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Overall: Ok, First off they promised us the world. They gave us a swift kick in the junk! That being said, I was highly disapointed. The game it's self is ok, but had the potental to be so much more. You can't even climb the ladders or get on tables! I mean come on People. Most of the weapons were bogus, and what the hell is up with the no champaign mode. No going back stage, no hell in the cell, and for the love of god no Royal Rumble what were you thinking? This is the xbox version of war zone... We didn't deserve that punishment. I'll admitt I play the game all the time ,but I wouldn't own it if I would have played it befor I bought it. The only thing it has going for it is the graphics. The create a superstar was cool but lacked in some area's. Like putting a outfit together is a giant headache. It takes me a hour to make a guy and i can do it relatively quick.

Gameplay: I did like the feel of the game. It was very simular to wwf games of the past.I think one thing that could help would be to change the taunt/special to the right joy stick. I think that the AI players reverse moves to much, But they do put up a good fight which gives yoou a challange. Haveing six people in the ring at once was a nice change.

Graphics: The best part of the game without a dought! The intro's kick ass! I really like the replay when you do a finishing move. Some of the characters need work. That had to be the worst Triple H replica I have ever seen.

Audio: The sound was ok. Finally they got to use all the superstars intro music. I would like to have been able to use music from my sound track on my created guys.

Suggestions: Where do we start? First of all you need a Royal Rumble match it is the back bone if you want this to go on xbox live. I would like to see more than six guys maybe eight or so. Having the king and J.R. out at the anouncers table would be an added bounus. Please fix HHH the hair was horrable. A nice campaign mode would be good. Where random things happen and people attack your guy. One where it saves the champ ,and when he come to the ring he has the belt on. Let us climb ladders and tables. Maybe a random audiance member could run out and take a swing once in a while. I for one would like to be able to run out and dropkick the Undertaker off his bike.

Overall Score: 4.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: This is the best game made so far. I play it over and over it never gets old. the system link multiplayer is the greates ever.

Gameplay: The controlls are sweat and the flow really well. I love the feel of this game. I highly recamend this game to enyone.

Graphics: The best graphics and detail I have seen in a while. Every thing is clear and sharp. They really put the xbox's power to use.

Audio: You have to love the sound track. It flows perfectly with the game ,and it really sets the mood when your playing.

Suggestions: As far as i'm concerend you guys are the best. You should keep puting game out there for the fans like me.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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