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Hunter: The Reckoning

Overall: One of the greatest Xbox games out there!!! Just has trouble in the reply value if you have no friends. lol!!

Gameplay: Great, but again if you have no friends you should not get the game!! Its fun while it lasts. VETY FUN!!

Graphics: Nice, nice!! The water effects are awsome!!! Its unbelivable, but nothing else stands out!!

Audio: Very well done!! The acting is very dramatic!! I found no problem!!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Crazy Taxi 3: High Roller

Overall: I love this game.

Gameplay: So good.

Graphics: Average.

Audio: Good.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Dead or Alive 3

Overall: Oddly having story mode be the weak link in this game is not a problem in the least. Other modes and multiplayer are more then enough to keep you coming back to the arena of battle for longer then you could imagine a fighting game holding your attention.

Gameplay: Not only is DOA3 the most beautiful thing you have ever seen, it is the best fighter you will probably ever find. Apart from the stunning graphics of DOA3, there is fun gameplay. Even though the single player game is fairly short, and can be completed within hours, you are greeted with a new FMV sequence whenever you beat it with a new character. You won't even mind beating it several times, due to the fun of the game. The levels in this game have set the standard for all future fighting games. Where else can you kick someone out of the twentieth story window of a building and have them land through a neon sign? Not Virtual Fighter. Where else can you kick people off of cliffs on to other beautiful landscapes? Not Tekken. This game is a wonderful example of Xbox graphics, and gameplay. It really raises the bar in gaming. Another great reason to buy an Xbox.

Graphics: Curves, curves and more curves is the name of the game. Each character is rendered so perfectly, you'd swear she was real. With lavish colors and fluid motion that will make your mouth water, DOA hits the sweat spot of gaming goodness. The arenas are especially beautiful. Whether you fancy a brawl on top of mountain peaks, or battle to the subtle waves of the beach front...its all there, and in amazing detail. With superb reflection on the ice, and astonishing reflections on water that I have yet to see in any game on any console, makes this game full of eye candy. It is also cool to see your prints in the snow and the impression of your body in the snow. Now I have to bring up the jiggle factor of this game, bouncing in a game is always a must, especially when they have it in the right clothing and body parts.

Audio: The sound in this game is actually pretty good. With music from Aerosmith, you probably wont be annoyed. The music never interferes with gameplay, but it almost motivates you to play more. The fighting sounds are realistic, and there is plenty of grunting. A solid mix of sound.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Burnout

Overall: All in all, I say this game should be added to your racing library. There may be a few glitches that you will see in the graphics area, but that doesn?t take away from the excitement. But I do recommend the developers to fully test their product before releasing it with bugs described above.

Gameplay: I would have to say that this game is very exciting. Not to mention the spectacular crashes you are involved in. And just like a real crash, it all can happen in a blink of an eye. First, you are cruising down a deserted and then BAM; you hit a Mack Truck. Now those of you who have played this game before on the PS2, and complain about the replays?all I can say is this; if you don?t like it, don?t crash. Nevertheless, to feel that rush, you try the occasional and yet casual crash.

Two-player mode is another story. This is when the battle becomes more aggressive and the stakes are higher. You think that you can compete with a friend that is not scared of causing an accident just to screw you up?? Well, it all depends on whom you play. The game will still be exciting if your opponent manages to wreck everything in sight, causing him to be a lap behind you. However, if he doesn?t reach the checkpoint, then he can kiss his game goodbye. You only have a certain amount of time to reach a checkpoint, or else its gameover. This goes for single player as well.

Graphics: Although this game was ported from the Playstation 2 platform, you would have thought it was made ?ONLY FOR XBOX?. With several graphic enhancements to boot such as reflective asphalt, semi-transparent smoke clouds, motion blur during a speed boast and replays, and a cool sun glare that you would only find in top notch racing games like RalliSport or Project Gotham. The sheer speed of this game is mind bending, and never slows down until you decide to run into that semi-truck with your name on it. The tracks and environment are also very splendid and well rendered. The only problem that I have with the graphics in this game is in 2-player mode; you will have several polygon mapping defects in the sky and on the turf. It gets very annoying when you notice the sky having two different colors, and see a line across the sky. It is a small price to pay when you want a nice game ported over.

Audio: Whether you have stereo sound or sporting a 5.1 system, Burnout will make use of it all. With crisp sounding crashes, it makes you feel as if you have broken several windows in your house, leaving you with goose bumps. In addition, if you are using a 5.1 system, you will have the satisfaction of real-time positional sounds. You will hear your opponent coming from behind you, and know which side he is going to pass you on. The musical score in this game is below average, but just enough for an arcade style game like this. I would recommend turning off the music and play to you own music, but this game does not have that option?Maybe next time people.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Azurik: Rise of Perathia

Overall: Azurik is a nice game for those of you who like spending time on a game. But for those who are looking for an action packed game, then this is not for you. Azurik is more of an adventure type game. Aside from the actual fighting; the mazes, puzzles and pure hunting for your goal, it?s a great and challenging. It?s very slow paced for those who don?t like intense action and mayhem.

Gameplay: I know you might be thinking that this is just another Ac it is. The gameplay is normal, and the obstacles that you face are challenging. But not challenging in the sense of physical fighting or leaping to your next destination, it?s challenging because it?s hard to find certain things. Remember when I said that this game has beautiful and vast terrains? Well, they make you pay for that when you have to go searching for a switch. If you are into these types of games where you have to search for things, then it?s perfect. Otherwise, you will be like me, lost in an ocean of beauty and mist. Also, this is not one of those games where you pick up and beat in one day; it will take you several months to finish. The fighting in this game is rather dull. You can only jab, swing and do a jump-slash combo. That?s it. Oh yeah, you can add powers to your blade, but you can?t throw it or shot anything from it. Well, maybe in the future level, but where I got up to, there were no projectiles coming from my blade. But you also have to think, he?s fighting with a blade, not a rocket launcher. But one thing I did like is the way you can mix elements together to find a way to destroy an enemy. It?s like you won?t use Earth or Air to destroy a snowman?Fire would be more reasonable; which is the beauty of this game. Every enemy has a weak spot, but it's up to you to figure which elements to use. Also, you will have to use the element to open certain areas like if you have a huge ice bolder blocking your path, then using fire to melt that boulder will get you pass.

Graphics: Azurik is one of those games that make you want to say ?Wow?. Azurik uses a special engine which allows for massive landscapes to be constructed with out a major performance hit. This game runs smooth, but at times, can frame up a bit. But aside from that aspect, the environments are incredible. How many times in your life do you get to see a waterfall and a ?lava fall? at the same time?side by side? Also, this game is based on viewing the environment, so you are given the ability to swing the camera to where ever you feel comfortable with, but you will always stay in the third person view. The characters are more on the blocky side, so you won?t see many smooth curves. But I guess that was they approach they were looking for.

Audio: The soundtrack in this game is amazing. Although some might not dig the orchestra type music, but it goes along with the adventure you face. The voice acting is great, and gives you that feeling that you are playing with mythical gods and you sound like an apprentice?a god in training. The ambiance in the game is distinct and very sharp. So be prepared, you might hear something behind the mountain, listen to your instincts.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee

Overall: This game is a most have. Not only is it funny, but its very fun to play. You even have a feature to view the past Oddworld movies so you can know where you stand in the series. I would recommend this to any adventure game enthusiast and to anyone interested in comical gameplay.

Gameplay: The gameplay is very impressive, yet tactical. You won't breeze through this game very quick. You will have to play as a team. Otherwise, there will be no way that you can progress in the game. Munch has his pluses and minuses, like he's fast in water, but slow as hell on land (with out the wheelchair). And Abe is fast on land, can cast spells, but is a cement block in water. So you will have to play with your noodle, and really problem solve. The enemies are also well placed, like you won't see enemies when using Abe as much, since Abe doesn't have any weapons to defend himself, but will see enemies when you have friends around...they are suppose to fight for you. Munch will get his share of enemies, but will have friends and a power up he can use, which shots an electric zap out of his head mount.

Graphics: Graphics wise, Munch's Oddysee takes the cake. With impressive terrains, and remarkable eye candy; you will never get tired of looking at this game. The characters are well formed and move fluidly. The landscape is also remarkable. You will see the clouds above cast a shadow across the terrain as they move through the sky. The water has incredible transparency and a cool ripple effect. In addition, the cut scenes are spectacular. They are made out of in game graphics, and look almost life like. Not to mention a cool and humorous plot.

Audio: Stunning sound is like an understatement for Oddworld. The characters make there own sound as they walk or wheel their way across the land. The soundtrack is also incredible, and turns on at the right time, like right before you run into a major obstacle. The chatter is very funny, but gets very repetitive. When you find another mudokon, they always seem to say the same thing...but it was funny at first.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 MotoGP

Overall: This game is a great game for those who are looking for a professional super bike game. The average gamer can also benefit in excitement from this game because they allow you freedom to race the way you want. Although it can be a difficult ride, no one said that it would be easy. If it was too easy, the replay value would be low. But on this game, expect hours of intense racing. Expect wonderful eye candy with an amazing soundtrack that will keep your adrenaline pumping. Go for it if you are looking for an extreme ride and enjoy actual racing physics.

Gameplay: I would mainly aim this game towards a more seasoned gamer that prefers a realistic gaming experience like this. Although it's not very hard to learn, but of course, it will take some technique and skill to play. MotoGP does offer a tutorial in-game to get you on your way to the championship; with training from Braking and Accelerating to Cornering and Top Speed. In each of those categories, you have challenges to complete for points to add on to your bike. You can either go for a normal difficulty or you can go for the gusto and just go for the gold. The harder it is, the more points you get.

After you pass the tutorial, you can begin the championship racing or move to a quick arcade game. Note: you don't have to go through the tutorial, you can begin racing at any time. As most racing games, you need to complete the championship races to acquire more single race tracks. But the tracks that they give you in the start are great tracks to practice on. The opponents are fantastic to race and offer you an experience that you will never forget. Think you are good?? Well, you can pick up the difficult to test your skills in a race against 16 other opponents.

Now we move over to the multiplayer aspect of this game. I must say this is a great game for multiplayer. Imagine burning up the track with 4 of your friends in split screen. And you also have an option for system link, so that means that you might be able to get a 16 player race going on. Now imagine the mayhem that can take place.

Graphics: The graphics in MotoGP is phenomenal, also surreal if you will. Making use of the power of the Xbox, MotoGP is able to pump out some of the most astounding visual you'll ever see in a game. With excellent sun flares that seem to almost blind you, you will get the feel as if you are really there. The attention to detail in this game is complimented very well. During the game, you will notice the detail on the rider and the bike itself. You will notice gravel bits and cuts in the bike's racing slicks (tires). When you play in first person view, you will see the nice effect of the lens flares and the detail of the motorcycle's panel. Here is one thing that made my "wow" above all. When you turn on weather, and you play with the rain, you will be amazed. When you see a bike pass in front of you, you will get a large mist in your face which will leave "real-looking" droplets on your screen or visor. But that's not the only thing, you will also notice a funnel wave from your opponents' tires as they pass in front of you as they cut through the water on the ground and leave waves. Imagine that!! Also, the waves slide across the turf as they make turns, so it's not a cheesy effect. The replays look great with many different angles to choose from. When you play the championship, you also get a small introduction to each country and their tracks. But once the race is completely, you will see another movie which is rather misleading. They show an actual race that may have taken place this year or last, but shows someone else winning; not you.


The musical score in this game is pretty well thought out and matches the excitement of the game. With dance and house music blasting in the background, it draws you into the action. Aside from the music, I really wasn't too happy with the engine noise. I was expecting more of a realistic sounding bike, but instead was given a high pitch disaster. It sounds as if they neglected the low-end frequencies in a super bike and only given it a high pitched whine.


When you first put in this game, you may take a few seconds before you take off. Expecting that this games controls would be like the others, where the acceleration is located on the triggers; you will be using the A button by default. You have the ability to change this, but I doubt you would. Remember, a bike has two brakes?front and rear to control. So you will have control over both brakes, and have a button designated for both at the same time if you prefer. You also have the option to look back and change camera views. The black and white buttons are not used in this game. You have the option to use the right thumb stick to accelerate and brake instead of using buttons. And most of your controls are customizable. Also, kudos to THQ for the adjustable vibration settings.

Audio: The musical score in this game is pretty well thought out and matches the excitement of the game. With dance and house music blasting in the background, it draws you into the action. Aside from the music, I really wasn't too happy with the engine noise. I was expecting more of a realistic sounding bike, but instead was given a high pitch disaster. It sounds as if they neglected the low-end frequencies in a super bike and only given it a high pitched whine.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Wreckless: The Yakuza Mission

Overall: I am the type of gamer who likes a game that you can just pop in and play. And this is exactly what wreckless is all about. This game runs very smooth. The one thing that Bunkasha should have added in this game was a multiplayer mode. Would have actually been fun trying to chase down your friend. In the end, Wreckless is a good must-buy game.

Gameplay: The main options on the menu are Mission mode, Replay mode, and a nice Stat mode. The first two speak for themselves, but the Stat mode is all the stats of the game on your Xbox. It tells you how long you played the game for, how many objects and vehicles destroyed, total distance traveled, and max speed.

There are 2 scenario's to select in the mission mode. Scenario A is "Hong Kong Police and Inspector", and Scenario B is "New Spies Ho and Chang". Each has 10 missions. This game is all about completing missions. One of the first ones is great because it reminds me of Chase HQ. You have to literally chase down other cars and smash them till they are destroyed. But all of the missions are not like that, each have their own unique little story that you must complete. You have to recover counterfeit plates in one of these missions; similar to wrecking the enemies car except they can hit you and can get back what you took from them. After you beat the first few levels, you get to spy on someone and take pictures of him. In order to do that you must drive very carefully because you are driving on a narrow dock. Some of the missions do get frustrating due to the fact that this is not an "easy" game. Before each mission you can choose either normal or hard. Also on that same screen you can choose heavy or light traffic. As you are driving the controls will vary depending on which car you pick. There are small cars, sports cars, buggy-type cars, and many more. Now the controls in this game are a bit loose. Sometimes if you hit a little bump at high speeds your whole car will flip over and you will lose control. This is not a good thing since the missions are timed and you need to get to where you have to go. The right analog pad serves as a "look around" camera at any time in the game. You can change the view of your car, if you can't stand the one that's behind the car, to one that's on the ground. I can't even begin to tell you how many different cars you will come across on the roads. Trust me, there's lots, including buses, cop cars, trucks, and ambulance's. You will see broken windshield's, as well as damage to other vehicles. One thing I didn't like was how they disappear after you hit them hard enough. If, at any time, you flip over, your car magically appears without a scratch.

Pretty much everything in the game can be hit and destroyed. However, there are some parts where you think you can fly threw and be safe, but you end up smashing into a solid wall. Now when I first saw people in the street I tried to run them over, but it just didn't happen. This game is not like GTA3, which mean you cannot kill pedestrians. Darn! No blood anywhere.

Graphics: The graphics in Wreckless our astounding. The reflections and the effects are the best that I have ever seen in any videogame that I have ever played. One of the greatest effects in this game is the heat effects. When you are out on the road in the real world have your ever noticed when something gets hot you can see a haze from the heat? Well in Wreckless that actually happens, which was surprising to me. This causes a minor distortion to your vision that happens every once in awhile. It just shows where videogames are going today. Another effect is the lighting effects from the sun on the water; they make it look picture perfect. Your going to love the eye candy in this one, not just because of the neat effects, but also because of the car damage. Every time you crash into anything, something happens to your car. You can lose the hood, a door, the engine cover, and many other things such as a bumper. Just looking at the neon signs in the big cities will let you know that the Xbox is capable of processing amazing graphics. Some of the textures that are in a far distance appear blurry sometimes. But if you look at the buildings close by you can see the great detail. After you play a mission, beat it or just run out of time, you can view the replay. It's not just a replay. It's a more of an enhanced replay. When you view a replay it's pure craziness. The first thing you see is something different, they made the replays sometimes look like old times, with lines in the film, or you will see something that looks like a black and white sketch, it's really hard to explain. Once you see it, you will understand just how sweet the replays are. Sometimes you'll see something that looks like a security camera in the replay as well. The fact that you can save your replays on the Xbox hard drive is a plus. There is just some awesome crashes that your going to have to save.

Audio: The audio in the game is comprised mostly of pumping techno beats that fit the game well. There is no support to use custom music tracks. In the pedestrian background, you can hear people yelling once in awhile. There is a voice that sounds like he's talking through a radio to you. He tells you what to do at the beginning of each mission. Wreckless has awesome engine and tire screeching effects. These effects never sound the same because you are always going over different terrain, like stairs, fences, etc.

Suggestions: MULTIPLAYER!!!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Project Gotham Racing

Overall: Overall, PGR is a great game that should be in all peoples top 10 lists.

Gameplay: PGR is jam packed with over twenty five of the hottest cars ever built including my all time favorite the Ferrari F50 and much more. PGR includes more then 200 circuits located in New York, London, Tokyo, and San Francisco

PGR is split up into three main category's Quick Race, Arcade, and Kudos. Kudos is pretty much just another word for career mode, where you rack up points or Kudos so that you can unlock to cars and circuits. PGR took a different approach then all racing games. You would think you place 1st you win the race right? Well no actually that is not the case, you have to gain enough Kudos points in order to complete that race. I personally thought this was an awesome idea. If you are the type of person who wants to win all the cars real fast then you won't enjoy PGR, although if you are the kind of person who likes to work at something for a while then PGR is perfect.

The courses in PGR are just down right difficult. In PGR do not expect to blow by your opponents. You will find that your rear view mirror is going to become your best friend, to block opponents from passing.

Graphics: I was extremely impressed with how amazingly realistic the cars looked. Although it seems that Microsoft spent a little to much time on the cars and not the circuits. The circuits look a little square to me and not to detailed. This isn't a huge deal but it's a shame, I really think that they could have done a better job.

PGR has a few little extras that I really wouldn't have thought of. You can actually customize what your license plate says. You can also select your own helmet. These little things don't make the game but they add to the fun!

Audio: Bizarre Creation has put a lot of work into the music of PGR, and I must say all there work has paid off. They have put real radio stations and dj's that play a total of sixty tracks. I must say these tracks are not bad at all. Bizarre did an awesome job with the sound, they included some good stuff.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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