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NFL Fever 2003

Overall: Folks I'm gonna be honest here. Unless you want to play this game online don't buy it. It is the same as 2002. Sure passing is harder and you can make your own plays. So what! I got suckered into buying this game thinking the game would allow me to play Dynasty mode over the Network with my pals and we could talk about stats. NOPE! No Can Do! So all this hype about online and network play was for what. Its extra work for us to keep our own stats. Whos gonna do that? I will be selling my game on ebay, any buyers?

THis guy put it so perfectly Copywright of the guy that wrote this

Gameplay: Gameplay: Actually worse than last's years. 2k3 rocks and dtrex was crying about 2k3 being to hard and putting the options all the way up on 2k3, but to make it easier you put them all the way down dumb ass!!! Lets get back to the review IT SUCKS!!!!!!!!

Graphics: Visual: Same as 2002. It gay dont buy it
And why cant a rate every thing at 1, i would rate at 0 if i could

Audio: Where is all the music and sound effects WTF and commentary is real bad realllllllly bad

Suggestions: Buy madden and 2k3, play for 3 months straight and study what they done and next year Do that!!!

Overall Score: 2.0 / 10 NFL 2K3

Overall: What can I say!! You blew Maddens !&%$@#* out of the water! if only you used this years engine with CF2k3, instead of last years. But heck It is great all around. I will never get tired of it.

Gameplay: The Gameplay is tight! I love that you made the passing and rushing harder, because it is so realistic! The replays are so very sweet!

Graphics: Again The Replay's are sweet, and that angle it does when the QB goes to left is tight! The ESPN License was put it good use! The commentary is the best ever!!! Except the guys voice is a little weird

Audio: The sounds make the game so awesome, I love just going to options and listening the the different menu music you can you Great job

Suggestions: Just make nexts years College football the same as NFL2k4 and then they will be best selling games! and use some ESPN announcers, like the guys that commentate Sunday Night Football, or NFL 2Night!! That would be sweet

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Nascar Heat 2002

Overall: This game is the most intense Nascar game made. The Beat the Heat mode is awesome and when you play with three of your friends it total mayhem. Two of us going backwards and another stopping in the middle of the track. I love it. You can even send the pace car out. I like the 43 cars, but half are not real drivers.

Gameplay: The gameplay is good. The controls are so easy. The feel of it is real.

Graphics: The graphics are good. The crashes look okay. One of the best visuals are the smoke. When there is a big pile up in front of you, you can't see that well because of the smoke. Its awesome.

Audio: The sounds are okay. There is no music except the annoying menu music. There is one of the drawbacks of the game.

Suggestions: Longer Beat the heat mode. More licensed drivers. Good southern rock music. Better than Thunder.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10

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