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Jet Set Radio Future

Overall: The graphical style, the unique game play, the old school style makes this a must have for xbox owners.

Gameplay: This is an old-school platformer mixed in with some action sequences. Sometimes it can be very difficult and you wont know where to go, but that dosnt happen often enough to make it a problem.

Graphics: The best Cel-Shaded graphics to date. You wont know if your wathin' a saturday morning cartoon a an punk anime sega game.

Audio: Really the only good thing about the sound is the awesome music. All the way from rap to pumk to hip-hop amd back there is some great music in this game. The sound effects are ok. There is the typical sound. It sounds alot like tony hawk games or aggressive inline.

Suggestions: Easier to control, better sound effect.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Crimson Sea

Overall: If you thought Gunvalkyrie had some potential but was too hard to control you will like this one. You are some special human killing aliens but in this one it takes place in the future unlike GV.

Gameplay: Great! Very easy to control, level designs are so-so. You can get these weird powers that use sounds and kill everthing in a radius of space depending on the power and how high you have upgraded it. You can upgrade your weapons and powers like a mad man. The mission objectives range from killing everything to collecting sound waves.

Graphics: Great graphics. There can be some slowdown when you have literaly hundreds ogf enemies on the screen at once.

Audio: Umm...ok because all you can here through out the whole game is guns blaring. But when youre not shooting there is some music, elike-punk stuff.

Suggestions: Longer and in different game modes make it more different.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Cel Damage

Overall: This is an awsome multiplayer deatmatch frenzy, with cel-shaded graphics, dangerous weapons, and a whole crazed crew of catoony freaks.

Gameplay: There are a few different modes to play in
1. deathmatch-Do I really need to explain to you what a deathmatch is?

2.capture the flag- You would never guess capture the flag could be so vilent(I can't spell) and brutal. The flags actually have legs and run around!

3. racing- Try to be the 1st one to get through 2 gates 10 times.

Graphics: The graphics actually look like you are playing a cartoon show! only sometimes when it shows the charactors up close it looks ok.

Audio: You will feel as if you are in the game! Each weapon has it's own sound. It is so crazy to hear bullets and spikes and misiles whizzing past you!

Suggestions: No suggestions just make a cel damage 2!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 New Legends

Overall: This is a good hack-n-slash game with bad graphics and fun gameplay! it is like gaunlet legends but not as cool.

Gameplay: All the gameplay consists of is hacking, slicing and running around. There are some times where you cant figure out where to go and it gets a little boring.

Graphics: these graphics are not so good. They sometimes look worse than the dreamcast! some details are good but other than that :(.

Audio: the sound is ok it gets annoying hearin the blades keep going whoosh whoosh!(It will get into your head and infest your dreams!) the foot steps are a little loud for just puting you foot down! The grunts from you opponents are a good touch.

Suggestions: Try to make the graphics better!

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Gunvalkyrie

Overall: This game rocks! But let this be a fair warning to all you people, this game is VERY HARD! after the first 3 levels you will notice a hugr increase in the difficulty! If you don't like games that are hard then don't even try this one. But for all you who do your in for a blast!

Gameplay: What you mostly do in this game is kill all the little buggies. you can fly (glide) with your jet pack and do all kinds of ariel attacks. the gameplay is very fun (IF YOU LIKE SHOOTERS THAT ARE HARD).

Graphics: The gaphics in short are amazing, in volcanoes there are little ashes flying around and you can see the heat waves coming from the ground. When you see hordes of bugs coming at you they seem like they are going to come out of the screen. Altough sometimes when you have bugs on every side of you and you use your special attack and alien chunks go flying there is a little slow-down. But besides that there awsome.

Audio: The sound is decent. It sounds like any other shooter out there, the usual gun sounds and foot steps echoing through a long canyon. The music dosn't all the time match whats going on, like in the valcanoes it is playing pretty music while your shooting and stuff that would need action music.

Suggestions: You need a sniper rifel or atleast binoculars, but other than that keep up the good work.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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