feature is a nice addition.

why unlock all the weapons in Multiplayer in LIVE? There is nothing to truly work for now in the dossier. Give us something to work for. Geez.

Give us a new map every 3-4 weeks to download, and maybe this time next year make available all of the original Ghost Recon maps, once the original Ghost Recon has gone platinum.

Want some more suggestions read the xbox forums. This is a much anticipated release, answers some of our needs, but nothing really new except maps and weapons, and fixes that should have been in the original. I love it yet I'm disappointed.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 NFL Fever 2003

Overall: I have only played NFL Fever 2002 on Xbox and don't have any frame of reference for how Madden or Sega's football titles compare.
I feel that NFL Fever2003 is pretty much the same as 2002, with the multiplayer aspect of LIVE enabled. NFL Fever 2002 wasn't broke and I don't think there was much for MS to fix.

Gameplay: I think NFL Fever 2003 stands on its own. If you go around comparing it then it maybe takes a backseat to Madden (no LIVE) or Sega NFL2k3. Look at independent reviews of NFL 2002 and add online aspect (LIVE) NFL2002 was reviewed very highly when it came out. Good graphics, Online (LIVE) NFL!

Graphics: Very good Xbox quality graphics. Good player models, nice looking stadiums. Little details like in the 4th quarter if the home team is getting blown out, the fans in the stands start leaving empty seats. Nice detail

Audio: Good stuff here. Typical sport sounds. Commentary is weak as it was in 2002. Needs work for next year. I get tired of hearing the same thing 8x in a game.

Suggestions: Have penalties occur more often. Jazzier Halftime stats graphics, like player rosters at start of game.
Maybe make them animated like on NFL on Fox. Have play call challenge replays.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon

Overall: My favorite game on Xbox Live so far.
I think this game is almost perfect gameplay for Live, and has only two glaring problems or weak points. Graphics are not as immerseful as Xbox games should be. The lobby (finding games to join) booting players (host abilities), and just the overall live Lobby and GUI appeal needs a lot of attention.

Gameplay: The single player game is something I have yet to delve into. I have only played very few missions. The Live Multiplayer part of the game rules! It is not a twitch fest blood bath that Unreal Championship is. If you own a PC get Unreal Tournament 2003 instead.

Graphics: The graphics engine is dated, and underwhelming considering it is on Xbox after seeing Rallisport, Splinter Cell, etc. The graphics won't impress your friends, but the Live gameplay will.

Audio: Very good sound effects. I don't think this makes or breaks a game but it is definitly a plus for Ghost recon.

Suggestions: The lobby is in dire need of reworking (online patch) downloadable content with expansions (maps) found in the PS2 version.

Develop a sequel with Splinter Cell quality graphics. RavenShield will do till then.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Rallisport Challenge

Overall: This is definitely an A-tier game for the XBox. It has terrific graphics, wonderful replays, and terrific gameplay. A flagship title!

Gameplay: The gameplay is terrific in this game. The ice racing is a bit easy in my opinion, while the other types are a bit harder, just a bit more of game balancing was needed here, but nothing worth complaining about. Wonderful to play in multiplayer mode too.

Graphics: The graphics in this game is evidence of what the XBox is capable of. This one will impress your friends. The replays are top notch, especially in the safari enviroments. Little nuances like the dirt and grime from dust or slush from ice racing build up on the car's finish and tires over time in the races. What little bit of water effects (bridges going over streams) you see in game or in replays are the best I've seen in an XBox game. The cars show apparent damage, when driven into obstrucions or other cars. The only things I would change are things that should only be in a sequel to this game and shouln't have been expected to have been in this one.

Audio: Nice sound effects for a game. The cars don't rumble quite as much as I'd like but very good. I also like you can bring in your own tracks to listen to that have been ripped from CD.
Why aren't more developers doing this? -Hello...
Good overall

Suggestions: Have a setting in options that allow cars to kick up more dust to make for a more realistic view in races, on sand and gravel. Maybe an in car view. More control over camera views in replays. Interfaces in the game are a solid B, but given the game is an overall A, the interfaces are just a bit not up to snuff compared to the meat of the game. Maybe have the doors or hoods come off in crashes.
Also in replay view take a few notes from the game Wreckless, the gameplay is subpar but the replays different looks definitly rock, maybe intergrate some video looks (Interlace, shakey cam, black and white, etc.)into the replays as an option to jazz up the replays even more. This is an A game if a sequel of this game would be produced they would have an A+ game on their hands.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 UFC: Tapout

Overall: Nice character models, somewhat realistic fighting styles, defensive moves lacking, and no effective combos. Lipsync was non existent.

Gameplay: The Gameplay was lacking, but the only Xbox fighting game I can compare it to is DOA3. I know these are two different types of games, but the combos are non-existent, the defense is not that terrific and the fighting styles all seem to play about the same.

Graphics: Nice Character modeling. The cinematic in game graphics leading up to the events, when the fighters are getting ready to enter the ring are nice. The interface screens are very plain and could be jazzed up and have a nicely designed look to them but seem rushed to market, not well done. Lip synch is not present. I think it is not a great attempt at utilizing the Xbox's graphics prowess.

Audio: The sound in the game is a bit to be desired too. The referees have no lip synch, the ring announcer and the refs always spew out the same verbage. In game fighting sounds were sufficient.

Suggestions: Have a graphic designer come up with a contemporary look for the interfaces. When creating a fighter of your own, in the matchup screens show the 3D model preview in the matchup pic instead of a sihouetted outline of a headshot. Make the fighting styles "more their own". Get rid of the same old repetitive verbage from the ref and the ring announcer. No bugs in the game but it looks like it is still rough around the edges, polish a couple of months more, before trying to scoot it out the door.

Overall Score: 4.0 / 10

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