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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

Overall: Splinter Cell is one of those games...when you first hear about think...theres no wat they can pull this off. But praise be UbiSoft, this game exceeds my expectations. You ARE a covert ops agent in every sense of the word.

Gameplay: The gameplay is fluid and the the controls are as smooth as butter. Taking out guards, stealing information, everything about this games makes you the ulitmate spy. Sneaking around is fun...and difficult. One wrong move and you are dead, literally. Plus there are multiple ways to approach a mission. Guns blazing? or Shadow stealth?

Graphics: The best effects for any game ever. This game revolutionizes lighting effects. And when you walk through "soft objects" like curtains and platic sheets, they conform to your body and change reflections. Completely amazing. And the night vision looks real. Move over Halo, there is a new flagship title for XBOX.

Audio: Click clack....drip drip...echo. Dude whats that behind me? Enemy guard? Innocent? Make noise and they find you, tip toeing is a must in this game.

Suggestions: Please bring us more missions, fully use the XBOX live support for downloading.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter

Overall: Well going in i thought, kick ass, a Star War flight sim! And it was used plus I got a discount so good deal right? Wrong...

Gameplay: The controls were absolutely horrible, even when i had option to customize, none of them worked effectively. The missions were ok but not great, and cheats did not work.

Graphics: Well XBOX glory made this visually cool. But really thats all it had going for it. Nice explosions, and um...stuff. I've always liked Star Wars art and concepts. Good design.

Audio: Awesome blaster effects and R2 D2 stuff. Classic Wars effects all the way, and great musical score.

Suggestions: Better controls! I mean for god sakes it took me 20 minutes to get it right and I still dont like it.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Cel Damage

Overall: I think this game looked pretty good and it was cheap when I bought my XBOX, only 20 bucks. As soon as I popped this disk in I was laughing, good funny humor, I set up a new game (and was surprised and delighted to find you name your XBOX this way) but then it was downhill from there. A very confusing, hard, stupid game.

Gameplay: The gameplay is hard and the controls suck ass. I was getting killed every 5 seconds and it was annoying each time I dropped from the sky. I havent playied this game much.

Graphics: The graphics are stunning, and a new style of "cartoon realism" that I like, its like I'm watching looney toons. But this is all the game has going for it, sad to say.

Audio: Annoying as all hell, the music sucks and so do the characters voices who annoyingly taunt you constantly. Soon you hear all the lines they will ever say. BORING.

Suggestions: Dont make another one!

Overall Score: 5.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: This is the reason I bought an XBOX, when I played it at my friend's house I knew XBOX was my new best friend. That very week I bought an XBOX and Halo. I love Halo for the great missions and amazing detail in the levels and weapons. I had hour of fun playing and increasing my shooting skills. Now each time me an my friedn paly he knows I am getting better.

Gameplay: The gameplay is very smooth. The controls are easy to use and the triggers really help you feel like you are actually firing a weapon in your hands. The AI is amazing in this game, the enemies arent mindless drones in a shooting gallery. The Flood are incredible and they really kept me on my toes.

Graphics: Stunning surroundings, nice effects for atmospheric fuzziness as things disapear into the scene. The physics were great too, water flowed, rocks chipped away, scorch marks stayed. And the dead bodies stayed in place as well, they didnt just disapear. Unreal stuff.

Audio: ....Echo...Argh whats that behind you???? Echo.... Dolby Digital 5.1 really kicked in gear here, you could tell when enemies were around the next bend and what they were doing just by the sound. The soundtrack was really great too and sets the mood for triumph or creepyness factor.

Suggestions: For the sequel, more weapons, more enemies, more vehicle, more missions. More everything! For multiplayer, include aliens to attack your team etc..

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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