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Halo 2

Overall: Halo 2 improves on Halo in every way, which considering that the original is considered to be one of the best computer games ever, and certainly the best ever on Xbox, so it looks like this is a good game then. The whole gaming experience of the single player game is fantastic. I knew the graphics would be good, they were good before, and they are slightly better now. The sound in Halo 2 does really stand out though, particularly the soundtrack, which fades in and out as the action dictates, and really does add to the action on screen. I have to admit that I don?t really notice sound too much in games, but it really does add another dimension to the gameplay of Halo 2. Its difficult to put words to exactly what the sound does in the game, phrases like making the hair on the back of your neck stand up sound over the top, but it does something along those lines, it energises you as you progress through the game and the soundtrack kicks in.

Gameplay: It is perhaps the addition of Xbox Live! to the Halo franchise that is the biggest addition seen in Halo 2. Halo was always great on a Lan, but unfortunately was released before Xbox Live! was really up and running. There are no such excuses this time around, Halo 2 is fully online enabled, and it?s truly fantastic to play. As we are now coming to expect from Bungie, they have carefully analysed the online experience through Xbox Live! and looked into ways to improve it, rather than just following the mould set by others. The main variation from other Live games is the way they have implemented the instant action potion of the game, which aims to throw you in the action as soon as is possible once factors such as your connection speed have been assessed. The result is being able to move from the main menu to online multiplayer madness in a few taps of a button, without the obligatory trawling through endless lists of servers, maps and pings found in other titles. This is a nice idea as I feel console games should be as simple and idiot proof as possible, which this mode certainly is. Your grandmother could easily manage to get online and whoop international !&%$@#* with Halo 2!

The instant action option will satisfy your initial urges for online loveliness, but ultimately you will want to have a little more choice over exactly what type of online game you are thrown into. ?Optimatch? gives you the freedom to choose between the various game modes on offer including Rumble pit, Team skirmish, Head to head, Big team battle, clan matches and a training facility which allows you to play without stats being added to your Xbox Live account.

The Rumble pit is essentially standard 8 player death match with a plethora of different game modes such as being weapon specific. ?Standard? in that it is the usual setup of the player with the most kills winning after a set time period or by reaching a kill target, but nothing feels particularly standard or ordinary with this title. However, it does seem a shame that 8 players is the maximum allowed to play in the Rumble pit, I can?t help but feel that 16 player death match would have been a valuable addition, especially on some of the larger maps, which would easily facilitate so many players, and indeed do quite happily in the other game modes.
Team skirmish and big team battle are very similar with big team battle facilitating 16 players whereas skirmish is only 8. There is a good choice of game modes here, including capture the flag and assault.

It is quite rare to see such a consideration of clans within a game, they usually live outside the actual game itself, but they are very much central to the action here. Bungie plans to devote web space on its own site to each clan, apparently including individual forum access and a new service for members of a specific clan. While this may seem a little unusual, it is a very smart idea, and will no doubt be very well received by the Halo community. It is nice to see a realisation on the part of a games developer that their involvement with a game doesn?t end when it hits the shelves, it really just begins. Ultimately good after sales support of the game will result in the game being continued to be played for a long time, and then ultimately lead to good sales of the inevitable third halo game sometime.

Graphics: Graphically, Halo 2 is unmatched on any console. The visuals here are mindblowing, and if you have a high-definition television, prepare to be awed. The level of detail present in the levels is incredible, and the FMVs are the best I've ever seen. Halo 2 sets a standard for console games graphically that will be hard to match.

Audio: The soundtrack is one of the better I've heard in a game for a while and is definitely a must buy for its own sake. I would even put it on par with Final Fantasy soundtracks if it was more varied musically, but that is a problem with a game that is an FPS, not an RPG. There's simply nowhere near the same amount of game time to make music for in Halo 2. Still, that is surely no discredit to the composers, who have done a stellar job. Sound effects are just as detailed as the graphics, even if they are not as noticeable. Altogether, the graphics and sound do a fine job of immersing the player in the Halo 2 experience.

Suggestions: MAKE HALO3 QUICK!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 All-Star Baseball 2003

Overall: This game isn''t for everyone, I think acclaim went for the realistic baseball game. I think it''s nice having a game where you can actually hit a line drive in to shallow left-center field w/o some guy diving 15 feet to catch the ball. The grahpics are terrific, I don''t what people are talking about. The thing that impressed me was the mascot ontop of the dugouts. They got real footage of the mascot dancing and the put it on the game. The grahpics on the players faces are also the best i''ve ever seen on faces in any game i''m yet to play.

Gameplay: Rosters aren''t that accurate, CPU trades way too much, I hate Derek Jeter, fielders look silly when they throw, baserunning controls are bad, AI has lots of is just not as fun or responsive as world series baseball

Graphics: The animation for the game needs to improve,like when a ball is hit and it is like 5 feet away from the shortstop but he still gets it or if it goes off the wall and the ball is rolling to center field but left fielder in left field gets it. Need to improve defense animation

Audio: the sound is the best feature of the game.very nice!it makes nice use of dolby digital 5.1 and it actually feels like watching a game on tv.

Suggestions: teh trading is really easy harden it up a bit.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Grand Theft Auto: Double Pack

Overall: i played this game for about 3 and a half hours and i was extremely impressed by the graphics the playibility and mostly the controls.

Gameplay: from what i have seen so far rockstar has done a perfect or arguably even a better job on capturing the true essence of the gta series.the navigation of menus are super easy and even those new to the series(and yes that means all 3 of u!!!) can pick up the game and start having a blast.all in all gameplay wise the game has exceeded my expectations in more ways then one.

Graphics: The graphics of the game was definetely xbox standard and the bump mapping and textures look excellent.

Audio: the ability to hear ur custom sound tracks is very cool and shows that rockstar is a unbiased developer and even the chatterbox station option is excellent.

Suggestions: please bring us gta4 right away dont make it a time exclusive to the pos2.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 MechAssault

Overall: This is my first mech game and to be honest it left me high and does somethings wonderfully but fails to deliver in certain noticable areas.

Gameplay: the gameplay is rich and smooth but offers nothing new. after playing this game i did'nt feel like this game was groundbreaking or it did something that was'nt done does appeal to hardcore mech fans but there is nothing for newcomers.

Graphics: the graphics and textures were mediocre to say the least and you would expect much better visuals from the big black box.while the frame rate was'nt a problem but this was'nt on par with other xbox games graphically.

Audio: the sound effects are nice but they dont truly immerse u into the game.they just pass and while they are not annoying sound effects in this game are nothing to rave avout!

Suggestions: try and improve the aiming a bit also instead of using old school simple sound effects take full adavantage of dolby digital 5.1 surround.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 WWE Raw 2

Overall: its the second installation of the infamous raw series.while it improvised in many areas it still disappoints in certain.

Gameplay: the gameplay has been sped up but still not good multiplayer matches u can just keep running and running for hours and not get a hold of ur opponent.i even noticed a few times when the controls were'nt responding.the CAW mode is the best part of the game and is certainly the most detailed in any other wrestling game in history.

Graphics: while this game does not have the best gameplay ever it's graphics certainly are the best ever for a wrestling game.the player models are fabulous.the ring has been improvised.players dont look like they have been molested before they walk.

Audio: while the in game sounds get repetitive the option to use your own song for your entrance is truly awesome.

Suggestions: make the season more story oriented and put commentators.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Island Thunder

Overall: i purchased xbox live the day it came out and was utterly disappointed with uc's choppy frame rates and camera problems.tried nba 2k3 did'nt like it either but when i popped in this game in my xbox i was played it straight for 4 and a half hours.the game is full of fun and is definetely the true heir to the almighty halo.

Gameplay: the gameplay was lag free and the framerate was smooth so there were no problems at all.the controls were very responsive and there were no camera problems as well.the thrills and chills of an absolute classic fps were all fps fan should miss out on this fragging heaven.

Graphics: the graphics were truly jaw dropping. each and every level i played in was realistic and the textures were very well done.

Audio: this game sounded really good on my surround sound and the sound effects immersed me in the game like halo did.

Suggestions: just throw in a few maps and modes like ctf and stuff and u have my 50 dollars!!!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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