Condemned 2: Bloodshot (Xbox 360) by Sega

Condemned 2: Bloodshot (Xbox 360) by Sega Box Art

North Amercian Release Date: March 11, 2008.

Average Overall Score:
10.00 / 10


Adventure Horor


Anger Management
Get emotional!
Beat Cop
Beat your way through a mission
Big Game Hunter
Get up close and personal with the antler
Self Medicated
Heal thyself, physician
Brick Wall
MP - Block it away!
Bum King
No guns, no problem
Can You Hear Me Now?
Emitter Removal Service
Chain Gang
Use all chain attacks a few times
Chief Investigator
Complete all missions in Hard mode
Scan the MP goodies once, twice, thrice - and more!
Decisive Restraint
Restraint is a virtue.
MP Defense 10 times over on the evidence
Get through a mission in FPS
Detective - First Grade
Shoot your way through it all in FPS
Unlock all Bloodshot Fight Clubs
EPA (Environmental Pwnage Area)
Grab your foes by the neck and do what's necessary
Splash, Shock and Fry
Go gold in all missions
Use the foosball table piece to your advantage
You took on the hardest and beat them at their game
Just The Facts
MP Crime Scene Goodness
Master Investigator
PERFECTION as a sleuth all the way through
Explore all maps more than once!
A La Mode
5 scoops of everything
MP Overachiever
Win a Deathmatch game with 15 kills without dying.
The Plumber
Find a pipe and use it frequently
Punch Drunk
MP - Duke of Queensbury Rules Only
Restraint... Not
Win Crime Scene games as SCU without firing a shot.
Rush Champ
Take SCU out with the trash 5 times
Serial Killer
Go kill, kill, kill in MP
Kill the killers.
Be the PERFECT sleuth
Survivor King
Bum Rush Survivor multiple times
Complete the single-player game
Tune In Tokyo
Tune in all those TVs
Assist in scanning evidence in Crime Scene mode
The Final Word
You never forget your first time.
Cut Throat
Finish it!


User Reviews

Score: 100
Overall User Average: 10.00 / 10 (100.0%)
Gameplay User Average: 10.00 / 10
Graphics User Average: 10.00 / 10
Sound User Average: 10.00 / 10
Date reviewed: March 17, 2008.

Overall: My God... Can Xbox get any better... I literally love this game over anything... Visually this game is a freaking masterpiece.. the environment is so real.. it gives me the creeps.. The story has evolved it self into something much darker and a hell of a lot more detailed... A gamer would enjoy the game based on how much he likes first person games.. but as far as realism if your a fan of that This game is Great... It's like being a part of CSI because your so detailed into what you must do to get the answers you need if you choose the wrong ones you, they will let you know your story is also based on how well you are in sleuthing . so be care full the story will go easier or harder based on what you find you can be thrown off track by the wrong clues.. and in this game clues can be misleading because ... the characters you chase are on to you so they set booby traps... But its okay your a more @!%#*!ed off more messed up and more drunk lol character than you where in the first one ... the evolution of xbox is great this is one of those games where progression is shown.. SEGA HAS RETURNED ... good for them.. .
Gameplay: How can I start this hmm… A lot of freedom but be précised with what you find, you’re given the cool choice of truly getting down to the detail on what you find.. they give a multiplayer scenario on what you find so finding it is not all you do now you describe it to the best of your choices, that’s right your given a multiple choice towards what you think is the best description of what you found… most of it is pretty simple… in the start easy 1st grade stuff.. However as the story progresses you will… see the difficulty level increasing gradually. Now the controller.. is still the same except they added background effects.. you can put your opponent through a tv or wall or w/e the surrounding allows you to do… but…. You do see little icons that help you out.. the fighting is also a lot easier.. old favorites like the stun gun is still around… but now how you perform in a level is also beneficial for you since.. you get cool hand upgrades like br@!%#*! knuckles, Teflon vests, better weapons etc… The AI is awesome not easy at all… and my opinion is based on a normal setting for the game… Bottom line Story line is Awesome…This Sequel, Features the ability to go online and well Fight.. no the online is a fare one a simple attempt to attract those who base games on there online, play instead of the actual game… however the online is pretty decent… you can do everything you can do in the game.. its not going to be in my opinion a big hit like Call of Duty or any of our past favorites … cause the money went on the story and game play although some cool features on the online, you can do little side missions and such… all and all this game is well worth the 60 dollars…
Graphics: Visually this game is so Awesome.. If you ever enjoyed any of the Saw movies, than enjoy the hell out of this game… the Environment is designed to scare the SH*T out of you, I mean from the very start the game starts in this Creepy chase seen, which needless to say ended in a bloody mess… the game takes you through one intense environment to another…From a out of control mutant riot in the city, to Demonic looking dolls and Crack head like people who love to pop out of everywhere, not to mention your own insanity there messing with your mind doesn’t help oh and yeah the @!%#*! manikins are back…If you played the first one you’ll know what im talking about.. The music is incredibly eerie.. at some points you think things are gonna happen to you … then you realize its just the environment designed to mess with you and throw you off track… I tell you I never ever get scared, mention a scary movie and I’ll tell you it never scared me… But this @!%#*! game gives me goose bumps… and a high heart Rate…
Suggestions: Sega I'm so glad to see your making a come back... !
This game took me by surprise the first time it came out and I've been waiting for the story line to continue for a while.. This sequel, shows a true progression towards xbox ability's and your own as a company who's still able to put out quality gaming... But even though I Admire what you've done with the fighting, sometimes i felt blind.. because the cut scene at the fighting ... where so hyper i cant tell where the next person was... i would like, to see this game have some points in 3rd person the character is cool.. and he should be seen a bit more.. at least in a quick fight cinematic especially when you have to play Simon says with the button aside from that one comment.. . that’s it Awesome Game..

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 100 %

Condemned 2: Bloodshot News

SEGA Dates Condemned, The Club
SEGA has whipped out its new Hollyoaks calendar and nailed down its release dates for the first quarter of 2008.

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