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Sega GT 2002

Overall: I really liked the original version on the DC, and was eager for the XBOX version. I was not dissapointed. The game is great fun, and very realistic. While there are a few points I can complain about, overall this game is definately worthy of my $50.

Gameplay: I like the whole concept of starting out on a shoestring budget, and having to work your way up. It adds a sense of pride as you win or buy better cars, and build them up into racing monsters. The difficulty raises as you level up in the game, keeping it difficult, yet do-able. The cars look and feel just like you'd expect they would in the real world. I've spent a lot of time playing, and can se that I'll likely finish the game soon. But I don't think I'll stop. There is a LOT of replay value for me in this game. That's why it's really worth $50 to me. I'll be playing it for a long time, and if they give us add-on discs later, I may never quit playing!

Graphics: I like the way everything looks except for the trees, and the cardboard cut-out spectators. Yet, these are really nit-picky things that really don't take away from the gameplay for me. Other than the lack of real time damage to the cars, I think everything else is top notch. The reflections in the cars look nice, but not overdone like in some other games.

Audio: Yes, you can tell the difference between a small block V8 and a turbo charged 4 banger in this game. Engine sound is nicely replicated, as are gear shifts, and tire squeals...although the tire squeals can get annoying. The "crash/collision sounds are rather generic and don't add much to the realism. I have to add this somewhere, so I'll put it here. The detail put into the controller vibration is simply amazing. On most games I will turn that feature off, but on Sega GT it really is done quite well. You can fel a car bump you on either side, and know where that car is in relation to your car. You can feel your tires slipping, feel them hitting the rumble strip, feel gear shifts, basically you can feel everything. Small engines buzz at high RPMs and bigger engines rumble.

Suggestions: Don't delay too long with the add on discs. It's rumored we'll have extra tracks and LIVE play enabled by extra discs...please!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Bruce Lee: Quest of the Dragon

Overall: Appeal....Bruce Lee's name attached to a fighting game is appealing, but wait until you see it. This is one of the worst console games in history. The XBOX system deserves SO MUCH more that this garbage.

Gameplay: I've played better games on the Genesis system, maybe even Colecovision. This is simply a two button masher on rails. You move through levels with no control, and enemies stand in line to fight you. Absolutely no time was spent on trying to make this game worthwhile.

Graphics: The graphics are not bad for a 64 bit system. But on the XBOX, the makers should be ashamed. I would not allow this game to be released for the system if I were Microsoft....this game is a disgrace to the technology in the console.

Audio: Eeeyyyaaa! That's about it. Yet again, another aspect of this poor game that fails miserably. I'd rather hear Fran Drescher than this game.

Suggestions: Quit your day job! If this is the best you can do, your in the wrong line of work. This title was shown on the original box of the XBOX, over a year ago. You couldn't improve this game at all in over a year. Bruce Lee would be so ashamed. I acn't believe his estate licensed his must have cost you a fortune. Look for this game on the clearance rack soon.

Overall Score: 2.0 / 10

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