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World Series Baseball (Sega)

Overall: This is the best Baseball game out right now. I am gald I waited for this instead of going for one of the other Baseball games that were released at the appropiate time. (the Begginibg of the Baseball season) This game has everything I am looking for in a baseball game, The batter Pitcher matchup is excellent as well as the graphics and season modes

Gameplay: The gameplay is great. I am glad they went back to more of the 2k1 edition in that it is more accurate where the batters icon meets the pitch. However, it could even be better like how it was in the original game made for DC. The fielding is done well also.

Graphics: The visual appeal is good. The player look real as do the stadiums. Keep up the good work in this area but maybe try to do something with the stick people in the crowd.

Audio: The sound is not as irratating as most baseball games. The aounners do a nice job keeping quiet instaed of saying dumb things all the time. It is cool to hear the crowd heckling people.

Suggestions: Here's the deal. You have got to start workig on next years version now, I am sick of waiting for your game when Baseball season is under full swing. i am not doing it next year. So make sure it is ready by Mid March just to be safe, Work overtime if you have too. You are missing out on sooooo many sales becuase not everyone is going to wait they will run out and buy the first Baseball game realeased reguardless of qulaity.Keep your high standards as for gameplay and always strive to make improvements were needed

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 NBA 2K2

Overall: This game is great. I am glad I waited for this instead of jumping on NBA inside drive. The realism of this game is like no other basket ball game I've played. Great graphics and different modes to keep this game interesting for a long time.

Gameplay: This is what makes it the best basketball game I have eve played. No hoisting up Threes with people in your face and hitting nothing but net. You must be smart and work plays and screens and pics or make a GOOD move to get free if you want to make jumpers. Also you won't be able to just dump the ball into Shaq or other big men hold back and power over the defender with dunks. Again using drop steps and other low post moves is how you will have success in the paint. The crossovers, fakes, the form of shots and dunks are very realistic. Again this is a great game.

Graphics: The graphics are awsome, You can tell who each player is just by looking at the court. You don't need a close up shot to be able to see the detail put into making the players. The courts, crowd, and coaches have alot of time and detail put into them also.

Audio: This is the only part that needs work. I hope that soon other software makers will pay attention to the NHL 2002 game which is the best ever for play by play. It needs alot more variety in comments and needs to keep up with the game. Nothing is worse then when the commentator says something that is well after the event has happened or something that makes no sense. It don't happen as much as it used to in the other 2k series of games, so I give them credit for trying to improve.

Suggestions: Fix the commentating errors. Add a three point contesst and maybe a horse game. Get Jordan on the game.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 UFC: Tapout

Overall: This game is awasome, it really makes up for the huge disappointment of Raw, which by the way is nowhere near the 4.00 rating it has been getting, but anyway Tapout offers great game play and awsome graphics. This is a must have game for everyone.

Gameplay: Top notch gameplay. The controls offer a unique approach to combat gaming. Every offensive move has a counter move that can be done but timing is essential. Fighting towards your players strength also is very important. With all the different styles and fighter plus the create a fighter, this game won't ever get boring.

Graphics: The graphics are awsome, especially the way the blood squirts out of your oppenent when you land a clean crip punch or kick to the nose.

Audio: The sound is good, it coud be a little better if they added music during the fight and more souds of the fighters as they struggle towards victory.

Suggestions: Add a career mode, and make the create a fighter option more detailed

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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