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Overall: It is fun, has a great sense of speed, a kick in multiplayer, but beyond that it is not on my list of fun racers.

I don't like the checkpoint timed setup for racegames so that is one reason I can't boast about this racer. It is fun, but gets old pretty quick. Might want to rent it to see if it is something your interested in. Odds may be you'll bore of it before you return it.

Gameplay: Grows old quick. There is a real sense of speed, and seems as if the object of the game is more to wreck than race. Also has checkpoints which I think is pretty lame. Your forced to watch the wreck and it puts you back on the track with no damage to wreck again.

Graphics: Looks great. COuld use a bit of antialiasing, but the replays are very nice to watch and the blurring really looks cool and adds to the sense of speed.

Audio: Sounds OK. Some good driving tunes might make it better, but the sounds of glass shattering and metal crunching is well done.

Suggestions: Throw away the timed checkpoints and make racing the idea. If this were a pure racer with no crash objective I'd give it a full 5. Racing a clock to checkpoints and having crash damage repaired instantly is kinda lame.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Blood Wake

Overall: My son and I have been multiplaying this title for two days. It is a blast to play. Drop a few mines in your wake and try to lure your opponent into them. Or grab the accuracy Icon and shred them with torpedos.

Haven't played the single player portion of it, but have skirmished with the AI a bit. I can boast about its value for multiplaying though!

Gameplay: Very fun if you have someone you want to blow out of the water. I've had a great time getting whooped by my 7 year old son! It's a rental, but I may have to by this one. Might pick up another controller so I can launch a few rockets at the wife also.

Graphics: This is a very impressive use of graphics. The water effects are some of the best I've seen. Launch a topedo at a mine and you'll be amazed by the explosion. Set to stormy weather is great also.

Audio: Soundtracks are lame. You'll tire of them quick. Other than that the sounds are Ok. Don't expect much in this area!

Suggestions: Tons of multiplayer maps would be nice. We cranked it up and it only had 3, with 3 weather setting for each. Needs alot more maps.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: THis game has been a blast. I haven't cared to touch a console since the Sega Genesis. Bub my son and I have really enjoyed multiplayer in this game. It is the best action game I've ever seen on a console!

Gameplay: Fast, I'm surprised with how good the multiplayer is for this title. Haven't played much on recent consoles, but this one title has me sold on the XBox

Graphics: Although it doesn't rival a PC title in the graphics. It rivals anything I've ever seen on a TV console.

Audio: Don't have it on a set with surrournd sound, but I'm fairly certain by the stereo aspect of it that the surround would be up to par. Love the taunting!

Suggestions: Hmmmm, CounterStrike addon :)

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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