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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Overall: Unless you've been living under a rock somewhere for the past 10 years you should already know what GTA is all about so I'll spare you the lofty description. Just know that this is by far the best GTA of the 4 (GTA III, GTA: Vice City, GTA: San Andreas and the newly released GTA: Liberty Stories) and that it will consume hours upon hours of your time with it's completely addictive and surprisingly fun gameplay.

Gameplay: You play as CJ, ex-gang member returned home after 5 years away in Liberty City. Your mom is dead and your brother and his cronies are all washed up and in need of some leadership and motivation. That's where you come in. It's your job to put your gang back on the map through a series of crimes and random acts of violence. So many improvements have been made to this game it's ridiculous. The best ones though are the ability to travel to vast other locales and cities and the RPG elements such as being able to change clothes, eat meals at fast food joints, build muscle or gain fat, and have girlfriends (well this may be new to people who enjoy traditional RPG's). Really, the list goes on and on. This is one of the few games that acheives true immersion by allowing the player to exist in a world where he can actually do whatever he wants.

Graphics: GTA: SA definitely wont win any awards for best game graphics but it looks way better than it's 2 predecessors. Thankfully since it's on the Xbox it looks alot better than it's PS2 counterpart as well. I for one love the way it looks. It's like rockstars signature style or something. Plus I really do get the feeling that I'm running around in a living breathing environment.

Audio: GTA: SA definitely wont win any awards for best game sound but it sounds better.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Star Wars Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast

Overall: In anticipation of the original KOTOR release (a long time ago) I bought this game for a budget price hoping to get that ol Jedi feeling before delving into KOTOR. Well obviously this is nothing like that game meaning that KOTOR and KOTOR 2 are fun and challenging while this game is simplistic and frustrating. Dont get me wrong, there is a decent story here and the graphics arent half bad but unless you just gotta own every SW game out there you'd be better off just renting this game or buying it for a budget price like I did.

Gameplay: You play as Kyle Katarn, jaded jedi and all around moody guy. You were once strong with the force but now your just a bitter ex-jedi. Soon you get pulled back into action and thusly begin your way down the road of redemption and relearning. I found the single player campaign very frustrating and a bit lacking in some areas while the multiplayer aspects were pretty cool especially since you can play as a multitude of characters from the SW universe and dramatically lock sabers when dueling which looks cool. But that stuff gets old real quick and makes you wish you could kill real live players via Xbox live and not just cheesy mindless BOTS.

Graphics: Not bad but not groundbreaking either. StarWars games in general never seem to impress me graphically with the exception of the Battlefront series. Not to say that I dont like them. I'm a huge Sci-fi fan so seeing starships and blaster fire always makes me smile.

Audio: Hey what can I say it's Starwars. The music is great as always and sound is probably the only thing that Lucas Arts does right consistantly.

Suggestions: I've never played Jedi Academy but if you guys ever do another jedi specific game it would be cool to play 1st person style again like Chronicles of Riddick or Dark Forces. Then again I guess it would be too hard to see those cool jedi flips that way.

Overall Score: 5.0 / 10 Jade Empire

Overall: Take the gameplay of Bioware's popular KOTOR series and mix it together with a completely original story/ universe and you get Jade Empire. As the name suggest Jade Empire is a sprawling RPG set in an ancient, chinese inspired, fantasy world. The reason I enjoyed this title and the KOTOR games so much is because of their original spin on the whole RPG genre. I love kung fu and Sci Fi much more than D&D style fantasy so this game was perfect for me.

Gameplay: Like most RPG's you get to choose your character at the start of the game from a handful of character classes and body types. Quick slender martial artist, beautiful magic user or burly shoalin monk. There are a few others but not that many. The cool thing about this game as with the KOTOR games is the ability to choose your own path, be it the way of the "open palm" = good, or the way of the "closed fist" = bad. This mainly helps determine which styles of fighting you will be able to learn later on in the game and how nice or evil you are to the NPC's. Some masters will only teach you if you follow a certain path. I also liked being able to choose one of your followers to either fight along side you or give you xtra powers during battle. The fight animations are smooth and fluid looking and changing from one style to the next gives the game a more kung fu movie feel during combat. Expect to do a lot of talking and exploring. None of which gets boring thanks to the superb dialogue and stunning envionments. Some people have complained that the combat is too easy. I didnt really notice since I was more caught up in the storyline but if your looking for a Ninja Gaiden level of challenges than maybe this game might not be for you.

Graphics: Pretty awesome. There are some things that probably could've been done better but overall I found the graphics to be superior to those in the KOTOR games (and those are pretty cool on there own merit). Everyone you talk to has a cool look to them, but, they're the only ones who move their lips when they speak. Your character remains silent during conversations which bothers some people, me, I didnt even notice.

Audio: I really dug the music and combat sounds in the game. The way the characters say their attacks as they use them makes the game feel more like japanimation or a kung fu movie. I've heard complaints about how the characters voices dont sound "chinese" enough. IMHO I think they sound fine and seem more reminiscent of the old english dubbed kung fu movies. I think if the developers had tried to do stereotypical chinese accented english voices it might of come off as lame and, well, stereotypical.

Suggestions: Make the combat a bit more challenging and definitely make a part 2 this game is a winner.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Dead or Alive 3

Overall: Anyone who owns an Xbox and doesnt already own this game needs to have their face stair stepped by Kasumi. DOA3 was the main reason I bought the Xbox and more than likely the reason I'm now obsessed with everything Team Ninja puts out. The best fighting game ever with the exception of DOA2 Ultimate and still worth getting (it's less than $20 now) for those who are true fans of the series.

Gameplay: Fluid easy to use controls will allow most button mashers to get a lot out of this game but complex and lengthy combos will please true masters. Each character has a huge assortment of moves and combo attacks eash with excellent fight animations and collision detection. I still love playing as Christie. As a fighter DOA3 is a true classic masterpiece.

Graphics: Perfect. Amazing. When I first bought this game I couldn't believe a video game could look so good. Thank you Team Ninja...we're not worthy!!

Audio: Pretty cool if you ask me. Even the Aerosmith music seems appropriate. All the sounds seem like the typical fare for this type of game. Overall great quality sound.

Suggestions: Keep doin what yer doin!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2

Overall: When it comes to racing games I am admittedly a novice. I've only played 3 racing games for the xbox and I only own this one. With that said, I highly recommend this as solid racing game that even a novice can pick up and enjoy. I've had this game for a few years now and I still enjoy it. The main thing that keeps me coming back for more with this game is the fact that there are so many game modes and so many tracks and cars to unlock. This keeps the game challenging and gameplay never grows old. A huge bonus for me is that you can customize your soundtracks and race to the music of your choice. I'm not a huge racing fan by any means but I love occasionally running a race and listening to my own music, so this game is perfect for me.

Gameplay: Anyone who's played previous Need for Speed games or any racing games for that matter will feel right at home with this game. Fairly standard racing controls and gameplay with the exception of being able to take down would be speed demons as the cops in Hot Pursuit mode (which is always a blast)make this a game with a little something for everyone. The race tracks are varied and challenging and the games A.I. racers are no creampuffs which is a good thing.

Graphics: IMHO this game looks great, maybe not as good as Project Gotham racing (which came out around the same time) but fps is good with no slow down to speak of. I'm sure the graphics are a bit dated now but they still look good none the less.

Audio: I usually have my custom soundtracks cranked up so loud I dont always hear every sound in the game but, when I am listening, I feel completely immersed in the race. The cops CB chatter is cool and greatly adds to the pursuit section of the game. Oh and did I mention you can use your own custom soundtracks?

Suggestions: I really enjoyed this game. I wish I were more of a racing fan so I could play some of your follow up games. But thanks for letting me experience racing with Built to Spill playing in the backgroud.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Need For Speed Underground 2

Overall: Reviewed this game by accident. Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry.

Gameplay: oooooooooooooo sorry.

Graphics: oooooooooooooo sorry.

Audio: ooooooooooooooo sorry.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Dead or Alive Ultimate

Overall: Okay you know the score. Pick you favorite characters and fight, fight, fight! Having never owned a Dreamcast I never got to play the previous versions of the series but DOA3 was one of the main reasons I bought an xbox so I was completely thrilled when this game came out. Plus the fact that you can go online and play makes it even more perfect. IMO everything Team Ninja produces is gold.

Gameplay: More characters, more costumes, more moves, improved graphics, and MP via xbox live. It doesnt get much better than this. Gamplay remains the same as the previous versions but now you have the ability to perform counter attacks which gives the fighting a wholenew layer of difficulty and realism. Playing against a skilled player online is like trying to square off against Pai Mei in Kill Bill. You might think your good but when you go up against someone who's mastered all these moves you'll feel like Uma Thurman. Oh yeah you also get a whole other game. Doa 1 which is cool if you wanna fight oldskool.

Graphics: Perfect. Enivornments are super interactive and spectacularly detailed as are all the characters and their outfits. Plus it's pretty awesome to go online and discover a costume that you may not have ever seen. It's a real incentive to keep playing single player and unlock all the costumes.

Audio: Everything sounds great even the fight music rocks (and I hate heavy metal!) but thats how good the game is. The fighting sounds are awesome and what you've come to expect from the DOA series. Overall great.

Suggestions: Excellent job fellas. Cant wait for DOA 4 and xbox 360.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Halo 2

Overall: Anyone who owns an Xbox already knows the story of Halo and the super soldier Master chief. Halo2 takes everything from the first game and cranks it up to 11 (just like in that movie Spinaltap). Although I didnt buy into all the hype, I knew I was going to buy this game and love it and I was right.The addition of online play, newer cooler weapons and the ability to play as an elite makes Halo2 a near perfect follow up to an already perfect game.

Gameplay: Seasoned Halo players will jump into this game with the same ease as Master Chief jumping into a Warthog. The controls are extraodinarily tight and familiar. But new challenges have been added in the form of duel wielding, insane recoil on certain weapons, and limited ammo clips. I havent beaten the game yet but I can already tell its going to be short and thats okay. Perhaps it'll stretch out when I play it again on Legendary (I'm playing thru on normal first). Halo2 will probably thrive more with online play but so far I've had difficulty finding CTF games which are the only ones I'm interested in playing. I hate Deathmatches. Live play can also be incredibly fine tuned and customized to your exact preferences, so I have no doubt that I'll get the hang of it soon.

Graphics: One word. Perfect. Every vehicle takes unique battle damage and can be completely destroyed. All the environments look great and incredibly detailed. I have yet to see a game with more superbly polished graphics. Nuff said.

Audio: Awesome sound and music. Ive never even considered buying the soundtrack to a video game but Halo2 might just make me change my mind. I also love the fact that the Covenant elites now speak english and assault you with different taunts. Again, Awesome sound.

Suggestions: I know its called Halo but it would be cool to have longer earth battles. Other than that it's a darn near perfect game.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon

Overall: Not being a fan of squad based shooters I decided to get this game to see what all the hubub was about, and decide whether or not I could get into this sort of game. Besides it only cost me 20 bux. Most people have a pretty good idea about what GR is about. You control an elite team of specialized soldiers and take out different baddies around the globe.

Gameplay: Basically you get to control two teams of four dudes. At the missions start you get to pick which guys are going to go on the missions and which weapons they'll use. This is pretty cool since as you complete each mission you get an even more specialized soldier with even cooler weapons to take into combat. Its pretty fun to jump from one character to another and move the teams around the map so that yer buddies wil lay down cover fire which allows you to progress further. My only complaint is that sometimes the AI teammmates will kill a guy before you even see him. Hey, I wanted to shoot that commie! Jerk.

Graphics: Graphics are cool but this is an old game so I wont write home to mother about it. The camoflague sniper and special ops guys look cool and the environments are okay. Sorry dudes, but yes, I would like to see my gun.

Audio: Weapons fire sounds cool. Com chatter sounds alright and beliveble. Music is okay but I'm still not going to post that letter yet.

Suggestions: Well since Im not at all a hardcore fan of the series I dont have any positive criticisms. I think Ill go play SW Battlefront now.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Star Wars: Battlefront

Overall: Okay I'll admit it. I was very skeptical about this game at first. I mean Star Wars is a great franchise but all that clone wars, and JarJar Binks stuff was just getting me down. Thank god Mr Lucas Likes money so much because it drives him to keep making games and stuff until he gets one right. Thats where Battlefront comes in. This is really a good game with very tight gameplay controls. And definitely something for everyone. Finally I get to fight in the thick of a rebel uprising as an artic stormtrooper while running along side a giant ATAT walker while watching as Lord Vadar effortlessly cuts down everyone in his pass just to reach his son. It's very very cool.

Gameplay: Single player is cool with different types of game modes and 2 eras to play in. Clone wars or Galactic civil war. Online play is great especially since, for the most part, People actually work together and dont just run around fragging everybody. I find it hard not to shoot at a stormtrooper when I'm a rebel and vice versa. Plus it's very cool to help your fellow stormtroopers flush out a band of rebel scum in Mos Eisley.

Graphics: Generally StarWars games look great. But this one looks REALLY great. Graphically this game is quite flawless with stuff always happening around you. People getting blasted all around, gunfire everywhere, vehicles blowing up in front of you. I felt truly immersed like I was actually on Endor! Everything looks detailed and cool.

Audio: Awesome! Lucas is Lucas so you'll always get that great THX sound quailty. Everything sounds like the movies. Like the gungun death cry which particularly enjoyed.

Suggestions: Great game. Keep making em with this quality.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Spider-Man 2

Overall: After reading many lukewarm reviews about this game I decided to just buy it and see for myself whether it was good or not. Well Im definitely glad I did because Spiderman2 is by far one of the most unique and fun games Ive played in a long while. For the first time I actually feel like Im the character Im playing. The webslinging, wall crawling and spider combat has been phenomenally improved and is !&%$@#* near flawless. Sure the story part of the game is short as heck but if you really want to know what its like to lead the everyday life of the wall crawler then you will enjoy this game even after you've defeated Doc Ock.

Gameplay: The most amazing thing about this game is the webslinging. There is the most incredible sense of freedom, speed and control when your swinging through the city leaping from building to building and performing all sorts of cool ariel manuevers. They did a great job on all of Spideys movements and the cool upgrades you can buy only increase what he can do. Not to mention the fact that the city is HUGE and completely devoid of invisible walls and ceilings. You see a tall skyscraper,then climb it, dive off the top and shoot a web right before hitting the ground. It's very exhillerating and I still get a kick out of doing it. For me, combat didnt really start to get fun until I learned how to use my spidey sense better and until I bought cooler combos. But it's these upgrades that help keep the game fun and worth playing.

Graphics: Like Spiderman when he runs out of web fluid this is where the game falls short. Visually Spiderman himself and the city of Manhatten are incredibly detailed and look great but all the other characters including Peter Parker look like they were bussed over from Playstation 1 village. Its disappointing to see such poor graphics in such a great game. However, will it stop me from playing it? Me thinks not.

Audio: I for one really enjoyed the sound in this game. The voice acting is good and the music is great especially since its not constantly blaring at you and varies from time to time. Plus they've added enough different comments so that you dont here the same sentence 50 times in a row. Way to go Spidey!

Suggestions: Spiderman has been around for decades so I find it hard to believe that there isnt just a bit more story that could be added to beef up the game. If you can add the Shocker and Rhino I'm sure there are a few more villians that could be thrown in. Also, next time, take your time and improve the graphics.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Spider-Man

Overall: I like Spiderman so I had a great time playing as him. Since I only borrowed this game for a short time I didnt get to beat it but in all honesty I dont really think I care. The game although fun, seem to be to easy in parts and too linear. But if you like Spiderman Like I do you'll like this game.

Gameplay: Gameplay is okay I like the web zipping. The web slinging however could've been done alot better. But I'm sure it'll get fixed in Spiderman 2.

Graphics: Pretty good graphics. It really felt like playing a comic book. I liked how they did his wrestlers costume.

Audio: I for one really like the sound. All of the voice acting is done well. The music is cool as well and really reminds you of the movie.

Suggestions: I guess I'll just wait for Spiderman 2.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: Oh come on you already know. The best FPS ever made. Ive had this game for more than 2 years and it still amazes me. A more Perfect combat game youll never see. Join the rest of the human race and buy it now.

Gameplay: Flawless. It brings to life every sci-fi fans dreams as soon as you start playing. These controls have single handedly redefined how FPS's are played. A true work of art.

Graphics: I have no words to describe the graphics but since you need bout Perfect, Flawless, Amazing, Incredible, Unreal etc, etc.

Audio: Are you kidding?! I own the CD single where Master Chief raps about the Covenant being a bunch of alien !&%$@#* . Perfect war music. Perfect Monk music. Perfect in every way.

Suggestions: Halo forever.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 MechAssault

Overall: I only have one word to describe this game...Perfect. Ive had it since it came out and Im still not tired of playing it. This game is by far the best console video game I have ever played with the exception of maybe Papa Halo.

Gameplay: Perfect. The controls allow you to maneuver your mech in precise and virtually realistic movements. Controls are very comfortable while playing and work extremly well online.

Graphics: Do I have to keep saying it! Perfect! I love playing this game because I love watching this game. It is so detailed. From falling buildings to destructible enviornments. Explosions, weapons fire, tiny soldiers running for their puny lives. This game looks beautiful and is graphically flawless.

Audio: God Damn F%&!@ing Amazing! I love playing multiplayer with the surrond sound turned up. Makes me feel like Im actually kicking butt on the battlefield. Again, Perfect.

Suggestions: Thank you for bringing this incredible game and its predesessor to the xbox. Were not worthy!Were not worthy!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Battlestar Galactica

Overall: I bought this game mainly for two reasons. Firstly because, although I'm not a huge fan of the series, I've always loved the ships involved on the show and have always thought it would be really cool to fly them. I was right. Flying the Colonial vipers in dogfights against the Cylons is as cool as I thought it would be. Secondly I've been dying to play a decent xbox sci-fi starship shooter. So I thought, "what the hell! I'll give it a shot". I'm glad I did because Battlestar Galactica is not only fun to play and is ten times better than those crappy star wars space fighters it also has pretty decent graphics. The game's story is pretty straight forward and linear so dont expect anything to new or outstanding but it's fun overall.

Gameplay: You play as young Adama which is cool in a prequel sort of way. Piloting differnt types of colonial Vipers against the ruthless Cylon forces. Ship control is fairly easy to pick up and use but it does take a while to get super comfortable and know when to roll your ship in an effective manner. Once you do though the game becomes very cool to play. Power boosting (this is used a lot during the game and really adds to the manuevering of the ship and its attack patterns) is well...a blast!

Graphics: I really like the visuals in this game. I like that you can veiw your ship from 4 different positions and can postion the camera around the ship. Ship detail is very important to me so I'm glad they got this right. Explosions are good but not incredible like those in Mechassault.

Audio: Very cool. I've always liked the theme to Battlestar Galactica so I dont mind it playing while your fighting. The battlechatter is okay but can get a bit repetitive after awhile. Explosions and weapons sound great. Good job overall.

Suggestions: Good job to the developers. Try making another shooter like this for the Xbox. Although I'm not too interested in a Battlestar Galactica 2.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Ninja Gaiden

Overall: All hail TEAM NINJA! With that said I have to say that this is one of the most addictive games I've played in a long long time. I mean sometimes you just want a game where the main objective is to kill em all and let god sort em out and believe me, Ninja Gaiden delivers that fix in spades. Not to mention that you get to look really freakin cool while your doing it.

Gameplay: Hack, slash and best of all decapitate. Ninja Gaiden moves so incredibly fast and swift that you will believe that you are a ninja. Kooky camera angles can sometimes interfere with what essentially is a fairly smooth control system. But the way around that is really quite simple. Watch you back. Learn to use the central camera trigger sparingly during battles and generally you get to enjoy your skirmishes from a pretty good angle each time. There is a steep learning curve but it's really not that steep once youve played for an hour or two. I mean each boss battle made me feel like I would never defeat him/it. But learning the necessary strategy and finally beating him/it was a big part of the fun and excitement of the game. It's refreshing to beat the crap out of enemies that (if your not careful or skilled enough) are skilled enough to kick the sh*t out of you just as quick. You definitely wont get the luxury of saying "oh let me just beat these spider clan ninjas real quick". Thank god for nunchukas. The wall climbing and jump flips are extraodinarily cool to look at and perform. The many different weapons are awesome and just add to the greatness of the game.

Graphics: Again, All Hail Team Ninja! Superb graphics. Just what I would expext from the creators of DOA and DOA xtreme volleyball. Everything, from the backgrounds to the games characters looks incredible.

Audio: Great sound. Great music. Character voices sound authentic and well placed. Another great acheivement here.

Suggestions: Definitely make a sequel and Pluuuueeeeezzzzz put Rachel in DOA or Ninja Gaiden pt2 since I dont know yet whether she's a playable charater or not. HMMMMMM...RACHEL AAAAAHHHHHH.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 XIII

Overall: XIII is a great FPS for xbox that is completely cel shaded in an attempt to make the game look like a comic book graphic novel. It succeeds with flying colors. Basically you've lost your memory and must regain it inorder to find your conspiritors and get revenge on them.

Gameplay: It looks like Halo has and forever set the standard for how a FPS should handle and play. Like Halo XIII feels comfortable and plays smoothly especially when it comes to control, firing and weapon switching. Although the grenade tossing could have been a slight bit faster. The games many missions are great but XIII really shines on Xbox Live. I've probably spent more time playing that than the game itself. Very very fun.

Graphics: Awesome, I was just about to annouce cel-shading games banned from my library forever but hope has been restored with XIII. Light and shadows reflect in a comic book style manner. I am very imppressed with the graphics and do get a feeling like I'm playing a comic book/graphic novel. I guess cel shading does work. Go figure.

Audio: Pretty standard weapons firing sounds and explosions although Adam West's v.o. sounds cool. David Duchovnys v.o. sounds like he charged them a huge amount for each word he says because he hardly says a word. Unless he talks more later in the game. I like the music and how it's not always present so it sets the mood when it does start and it's easy to forget it's there. Also the xbox live feature of being able to hear the voices through the TV is pretty cool and a good idea.

Suggestions: Definitely make a sequel and dont be stingy with those downloads.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 X2: Wolverine's Revenge

Overall: As the title suggest, you get to play as one of the most popular X-men, Wolverine, as he unlocks the secret of his origin and races against time to find a cure for a virus that is about to kill him.

Gameplay: Apart from occasional camera angle frustrations, gameplay is pretty smooth and easy to master. There really isnt a great deal of difficulty defeating your lesser enemies but performing certain special moves and attacks does take a bit of skill and timing. I really enjoy the stealth option and the use of wolverines heightened senses and healing factor. Like alot of people I love the X-men so the chance to kind of "live out" a comicbook adventure is a huge draw for me.

Graphics: The graphics seem to stick to a good comicbook style that starts to look really cool once your able to use some of wolverines other costumes. I really liked that aspect. The graphics also really remind me of those in Timesplitters 2. Still, very cool graphically.

Audio: Sound is very good especially the music that comes on when your in stealth mode. Thereis a good sense of urgency in the music which I really like.

Suggestions: Cool game so far. Definitely not for everyone. Best to rent before buying.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Soul Calibur 2

Overall: I've been waiting a long time to play this game and having never played the original I really wasnt sure what to expect. Let me just say that Soul Calibur 2 has blown away any expectations I might have had about this game. It's 10 times better than what I expected. I love fighters and this is by far the best one I've ever played.

Gameplay: Gameplay is really nothing new as far as fighters go but that isnt a bad thing at all. It's very easy to pick up and play and once you've mastered the basics it becomes all the more easier to figure out the insane combos and throw attacks. Also the fight system is much too intuitive for mere button mashing. It wont get you very far or allow you to truly enjoy the way you can string moves together for incredible looking combos. They really got it right this time by providing numerous game modes (time attack, survival, weapons master mode, versus, etc..) and variety with hundreds of weapons to chose from making replay value a lot better than say DOA3.

Graphics: Absolutely gorgeous! Soul Calibur 2 truly utilizes the power of the xbox. The backgrounds, characters, and costumes look stunning. Very impressive.

Audio: All the sound in this game is very suitable and goes perfectly with the game. The announcer guy who introduces each match might annoy some people after awhile but since you can quickly skip past it, it's really not an issue. All the battle sounds are cool and they even let you listen to your favorite characters different sayings (which are surprisingly numerous) once you've unlocked his/her profile.

Suggestions: Great game but you guys know what I'm going to say next...XBOX LIVE! It really would be cool to play against a wider range of opponents. Also, SOUL CALIBUR 3!!!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Overall: Finally,a Star Wars game worth playing! Not that Jedi Knight II was bad it's just that KOTOR is a whole lot better. I am a big fan of RPG's so the idea of playing a science fiction themed RPG is completely awesome. This Starwars story really holds it's own and feels fresh and dynamic. And the fact that you choose your own path or attitude throughout the game really makes you feel like you are actually a participant in the starwars universe not just another Luke Skywalker clone. I've been waiting for a game like this for xbox. Highly recommended. A must have for fans of RPG's and Starwars alike.

Gameplay: This is my first time playing a BIoware game but I have to say that I love the combat controls and find the menus and pause style, turnbased fighting system to be flawless and effective. The queue box helps to make sure you can vary your attacks or turns and the fight animations are the best I've seen in any game ever. Characters interact so realistically and dramatically that you really feel like your fighting for your life in some battles. I've also never played any squad based games before but to me there seems to be elements of that type of game play here since you can switch into "solo mode" and split up your group so they attack differently. Very cool. Also the game moves ahead at a very smooth pace. Not like Jedi or Morrowind which could have you slamming you head against the wall trying to figure out what to do next. Also the different side quests, stories and puzzles are very unique and cool to do and add loads to an already compelling story. This is just a really cool game.

Graphics: I've never been too nit picky when it comes to graphics but the visuals and amount of detail in KOTOR is outstanding. Grass sways, water and landscapes look better than those in Morrowind and all the characters look detailed and cool. Sure some of the dialouge animations arent perfect but at least they talk in sync with their dialogue. Plus I think its cool that whenever you switch to dialogue mode, NPCs and party members can be seen standing in the background it makes your surroundings seem more believable. And of course the lightsaber battles look spectacular especially duel sword fighting. Simply awesome.

Audio: Very enjoyable. Music and effects go perfect with the game at all times. I dont think I could ever truly grow tired of Starwars music done well and that's exactly what this game has.

Suggestions: Make the downloadable content chock full of good stuff like game expansions and new weapons and characters. Other than that keep up the good work this is a great game.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Tides of War

Overall: Two words...Xbox Live. These 2 words are the main reason why I'd recommend to anyone that they pick up this game today. The single player campaign is nice in it's familiarity (handles like Halo looks alot like that other WWII game that's out)and as for co-op I can judge since I generally play alone. But that's the beauty part, you dont have to play alone thanks to Xbox live. Definitely a must have for Xbox live users.

Gameplay: Easy to pick up and play which is great for people who love FPS and are used to Halo style gameplay. Plus super reactive AI helps add a touch of realism that I know most gamers can appreciate. It doesnt feel like your shooting cardboard cutouts as they pop out of hiding. Like some reveiwers have mentioned, it takes a while to get used to the multiplaying online, once you do though it gets very fun and really opens the game up. I love the variety of maps and weapons you get to choose from and the different player skins are cool. I'd much rather play this online than say Unreal Championship. I can already tell that I will be spending a lot of time playing online.

Graphics: Awesome. The graphics are really a big part of what I like most about this game. The character animations and body details are excellent. Environments are also very well done.

Audio: Again A+. I only wish I had a "killer" sound system to play it on but everything from the German voices to the explosions and gunfire sound awesome.

Suggestions: Fix any lag problems with DL patches and maybe add more maps and uniforms as part of Downloadable content. Other than that, keep up the good work.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Marvel vs. Capcom 2

Overall: I went to Eb looking to pick up something new that might be out but when I saw that this was availible for xbox I didnt hesitate for a second to buy it. I have fond memories of this game and am happy to be able to play it again and see all my favorite marvel characters. This game is great and highly recommended especially if you were a fan of the original.

Gameplay: The combos are awesome and huge and all the moves are cool and well animated. Button mashing wont help get you too far as it really is about building the best team of heroes in order to win. I will definitely be playing this game to master it.

Graphics: I was a little taken aback at first because I think I was expecting a more polished look but in truth the look is a large part of the appeal as it looks and plays just like the original arcade version. Very vibrant colors and the amount of different characters is amazing.

Audio: This is the only gripe I had. The main music is waaay too cheesy and repetitive ( I wound up just turning down the music volume). The sound effects and voices are great just like the old arcade. It would have been perfect had they allowed for ripped music to be used. Oh well.

Suggestions: Great game. A welcome and wonderful classic to bring to the xbox. Really could have used better music though.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball

Overall: Let me just start by saying, I am not a fan of volleyball, I do not care about the rules or suddle intricacies of this girl dominated sport. I am however am a Big fan of the DOA series. Hell part of the reason I bought an xbox was because I knew I could buy DOA3 and soon get DOA xtreme. Yes this game is not a hardcore "in your face" vollyball game. What it is though, is a fun, relaxing game that is great to look at and competitive enough without being annoying. Basically a game for people who just want to sit back and enjoy cool graphics while listening to their favorite music. We do exist.

Gameplay: Okay game play may be a bit simple. But I actually have fun trying to anticipate where the ball is gonna fall and hustle my girl over to it. I suppose they could have put in a super spike button so you could score all the time but to me the game plays a little more naturally when you see the girls use the most appropriate hit for the play. It took me about an hours worth of gameplay to feel really comfortable with the controls and actually start winning a few matches. The casino is a take it or leave it thing with me since I'm not a big gambler but it is a cool way to spend and earn money. I mean you are on vacation. I'm also going to put me heterosexuallity on the line and say that yes I did enjoy giving a swimsuit to me teammate just to see her wear it the next day. It's the closest thing to cusomizing them that you get. Plus I've finally found a game that I can play with my girlfriend which is cool. Overall, playing this game is like watching non-pro hot chicks playing volleyball down at the beach just for fun.

Graphics: Stellar. Fantastic. Breath taking. and very very bouncy. DOAX has really delivered in this department. All the volleyball and poolside animations are excellent. My favorite is the fact that the girls will suntan the more matches they play. Plus, the tons of items and teeny weenie bathing suits you can outfit them with is awesome.

Audio: Can you say customizable soundtrack? Finally somebody got it right. Your playlists automatically load and music plays smoothly and continuosly while you play even when you change screens or the game stops to load. So dump the game soundtrack which I thought were a little too "poppy" and corny and put in your own. The band "Figurine" plays like the perfect soundtrack to this game but that's just my opinion. Oh and if the japanese language annoys you then so will the girls but if like me you love hearing girls talk in japanese then you'll get a kick out of it. Heck, they just sound cute to me especially since I can understand them.

Suggestions: Four player would have been cool and maybe a slightly more challenging button configs but other than that I really dig this game.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance

Overall: Having never really played a game like this before(espianoge/stealth) or any of the Metal Gear Solid games (unless you count the old skool NES version). I feel like I am approaching the game from a unbiased standpoint. It's all new to me. That, I think is what's letting me truly enjoy this game. I'm sure if I had already played it on another system, then, sure, I'd probably want something new. I think this xbox version is for people who have never played metal gear before but want to without having to get a PS2. so I'm glad to finally play it. This is a really cool and very addicting game.

Gameplay: The controls take some getting used to but once you have them down everything flows smoothly and looks well animated. I didnt like the slow down during the weather scences but it really doesnt effect overall game play. I really like the amount of detail in the game and the A.I. is unbelievable. It took me awhile to get used to the whole "think 1st shoot later" concept, but now I'm hooked. Definitely a fun game with a lot of potential for replayabilty. Which is always a plus for me.

Graphics: I really dig the graphics. Smooth bump mapping textures throughout and extraordinary attention to detail. I havent seen the PS2's graphic's so I cant compare, but everything looks detailed and fleshed out. Which does the xbox justice. The cutscences are well animated as well, it feels like your watching and playing a movie. Totally cool.

Audio: Great sound! Explosions, gunfire and all the other sounds in the game are very well done. I also really like the music that is played during the game. Totally gets me into the spy mood. And I still jump out of my skin when a guard spots me and that "whernk" sound goes off. Very cool.

Suggestions: The swooning girlfriend (Rose) is the only flaw I can see so far. Less love talk during the mission. Other than that, thanx for giving us xboxers a chance to see what all the fuss has been about.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Robotech: Battlecry

Overall: The game everyone has been waiting for is finally here and believe me brother it does not disappoint. Everything from the the opening sequences, which are totally reminiscent of the series, to the incredibly vivid anime style graphics makes this game great and perhaps an instant classic especially for fans. I instantly felt like I was participating in a japanese animated cartoon as I watched it. A feeling I dont think any other game has ever been able to acheive. This is the first cel-shaded game I have played that actually accomplishes what it set out to do which is make you feel as though you were actually in the animated world being depicted on screen. Bottom line. I'm hooked

Gameplay: Some reviews I have read complain a lot about the controls. Why, I dont know. It took me all of 5 minutes to gain a competent feel for all the basic controls in all 3 modes. I can already tell that once I master them the game will take on a whole new feel. You can do it all in this game. Barrel roll and shoot simultaneously, perform ariel stunts, and transform to battleloid mode inorder to attack more accurately. And you really get the sense of being in the midst of a hectic dog fight with missles and weapons fire constantly going off around you. It's awesome but not easy. Luckily you can destroy incoming missles in Battloid mode which can definitely save your butt when your getting pelted by multiple enemies. In fact your veritech handles well in all three modes and looks super cool when it transforms. The transformations are quick and extremely well animated. Mastering all three modes will take some time most especially guardian mode but so far I dont see anything awkard about the controls themselves. The only downfall I can see right now is the fact that you dont use the right thumbstick to sight your targets or strafe like in the Armored Core series. But the setup they have which is to use the triggers to strafe in Battloid mode or roll sideways in fighter mode seems to be just as affective.

Graphics: Just as I had hoped for awesome, stunning, and totally super cool graphics make this game instantly appealing for any anime fan. Like I mentioned before it really feels like you are interacting with the animation instead of just watching it. All the Veritechs, battlepods, and larger ships look incredibly detailed. The buildings are fully destructible which helps add greater sense of psuedo-realism. I was completely impressed. I just hope they can keep up this standard when it comes to making other cel-shaded games.

Audio: The music seems to go very well with the gamplay. It sounds like they took the music from the series which helps give you an even greater sense that your interacting with the animation. Call it nostalgia but it really pulled me in. The voice overs are cool but I can imagine that some people might find them annoying or repetitive. But I like what I hear so far so I'm going to give it a thumbs up.

Suggestions: You guys did a great job. I just hope that there is a sequel.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Spy Hunter

Overall: I bought this game even after reading a lot of negative reviews for it and I must say, I sure dont know what all the whinings about. I really found myself liking this game. I dont feel all nostalgic about it but I do enjoy the James Bondesque feel the game provides.

Gameplay: It took me a good while to get used to the weapons switcher but once I did the game became a lot more fun. You will have to play a level several times before you can know when to shoot certain targets and retrieve the satcoms. I found it very fun and challenging to have to do this but I'm sure that it wont appeal to everyone. Sometimes the satcoms can feel imposible to get which can be a little frustrating.

Graphics: At first I was like "awe man this game really IS too dark" but then I turned up my brightness on my t.v.(something I probably should have down long ago) and the graphics were clear and bright as day. This really helped make the game more enjoyable. I think the graphics are pretty sweet. Maybe not as good as Project Gotham but still not too shabby.

Audio: Cool vintage music. The sound effects could have been a little bit more explosive but all and all not too shabby.

Suggestions: Maybe beef up the graphics a tad so that us xboxers can feel like we own one.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 The Simpsons Road Rage

Overall: Lucky for me I'm a big fan of the Simpsons because I think that's the only thing that kept me interested in the game for as long as I was. It was very cool seeing the different Springfeld locations and hearing the different witty remarks but somthing in the game is lacking.
I've never been drawn to the whole crazy taxi drive and smash genre so perhaps I'm being a bit biased. I'm pretty sure I wouldnt buy this game simply because it seems like it could get real old real fast.

Gameplay: The controls are very easy to use but I didnt really get a good challenge out of the game overall. Like I said, I'm not really used to games like these so I dont really have much to compare it to.

Graphics: If it were up to me I would have gone for a more cartoony cell shading effect for this game so it felt more like you were playing the animated series. I will admit that all of the characters looked cool enough so as a fan of the show I was able to get over the sub par graphics.

Audio: The voices were great but...sigh a bit on the repetitive side. The music was all but forgetable, simpsons-esque background noise.

Suggestions: Scratch the roadrage idea (there are enough better games out there) and try revamping the old Simpsons superhero arcade game from back in the day. That game ruled and would make an excellent xbox title.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Elder Scrolls III : Morrowind

Overall: This game is simply awesome. There are dozens of reviews of this game for a reason, it's hella fun to play. Never before have I played a game with so much freedom of movement, action, and adventure. I honestly feel like I'm back in highschool playing D&D afterschool. Freely adventuring, building up your characters stats this game is is incredibly well rounded. I am not at all familiar with the morrowwind series but I do know a good roleplaying game when I see one. It is very easy to get wrapped up in this game and I believe that that is perhaps it's greatest charm.

Gameplay: There is really nothing bad I can say about the gameplay. It's near perfect. The only drawback I can even think of is the fact that you can only do 3 different attacks with a weapon but who cares. The assortment of weaponry, magic and spells allows for enough variation in my opinion. I love the overall realism of the game. Armor and weapons wear out. People can choose to help you or not. There's just so much in the game it's unbelieveable. Some might find the menu system a bit confusing and the swimming takes a bit of getting used to but believe me once you've played the game long enough swimming and navigating the menus, even during a battle, becomes second nature.

Graphics: This game is visually stunning. Paying incredible detail to water, weather, clothes, weapons, armor even the the smallest objects. The more I play it the more impressed I become. There are times when it literally feels as though I've stepped through the looking glass into another world. That's how captivating the graphics are.

Audio: Okay here is where the game loses a little bit of it's luster. The main theme does get a bit old after awhile but luckily it doesnt loop that bad. I actually perfer the times when there is no music just the sounds from the environment or the music that plays when you enter caves and caverns. Still, it's a small detail that really doesnt take away from the overall joy you get from playing the game.

Suggestions: Maybe more variety in the music but other than that a near perfect game. Good job.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 The Terminator: Dawn of Fate

Overall: When I first heard about this title my first thought was "alright it's time to take it back to the future and kick some HK butt!" I have to say that so far I am not dissappointed. The idea of fighting along side of the legendary John Connor in one of the coolest post apocalytic settings ever to come out of Hollywood was just too hard to resist. The opening sequence alone is enough to draw you into game and make you want to relive the man vs. machine experience. Maybe I havent played the game long enough to discover all it's faults so I'll just go off of what I do know. And it's basically this, the game rocks and is a good solid buy for any fan of the movies and fps.

Gameplay: The controls take a bit of getting used to (or at least they did for me). I'm sure most people feel that the Halo control system pretty much raised the bar and set the standard so there really isnt any use in trying to compare the two. Just do what John Connor would want you to do. Adapt and try to survive in the world run by thinking machines. Once you get used to the consantly changing camera angels and the targeting system, which is pretty simplistic I guess, you can have a lot of fun with the game

Graphics: I dont generally wet my pants over stunning graphics or flawless frame rates so I found myself actually very much impressed with the graphics. I totally enjoy futuristic environments in video games so I ate these right up. Although the guns in first person mode could have been a bit better. They have a blocky cardboard cut out kind of feel that is at times hard to ignore. But since it's a video game and not an oil painting you can forgive it. The hand to hand combat animations and 3rd person views are very cool and that helps keep you into it. Plus stuff blows up real good and looks good doing so. Just dont expect Halo style detail of course.

Audio: I really dug the sound in this game. Explosions sound cool and who doesnt love the whirring mechanical noises that the termintors make. The rock soundtrack really goes along well with the combat and the movie music helps keep you feeling like your actually there. Even the voice overs are cool although they can become a bit repetitive after awhile.

Suggestions: Maybe tweak up the graphics a bit in first person mode. I dont mind playing games like these alone, but sure, mutiplayer probably wouldnt hurt.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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