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MX Unleashed

Overall: so close to perfection yet sooo far away. no online ..and only 2 player split means tons of playing with

Gameplay: the button layout is crap...any racing game that doesn't use the triggers for gas and brake loses points right away.
the suspension preload is sketchy and and is short on capturing the concept of what it is meant to do. They hype the physics as revolutionary and I'm not sure about that yet..there's just something about the bike handling that I don't like. The big bikes don't seem any faster then the 125's...they seem to have trouble clearing the same obstacle as the 125's....just no real feel of added power on the big bikes...the 50's are rediculously fast. I do like the AI though...good competition. The tracks are well made...supercross is technical and nationals are very scenic and fun.

Graphics: I have a sony wega 36"hdtv..and I must say this is a nice looking game especially since the game was dev'd on a ps2 environment.

Audio: the custom soundtrack feature is good to have but I can't figure out how to configure it other words it finds a way to play the songs I hate from my personal collection...
the bike sounds are complaints although the motor doesn't sound right goin thru the whoops..same sound as going down a smooth straight.
the crowd niose is wierd..sometimes cheering you on and the next minute booing you.

Suggestions: I'll never understand why rainblow studious did not make online play a requirement...huge letdown and will, no matter what anyone says bring down the replay value of this game...within the 1st 5 minutes of playing I couldn't stop thinking..."man this game screams for online racing" but rainblow wasn't listening. They say it will be in mxu2 but I question that title will even make it out before xbox 2 launch next year. If your not sure about mxu vs mtx I would say wait a few weeks until mtx comes out and rent both as mtx will feature online racing and a track editor. yeah it's a good game....could have been incredible!
Once the career mode is done the game will collect alot of dust imo.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 MX Superfly featuring Ricky Carmichael

Overall: It's about time they got this title on the shelves. The extra time was spent fixing up the graphics from the ps2 and GC can tell the difference. I have not played through the career mode so only the 125 cc bikes are open. But from what I have seen so far this game is a much better experience then mx2002.

Gameplay: Gameplay is solid. The controls work good..although pressing down on the left analog for powersliding can be clumsy at times. If anyone has watched ricky carmicheal ride you know that he basically powerslides through all his essence steering the bike with his back wheel instead of his front...they captured this well with the use of the powerslide. The racing can actually get pretty intense..with short breaks during air time...speaking of which you get plenty of. They have a preload function for clearing big jumps..and a jump low button for staying low and goin fast. The tracks are done very well...good flow and some can be very technical.

Graphics: Like I said they delayed this game to pump up the graphics. The tracks look awesome...the dirt is photorealistic and there is plenty of eyecandy. The only thing bad about the graphics is the trees that line the tracks...they are horrible looking but oh well not a big deal at all. The bike and rider models look good..actually look great except that sometimes the bikes and riders look to narrow. I'm really glad that they redid the graphics for the xbox. Overall the game has a really clean and detailed look to it. Much better looking then mx2002.

Audio: I actually like the sound in this game. Bikes sound like bikes...what a concept. You get a track intro by davey coombs and then they are quite. Occasionaly the riders make stupid comments when you bump them but it's not too cheezy. Not sure about custom sound track...haven't checked it out yet cause I like the stock music. I tried out the yz250f and they did a good rendition of the 4 stroker audio.

Suggestions: xbox live racing!!!!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 TransWorld Snowboarding

Overall: Now that I've purchased and played transworld I'm not as mad at electronics boutique for only givin me 7 bucks for my amped trade in...transworld snowboarding will make you forget about that's got much better graphics then amped and is more fun to play then ssx tricky...without question

Gameplay: ahh the gameplay...the controls are perfect and the tour challanges introduce you to all the great areas of the mountains and tricks you can pull, so before you know it your actually good at the game...and you'll need to be good to unlock the levels. The levels are huge and so are the runs that are opened for shreddin....I have zero complaints on how the gameplay and mountains are setup....

Graphics: finally I think were starting to see real 2nd generation graphics from our xbox. The look of transworld snowboarding is simply amazing..the snow textures are perfect...the mountains are rendered in great detail and the riders and thier animations are done extremely well...basically it's the best looking game I've seen on a console yet.

Audio: uhm well it's perfect..perfect sound effects...perfect soundtrack..and you can customize it...nice

Suggestions: needs xbox live man..gheez..this would be an amazing online title.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 NFL 2K3

Overall: Forget what the last bozo 'Akreops' wrote....this is a fun, polished football game. The AI is more than capable of maintaining the realism that the graphics establish with this game.

Gameplay: I haven't gotten into the franchise mode yet..but from briefly looking at's way deep. At first I thought it was to difficult..but I switched to rookie and had a blast.
The running game is excellent, the O line blocks well and is capable of opening sizeable running lanes. The game speed seemed perfect for me. The passing game is challenging but if done right is very effective...hitting your half back in the flats with a short pass is great fun...and so are all the other passing plays. The defensive side also plays well...although I don't know enough to pick good defensive formations I get by...interceptions can be tough to get unless you play it perfect. I'm not thrilled about the 2 player play selection process they can see what play you finally select....I just don't look and it's fine-but that might be an issue online. Overall the game plays the way you would hope it would...not to slow or fast...with smooth player movements and calling ontop of the field graphic is nice...and the controller button layout works fine.

Graphics: Overall the graphics fit the bill nicely. The grass and field textures could have been done alittle better...but not much. The players and their animations look great. The espn presentation really makes this look like a TV broadcast....and some freinds that cam over while I was playing the game literally thought it was a real NFL game on TV....they were shocked when they realized it was the mighty xbox doin the bly the replay's are simply AMAZING...looks like the real thing....but better.

Audio: No complaints in the sound dept...I have a surround system with subwoofer and the sounds equal real NFL broadcasts...but you can hear the smack talking between the players much better...

Suggestions: your opponent should not be able to see the plays you pick in 2 player games...fix that..thats it.

the xbox has 3 great football titles to choose from...all are good...none of them suck....I prefer nfl 2k3

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Outlaw Golf

Overall: Super fun golf game. Seems like it's been forever for this title to was worth the wait.

Gameplay: Gameplay in my opinion is the highpoint of this title. Using the analog stick for swingin is much better then the old swing meter click BS...the composure response system makes the gameplay even more interesting...hit a good shot and your confidence goes up and shots become better placed...but man mess up a bit and it gets tough..hopefully you have a beating token and regain your composure by whoopin up on your caddy street brawler style..and the fight animations are great. All in all the gameplay is stellar...

Graphics: They really put a ton of detail into the courses...although the diablo desert course is a bit plain..but hey it's a desert. The New Jersey turnpike is rendered excellently..I haven't played the 3rd course. The golfers look good and the greens are amazing...all bump mapped and real draw back on the visuals and this is the only visual complaint..there are some jaggies but you get used to it and the game still looks great.

Audio: Sounds are solid no complaints except a custom sound track woulda been nice...the announcer from the daily show is real funny..and the characters voices are done very well

Suggestions: More courses, custom soundtrack and online play..thats it. Really is an excellent golf game for any doubters out there.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 MotoGP

Overall: Quality game- this game incorporates most things that alot of games don't...such as different control setups, accurate controls, solid graphics, custom sound tracks, valuable and entertaining unlockables, good multiplayer..and more...

Gameplay: At first I thought the controls and camera view were strange..after some time you start to understand that the camera angle makes the game more realistic and pulls you INTO the game better then like the old motoracer camera angles...the helmet cam view is stilll tough to use cause of all the tilting..but it's great for replays...overall real good the first time you see one of your oponents passing you at 150mph in crystal clear detail on a feel your heartrate increase as you attempt to reel in the guy ahead of really catches the spirit of high speed motorcycles racing...the computer AI I think is great and its fun when you bump a rider they raise their fist at fun!

Graphics: Solid graphics...on par wihth the xbox powers...the bike models are very detailed and realistic and look great at 150mph...the high speed blur effect is cool...creating a bike and rider set up is pretty can pick which bike you want, then you choose the bike and leather colors and graphic style you bad you can't create custom skins but theres is ton to choose from and their very cool lookin....when you crash or go slow you really see the graphic detail they put into the environments and tracks...but when your goin full speed it's tough to notice all the eye candy...

Audio: they sounds are right on...granted they are whiny 2 strokes but hey I ride a cr250 and I love that sound so it's all good...surround sound is can hear where the other riders are...haven't messed with the custom sound tracks yet but I will soon...

Suggestions: some 4 stroke thumpers would be cool in the next motogp..other then that..uhm more tracks..thats all folks

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10

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