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Star Wars: Republic Commando

Overall: A very well done game. It took me four hours or so just to do the first two levels. A very nicely done game that is very fun to play.

Gameplay: The game play is awsome. Droids come in wave after wave and your squad really helps you. You CAN pick up the alien weapons, look down at the m and push A. Then hit down on your d-pad (not pushing A as this will use squad commands) and you'll get to your secondary weapon. The regualr weapon in the game, the DC-17 lacks a lot of punch, and I find myself running out of ammo in a firefight. Might I recommend to all gamers out there that you fire in controlled bursts. The SBD's are really hard to kill and I find myself just lobbing grenades at them. The controls feel nice and all-in-all a very nice game.

Graphics: The graphics are very well done. Not the best graphics on a game, but they pull the job off famously. Not too much I can say except that they're effing good.

Audio: The sound is nice and loud. Sometimes it's hard to hear orders when you're in a firefight, but thus is war. The sounds really compliment the gameplay well.

Suggestions: A more powerful regular DC-17. The ability to revive wookies would be nice! Definetly need co-op. All is good though. No major problems.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 MechAssault

Overall: This is a very fun game. Within the
first couple of minutes, you got the
controls down. Graphics are very
nice, especiallyu the collapsing
buildings, very nice. Need to try it
on multiplayer.

Gameplay: The gameplay was pretty good.
The one thing it lacked though
was that you couldn't manually
target where your lasers were
going to hit. Once you're locked
on, the lasers, and assorted
weapons target the midsection.
You can't target the leg and
disable the leg, or you can't
disable the missile drums, the
game does that for you. When
you've got 3 'mechs on you, you;d
like to disable them, but you can't,
so you got to take them out,
one-by-one methodically.

Graphics: The visuals of the game are very
nice. Everything about the visuals
scream, "Look at me, I'm eye
appealing!" To put it in a nut shell

Audio: The sound is all right. Everything
sounds liek it should, it'd be nice
to put your on songs on it (or can
you?? I didn't look?)

Suggestions: Great, make it manually targeting.
Well that is if there IS a second

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 NCAA Football 2003

Overall: The gameplay is very good, along
with everything else. the only
knock on it is the crowds, and how
hard it is sometimes to defend the
pass, but besides that its

Gameplay: I like the style of gameplay, it is
very comfortable. It took me
awhile to get used to running with
my QB, but it helps a lot when you
have 20+ yards in front of you.

Graphics: Very nice, I don't liek the graphics
on Fever, because it makes the
players all bent over with huge
asses, its very nice.

Audio: very nice, I like the fight songs and
the sounds of the crowd. i alwso
like the announcers, they're very
funny to listen to sometimes,
unless you're in the fourth quarter,
you're leading, and your receiver
drops the ball, then it get annoying
when they call you a retard
because you didn't want to run.

Suggestions: make the crowds more realistic,
on-line play please, defensive
secondary much harder.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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