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Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: Holy Crap! THis game is completely awesome. I know im lasre with my review but ive been so busy playing it... THIS GAME DESERVES A 5.0. Flat out best ive ever played.

Gameplay: The controls are easy once you get used to blasting aliens the Halo way, you never go back. Grenades, guns, vehicles, all easy and awesome.

Graphics: The Visual stuff is all very cool, those explosions and dying marines keep you coming back for more. It didnt take me long at all to love the graphics in this game. DAMN!

Audio: The music is okay, freaked me out sometimes when it suddenly got rel loud, but all the shooting, exploding and yelling marines kinda gets you into it

Suggestions: Not Really. Just hurry up with the god !&%$@#* sequel.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

Overall: One of my favorite games so far for the xbox. I was wary at first, because my friends were all telling me it was gonna be bad, but i decided to try it anyway , and !&%$@#* am i glad i did. nothin tkes a load off like capping a guy right in the head or zapping some one with a sticky shocker.

Gameplay: Meh, the gameplay was, mmm, not so great for me. i mean it wasnt bad, but every once in a while, when i ran outta bullets i would run into a situation where i needed some, and then i kinda wanted a gun. Also i need to be able to invert!! The game was very realistic, and the controls were pretty good.

Graphics: WOW. eehehe, giddy. that stuff is freakin cool. ive never seen that much detail before, in most other games ive played. The movement, the environments, the light , the water, everything is relly neat. my only beef was that there was no blood, why?

Audio: the sound was hunky dorey. didnt really listen that much. i cant say it was bad or that good. i cant hear that stuff, hehe.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Hunter: The Reckoning

Overall: why why why why did i get this game? It is a boring game. All around. WHAT IS THERE TO DO. its just not fun. Trust me. PLEASE!

Gameplay: the worst part. it just sucked you cant change the view, the guns arent fun, hacking with your wepon is hard if you're anyone but avenger DAMN its just not fun!

Graphics: The visuals were ok. could be worse, probably a bit better. it was all planed out, so you couldnt see where you were going sometimes. but thats gameplay techinically

Audio: didnt notice much, howling, screaming, creepy noises were all ok, not that great, i guess itr was all mediocre.

Suggestions: dont do it again

Overall Score: 3.0 / 10 Brute Force

Overall: this game......hmmm it was good, but not too good. it was fun, especially with a couple people, but there was something that just wasnt right. Sometimes it got a little confusing switching between characters and all. And the storyline was weird as hell. first you're fighting terrorists, then sorcerors, then mutants then lizards, i wish the game would make up its god !&%$@#* mind. and how about not taking the story line from every other scifi thing out there. it was ok. the thing i enjoyed most was the cutscenes, when brutus would say something that sounded important and everyone else just seemed to ignore him. THat made me laugh.

Gameplay: the gameplay was actually really good and very innovative, i liked the command and control system, where you were one person but could order all the others to work off of only problem is that sometimes i would try to tell someone to do something, but the nwould actually switch to take control of that person, and then whoever i was using before dies or whatever. i also thought, that when you didnt order them,the team should stay put permanently. but whatever, these were only minor problems. they handled it pretty well.

Graphics: this was ok. i expected to be stunned, and i wasnt really. i did really like the red hand's dying animations, those were pretty neat.i didnt like the seer followers. the way they were dressed, that was just wrong.the main characters were pretty good, tex was a litttle weird. Not to mention he seemed to be predjudiced against everyone else.

Audio: i thought the music was ok. it fit the game. the seer's yells were ok, but the ferals were kinda annoying. everything, else, guns, lasers, machiines sounded fine.

Suggestions: it was pretty good, but you might wanna leave it at one game

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10

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